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You are all capable of succeeding


The power of will

(If you are in a hurry, go right to the last paragraph of the article,
I made you a video to download!)

Dear readers, dear readers,

I'm writing this article today to tell you that I am really sorry.

Indeed, for a little over a week, I have written 4 articles on stress management, and I have sent 4 mails to subscribers, and no doubt that you are asked the report that there was between these videos and karate.

In fact at the beginning, when Chris contacted me, to tell me about his training project, I asked myself exactly the same question as you.

And then thinking, I said to myself that many people join a karate club, to overcome their shyness, to feel better in their skin, to manage their emotions in difficult times, etc.

I then asked Chris to send me full access to his training to study because there was no question for me that I propose something that would not be good.

I watched all the videos of the training and read all the pdf and in the end, I found it rather well, with good advice and exercises to do, etc.

So, thinking wellI sent you his first free video.

And there, I was really surprised by the enthusiasm she aroused. Indeed, in a few hours 700 KBN Readers went to watch it and reacted positively and I thought you were interested.

So, I continued to send you the other videos and write an article to each video on the blog.

I now believe that I was wrong, but then ...completely deceived.

Indeed, I should have seen that on ™, nobody left comment while usually there are always some.

In short, it was clear, you were not interested!

I have not seen anything and I am sincerely sorry ...

Chris has opened registrations for his training since 3 days, and no one among you, wanted to follow him!?! He may not have been able to convince you, it's possible ...

But for me, the result is' loud and clear«, I am really mistaken!

In a way, it reassures me: This means that ™ readers are good about themselves and have found, with karate a certain balance and that's good!

But as I want to do my mea culpa for the inconvenience I caused you, I will offer you as a gift the bonus I reserved for Chris's students!

As no one went through my link, no one saw this video. It would be a shame to keep in a closet, I put all my guts.

You can even download the video here, it's a gift!

It's an open-air conference on the power of the will that shows that we are all capable of succeeding.

I offer you to apologize for having flooded you with inappropriate articles and mails lately.

Without hard feelings

See you soon

PS:Finally, I submitted the 4 articles on the blog out of respect for Chris who still offered 4 free videos. Thank you Chris!
But, promised in a few days I make you a video ...Karate!

Tell me in the comments below what you think of this video-conference! Thank you !

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Guide offered!
"How to succeed your grade passes"


  1. Hello Bruno, thank you for your video.
    It's always interesting to be able to read the experience of others.
    It is a beautiful lesson of humility. one of my goals will be happening my green belt?
    I'll let you know

  2. Hello Bruno,

    I have not yet taken the time to watch these videos. In fact, I put karate aside right now, busy schedule requires, or at least lack of organization perhaps.

    Thank you for your ability to challenge yourself. A beautiful lesson of humility, in any case.

    Good luck for the future, I keep an eye on your emails.

    Good luck,


  3. Hello,
    I do not see why you're sorry!
    It was a good tip to share Chris's project.
    For me, it's perfectly in line with karate.

    • Hello Jean-Michel,

      I'm not asking you to apologize for introducing Chris's project, which is very good, but I beg your pardon for forgetting your ears with that 4 once again.

      But thank you for your support!

  4. Hello Bruno,
    I thank you for the video, it's very nice of you to always think of us.
    it is true that we must take a step back to analyze the situation and identify its mistakes but most of the time we do it too late when we must think when we are stuck in the situation and especially do not panic . it's exactly as you described it.
    Thank you again for all this kindness and generosity.

  5. Bruno,

    The weight of the years certainly, the failures sometimes, the wounds too, made me rock, irremediably, in a life founded on "beliefs" inducing blockages, doubts, anxieties which prevented me from advancing, from to succeed, to flourish, even creating my own prison, to use the words of CHRIS and yours: I will call this prison my DARK COAST by reference to Star Wars.

    Despite a heavy handicap, for a handful of years, I have "FORCE" to counter this heavy trend, that is to say that I made the choice to be free because I decided to to be on the other side, as you well understood, of the COTE DE LA FORCE.
    I used the terminology of Star Wars because, including in the title of this saga, the Wars of the Star, it is a question of permanently fighting the dark side to make the side of the force triumph. .

    Your video, Bruno, "the power of the will" comes at just the right time to comfort me more than ever, you, for the struggles that you have engaged, me, for mine, in my approach and the KARATED, among others, is, for me, a powerful tool to get there.

    May the FORCE be with us all!
    Thanks again Bruno

    • Thank you Marcel for this comment full of hope.

      It's nice to see people who do not give up and who face adversity in all circumstances and with a smile.

      The power of the will, and especially of the imagination, are essential to get out of a neurological hostage-taking in which one could fall if one gets too close to the dark side.

      "On the dark side, do not go near, you have to 😉"

      May the force be with you, Jedi Master!

  6. Hello Bruno,

    I discovered your site recently and I find it very well done. Your passion for this sport transpires through your videos!
    I currently practice Heian Nidan and my goal is to be black belt. (This is one of my new goals, currently having 41 years)
    The important point that I learned from your video is to appropriate your own power and, whatever happens, to be fully responsible for what happens to us. In addition, it is extremely important to pay attention to one's inner dialogue.

    Your experiences lived through your demanding physical challenges are true inspirations for all of us.

    Other points that I find very interesting in your approach to quit smoking: The words you use, also reflect your inner world: The words you choose reflect a situation that you live, that you are a non-smoker without any regret as a former smoker. It is for you like a state of fact and you systematically study what happened in your previous life: It takes a good self-control! It was necessary nevertheless that you identified that the cigarette came to fill a lack and that you work on this point I imagine!

    I recently realized the importance of food in my goal to find a high level of available energy, to achieve the projects that are important to me. Given your experience and your good physical condition, I would have liked to know the approach that you adopt in this area



    • Hello Bruno (what a beautiful name ;-))

      I congratulate you for the goal you set for yourself, but know that it will only be a stage, like a door that you open to finally practice karate. You'll get there, I'm sure.

      For the cigarette, personally I filled the gap by the sport I stopped in May 2008 in full preparation for the triathlon of Embrun. Otherwise, when I wanted to smoke, I drank a big glass of water. It filled my stomach and it saved me from nibbling and weight gain.

      Regarding food, I have a lot of knowledge, but to be honest I'm a bit like the shoemaker, very badly shod.
      The principle for food is to eat everything but in small quantities (this is where I am the least reasonable ;-)).
      When I say everything, it's mostly basic products. You have to try to cook yourself and avoid cooked dishes, cakes do everything ...
      After we must stop believing that the fat is not good, we must avoid the bread ... it's bullshit all that.
      What you need is eating during meals without eating - you can make 5 (if you count 10h and 17h snacks) - and avoid nibbling.
      Avoid as much as possible snacking on sugary products that cause blood sugar levels to skyrocket.
      In short, eat healthy and quality products during meals. For dietary balance, you can use the 421GPL formula, ie, 4 carbohydrate servings, 2 protein servings, and 1 lipid. No need to measure, it's just a matter of common sense.
      Regarding diet and training, avoid eating lipids before and after training. In fact right after a training (<1h), you have to make a meal composed of proteins and carbohydrates to rebuild the muscles as quickly as possible. Lipids are avoided because the digestion must be as fast as possible after training so that food arrives as quickly as possible to the muscles. That's how you gain muscle.
      I think I could write hours on it because it really fascinates me. I hope I have helped you a little.


  7. I found that very well. But, I remain uninterested by your friend who anyway claims money in the end and also at the age of 73 years, I have already tried a lot of things.
    I practice quite often self suggestion, visualization, meditation and all this does not cost me a euro.
    I practice as a physical exercise four to five times a week of muscu with cardio and karate solo. I do a lot of katas also that I regularly correct with your videos or that of others on youtube, without forgetting the references to the books of Roland Habersetzer.
    I work from time to time with guys from Kravmaga as the room where I go is headed by Serge Bridoux in Brussels.
    That said, I congratulate you for the always interesting and rewarding videos that you leave us.



    • Hello Claude,

      Thank you for your compliments on my videos. I see you practice a lot of sports, meditation and other self suggestion methods. I congratulate you. Good continuation.

      I just want to say that Chris does not "claim" money, he offers to sell a training he created himself. Where is the harm?

      When a painter shows one of his paintings that he is winding, no one is offended by the fact that he is selling it.


  8. Hi Bruno, you do not have to apologize (let me hear from you) and thank you once again for your efforts regarding the popularization of karate.

  9. hi Mr bruno it's a great job what you came to do, the way you use to communicate your knowledge and talents, pushes us to ask several questions, the most important of which is that I can personally imitate and make such things? difficult! Although my function is teaching and I teach communication, really congratulations and congratulations, despite the timid number - because of the shyness always - communicated, but I hope you will not lick the stick , "Dont give ap". I will keep my friend and I will always wait for your mails and thank you.

  10. Thank you Bruno for your video.
    It's always interesting to be able to read the experience of others.
    This is a beautiful lesson of humility because it is never easy to talk about its weaknesses.
    Finally from an educational point of view I think the message is passed: one of my goals will be the black belt ... but I still have to choose the right time to start ...
    I'll let you know!
    See you.

  11. Thank you for all these tips.

    And to corroborate all this I would say this
    the hardest when you stop smoking,

    it's not about stopping, but about wanting it
    cordially Pascal

  12. Germain Beaudette at

    Very good video and explained in a simple way and I can tell you that me too during a half marathon, I encouraged a young girl to finish his half marathon, accompanying him even if I delayed to finish mine, because the only goal I had was to finish it and not break a record.

    As for karate I agree I started karate at the age of 59 years and I am now black belt 3 I dan and I am also a karate teacher.
    So everything is possible to who wants it.

  13. Can not blame Bruno, you invested so much ... Everything you propose is good to take, but it is the time that is missing ... I await your new video karate that I will not fail to watch ... Good, courage to You and THANK you again for your commitment and your investment in the martial arts. J Marie

  14. Hi Bruno,
    first of all, thank you for being interested in others. It's nice to have thought of us with Chris's blog, however, not everyone needs all these tips. For my part, everything is going well in my life. It has not been all pink every day, but hey, it's life ... I'm not going to get drunk everyone with me stories and my life, which is good for me. in fact, I only need advice on karate, to train at home. Personally, I fish especially in kihon. In fact, one of my coaches practiced only combat, and almost more kihons, so Japanese names when you do not practice them, become or become Hebrew again. That's why I came across your blog and stayed there. Good tips and tricks, and it is possible to go back without being heavy who understands nothing. In short, to be able to go back, to go forward. Thanks again and A +.
    PS: do not be surprised if I do not leave too many comments, but my job and a busy family life leaves me only a few minutes to go on the net, so I do not necessarily have time to leave a comment ! That does not mean that it does not interest you.

  15. Hello Bruno,

    Thank you for this very instructive video, which has reinforced me in the fact that we must always keep in mind its objectives, so that the doubt is put ko

    Full of good things to you

  16. hello bruno, thank you again for your advice in "gold". It is true that our doubts are our greatest enemies. How many times have I left because of that. Now I am better, and as I want to undertake something I do not tell anyone to avoid that they demoralize me
    There 1 years and a half I started karate I was 45 years ago I was spoken around me and most laughed in my face. You realize you have 45 years it is any qoi etc ...
    I'm believed, and I thought why I can not do it ??? and what else happens ??
    So I started karate schorin ryu a perpignan, the first three months was very hard but now if you saw me in combat, (the young do not do the weight) and I'm wearing my blue belt in June and I plan to leave in Okinawa next year. It's also true that I train a lot at home
    I want to thank you because you gave me very good advice, I had pain in the neck, shoulders and lower back. You told me this can come from a displacement of vertebrae such and such will see an osteopath. I went there and bingo, my hip was moved and my vertebrae if I remember C4 AND C5 are moved. All came back in the two year order that I could sleep on my stomach. A real young man
    I dine to thank you for all your advice and one day as I have time I will say hello,
    Escuse me not to come too much on the blog or leave a message because I'm overflowing with work. By cons what class on the video, the landscape is great
    Again thank you bruno and I wish you a lot of good things

  17. lampin jean lucien at


    the error is human, for my part I did not see it, it is for lack of time that I did not send you comment about this video of which you speak. I think that many people are taken by the time without this being negative on the impact of your research .. I say good luck and see you soon ..

  18. Cree videos were interesting. But, it requires some involvement. And personally, I'm not ready to get involved in this way via the internet. On the other hand, to share your experience with us, allows us to realize that we can change certain things in our attitude in the face of adversity. So, you can continue to keep an open mind, and to show us that life is like a car: either we drive it, or we are passed and it is better to be in the first solution.

    • Hello Isa,

      I like this comparison with the car, but at the same time everyone can not ride in the driver's seat.

      The important thing is to feel good about yourself even in a passenger seat.


  19. Thank you Bruno for this video. I am currently in a small "hollow wave" and your conference has given me confidence. Now, I know that I'll get by and that everything will be fine.
    Hello everybody

  20. Jean-Louis Delmarche at

    Thank you for this very informative video, it has also happened to me several times to want to give up and to project in the future, to have a real goal, it is that which makes that one does not give up ...

    Regarding the videos, I think that many would be interested in Kihon Ippon

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