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Warm-ups: Is it really useful?

Warm-ups: Is it really useful? We are always told to warm up before training or competition. But do you know the reason? Do you know why it is not good to start a training without warm-ups? Do ...

Punches gyakuzuki-profile

Gyaku Zuki: Reverse Punch

Gyaku Zuki is the punch of the back arm: We previously studied Choku Zuki, the fundamental punch and Zenkutsu Dachi, the position with front leg bent. So naturally we will study Gyaku Zuki, ...

Defense techniques

Jodan Age Uke: Blocking up

Jodan Age Uke is like Gedan Barai an "arrested" block. That is with a kime in contact with the opponent. Jodan Age Uke is used to deflect upwards a direct attack from the front (ex: Tsuki Jodan) ...


Mae Geri, Front kick

Mae Geri, or kick in front of (Mae = front and Geri = Kick), is without a doubt the first leg technique you need to learn. Very simple in appearance - Putting a kick in front must be equivalent ...


Your 1st technique fist: Choku Zuki

Choku zuki is the fundamental punch: It is usually the first technique that is taught in dojos, and certainly the technique that will continue to perfect throughout his life of karateka. It really is…


Download the ABCs of warm-ups

The ABC of warm-ups: How to make effective warm-ups? ™ allows you to practice at home with video karate lessons. But you must know that before each training, you need to warm up your body and ...

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