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Combinations Kihon

Kihon trainings

Kihon Workouts This blog and the Youtube channel "Bruno, Prof. de Karate du net" have been there since their creation to help you review at home what you have learned at the club. They also allow ...

Combinations Kihon

Live Karate course

Live Karate Course! Today, special training with a live Karate Course. Put on your karategi because with this Live Karate Course, we left for more than 20 minutes from Kihon on Soto Uke & ...

Combinations Kihon

Kihon defense techniques

Kihon Defense Techniques Today we are going to do a Kihon with only defense techniques with basic positions. We will do very simple techniques: Gedan barai in Zenkutsu Dachi; Uchi Uke in Kokutsu Dachi and Soto Uke in Kiba Dachi.

Combinations Kihon

Kihon with Tsugi-Ashi

Kihon with Tsugi-Ashi: I promised you at the end of the study of Tsugi-Ashi, here is finally a sequence of Kihon with Tsugi-Ashi. The principle is very simple: Remember, during this study, we had decomposed Tsugi-Ashi in two ...

Combinations Kihon Circle alternation contraction / relaxation

Kihon: Combination of punches

Chaining Karate ... Here is a sequence of Kihon that should please you. Indeed it is again based on hip work, but also on the principle of the alternation between contraction and relaxation that we find ...

Combinations Kihon hip and pelvis

Kihon: hips rotation

The rotation of the hips in karate: One often speaks of rotation of the hips in karate but one should rather speak about rotation of the basin. Most of them refer to the hip by showing the pelvic bone of the pelvis in ...