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Oi Zuki: The power of 2 legs in the arm.

Oi Zuki is well known in karate because it is often worked in kihon. It is a technique of fist (Tsuki) coupled to the displacement Ayumi Ashi in position Zenkutsu Dashi. This is called the pursuit punch. It is…

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Gyaku Zuki: Reverse Punch

Gyaku Zuki is the punch of the back arm: We previously studied Choku Zuki, the fundamental punch and Zenkutsu Dachi, the position with front leg bent. So naturally we will study Gyaku Zuki, ...


Your 1st technique fist: Choku Zuki

Choku zuki is the fundamental punch: It is usually the first technique that is taught in dojos, and certainly the technique that will continue to perfect throughout his life of karateka. It really is…