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Strikes Mawashi Empi Uchi

Empi Uchi: Nudge

Empi Uchi or the elbow ... is a very powerful technique of attack or against very short distance (hand-to-hand). For all Karate techniques, I often explain that everything starts from the center of the body, ...

Strikes Mawashi Tetsui Uchi, the circular hammer punch

Tetsui Uchi, Iron hammer strike

Tettsui Uchi, the iron hammer or the hammer of hand ... is a technique little known to the general public, but yet extremely powerful and quite easy to achieve. Tetsui Uchi is easy to achieve because very natural: If you ...

Strikes Uraken Uchi

Uraken Uchi: Backhand of fist

Uraken Uchi or the backhand ... is a karate technique that is simple enough to perform but deserves serious attention. In fact, if it is poorly done, you can quickly hurt your elbow, shoulder ...