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Can Karate improve my health?

Karate is a martial art of self-defense, certainly, but can it also improve my health? The practice of karate allows the harmonization of body and mind. By this harmonization, it brings a lot to our physical and psychic state, so ...

Training programs

Belts Programs

Belt Programs: Many of you are asking me for advice on what to work first to get your next karate belt. You will find below my preparation programs at different levels.

Combinations Kihon

Kihon trainings

Kihon Workouts This blog and the Youtube channel "Bruno, Prof. de Karate du net" have been there since their creation to help you review at home what you have learned at the club. They also allow ...


Learn a kata and never forget it

How to learn a Kata forever? As a karate teacher, I see all too often students who learn a Kata and then, a few weeks or months after, when we rework it, they do not ...


Ghost techniques in karate

Ghost techniques in karate Have you ever heard of ghost techniques? In fact, these are movements of techniques that many people tend to add to the Katas, whereas they should not be there. It's an anticipation ...


How to progress through meditation!

How to progress through meditation? Why do you talk about meditation? Why is it important in karate and your life? There is no question here of asking you to become very meditative and to do meditation ...

Self defense

Karate is a weapon

Why this title? In my videos, I'm always telling you that karate is the opposite of violence. More specifically, it is anti-violence because it serves to defend itself. Do not be deceived. You…


Goal : 2020 pumps

An experience that will probably serve you: Do you limit yourself in your goals? Do you have a strategy when you have an ambitious goal to reach? Whether for your goals in karate or other areas ...

Combinations Kihon

Live Karate course

Live Karate Course! Today, special training with a live Karate Course. Put on your karategi because with this Live Karate Course, we left for more than 20 minutes from Kihon on Soto Uke & ...

Combinations Kihon

Kihon defense techniques

Kihon Defense Techniques Today we are going to do a Kihon with only defense techniques with basic positions. We will do very simple techniques: Gedan barai in Zenkutsu Dachi; Uchi Uke in Kokutsu Dachi and Soto Uke in Kiba Dachi.

Relaxation meditation

The art of meditation

The Art of Meditation What does meditation bring to the person who practices it, especially karateka? It may seem legitimate to ask this question for those who do not know meditation, insofar as ...

Kata Kata Work of the Mind

The importance of Kata

The importance of Kata We had seen some time ago in training videos why some stagnate in karate and especially why they have difficulty retaining a Kata. So we had a lecture, with my ...


Stretching: How to stretch well!

Stretching, how to do it well to gain strength and flexibility! We will see in this article how to stretch well to gain muscle power and flexibility. We saw in the previous article of the series, why ...

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