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You can all be Black Belt - The written evidence!


Bruno Bandelier Black Belt

The black belt, the total knowledge ...

We often hear about the black Karate belt as an outcome, or even, for some, as an inaccessible stage. It is not so.

Whatever your current level, you are all capable of getting a black belt!

And I will prove it to you ...

Contrary to what many people think, the black belt is not a very high stage in the knowledge of karate, on the contrary, it corresponds to the beginning of a life devoted to karate.

Some day ago I received an email from someone who wants to start karate with a very ambitious goal to one day obtain a black karate belt.
I say very ambitious because for him she represented: " total knowledge of Karate«

However, it is not. Because if this total knowledge exists, it is well beyond the 1er dan.

Indeed, we get a black belt in 4 to 5 years in general. But after, 10, 15, 30 years of practice do not you think the level is significantly higher? Of course yes.

This email, and the answer that I made, make me want to write this article in which I would like demystify the sacrosanct black karate belt ou black belt (for bilinguals).

And I will bring you proof that each of you is quite capable by a regular job of getting it. She is not inaccessible.

The black belt is just the beginning!

I am not trying to downplay the technical qualities of Karateka black belts, nor the work necessary to obtain the black belt, but just to demystify the image that is sometimes given.

The black belt, many in dreams and it's true, thatit takes a lot of work to obtain it, but it must not be seen as a consecration or an end. It's quite the opposite.

In fact being a black belt means that we know more or less all the basic techniques which will then allow us to evolve and progress.

The child and the writing

To our friend who wrote to me, I gave him, in my answer, the example of a child at school who begins to learn writing:

The child and the writingAt first he must learn to draw each letter, one by one, making lines of A, then B, then C, ... His letters are a little wobbly but as he trains, he improves, it is becoming more accurate ...

Then by grouping the letters, his (school) teacher teaches him how to form syllables, then his first words ....

After a while, he will be able to write his first little sentences, and so on. He will learn the subtleties of spelling, conjugation ...

At the end of the middle school (before high school), the student knows all the common words and is able to read and write correctly.

His Master could name him ... black writing belt : )

Indeed, he knows all the bases of writing and he put about 5 years to get there (does it remind you of anything? ;-))

These bases will allow him now to evolve all his life reading, writing, evolving, criticizing ...

In short, these bases are the essential tools for climbing the markets of knowledge.

At karate, it's the same. With the black belt, one has forged one's body and acquired the technical baggage to be able to "Start" learning karate, to climb one by one the steps towards ... "the total knowledge" (if it exists ...)

Conclusion :
If you have been able to learn to write,
you are able to get a black belt (CQFD)

The black belt is not the top of Karate, it is The foundations ; The base on which the Karateka will be able to continue his progression all his life.

But beware, our friend was not completely wrong by putting the black belt on a pedestal because if I say that the black belt is just a beginning, I also say that it is the foundation of Karate. And without foundation, there is no progression possible. We must not neglect the black belt.

You are all able to get it, but as they say:

no pain, no gain (always for bilingual ;-))

Here I will end this little reflection on the demystification of the black karate belt, by this little maxim:

The black belt is to be taken very seriously because you are building the foundations of your art, but without taking yourself too seriously because to build a foundation, you have to keep your feet on the ground.

or as our friend Ali would say in his last comment :

it's good to look at the sky but focus on the feet that should not leave the earth, not to mention that modesty is the key to success

And you what do you think ?

Do you feel able to get the black belt?
If you already have it, do you think you've reached the top?

I look forward to your comments.

See you soon,

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  1. Hello Bruno,

    Bravo for this perseverance in your Art and bravo for your sense of pedagogy.

    For my part, I stopped karate 2 or 3 years ago. I had arrived at the blue belt but an injury, despite all my prudence, pushed me to abandon karate just after the passage of the brown belt because injured by a teacher during the interclub course preceding the passage of grades. Suddenly, 9 months of physiotherapy and now everything is fine except that at 62 years soon, I leave my place to young people. I think I made the right choice; what do you think Bruno 🙂

  2. Hello Sensei Bandelier,
    It is a real pleasure for me to read you. I really appreciated this message on the black belt. I am a black belt and I admit that I am not satisfied with my current level.
    I exercise a professional function and it is not easy to reconcile regular training and work.
    I believe this message came to give a boost and encourage me not to give up
    Thank you very much for your commitment and your sense of sharing

  3. With a strong will, we mentally love what we want to become and supplement with a moderate dose of determination we reached it serenely ...

  4. Good evening!
    I'm a marrone belt and I'm getting ready for the black belt. It is true that everyone can be black belt but it requires courage and a lot of effort to achieve it.
    Thank you!

  5. I have a year of yellow belt karate. I started in shito ryu I am very interested in your training but the differences with the Shotokan pose me problem.
    What do you recommend ? Would it be possible for you
    To put online a shito Ryu training?
    Do you have any requests for this form of karate. Despite my age my goal is the black belt ...
    Well done for everything you do.

    • Hello Germain,

      For now I have not planned to make videos with different style. Personally, I'm doing Karate. I'm told it's Shotokan, ok! But at the limit I do not care. I do karate. After I know that there are variations between styles, especially in kata, but the basic principles remain the same.
      For my trainings Karate3g, what I can offer you is to try. You risk nothing, you have 2 guarantees, one of 60 days without any conditions + my guarantee of result of one year. You try, if it does not suit you, you tell me and I repay you without arguing.
      For variants with Shito Ryu you have to trust your reasoning. If you alternate your classes at home with classes at the club, you will be able to spot the differences between the two. I even think that you can easily learn 2 styles at the same time.

  6. Hello
    I practice Karate since 10 years now so I am black belt is true that it is the beginning of a long learning but without perseverance without giving on the physical and mental no belt and it takes more 8 years than 5 to get the belt the road is long but it is also true that the experience in Karate can not be acquired in 5 years work relentlessly osu

  7. Hello Bruno
    I'm just a beginner looking for the yellow belt. So I'm serious about it. Your intervention goes straight to the heart because it removes all the mysteries around karate especially with regard to the black belt. This intervention encourages me and tells me that I can do it

  8. Hello Bruno,

    It's been 4 years that I practice and this end of season taught me that nothing is acquired in advance because I had to go brown belt but I did not evolve enough and yet I prepared myself so my teacher m said it would be for December can be finally say everything I'm still very far

    • Bruno Bandelier at

      Hello Tony,

      Karate is like climbing a mountain, the further you go, the steeper the slope, the less oxygen you have. Progress is slower but you have to hang on and persevere. Sometimes we stumble but we must get up and continue.
      Apparently you have understood all that. You can do it.


    • The training is THE key you have to train tirelessly at the club But especially in dehor Make any kind of exercise to perfect his Kata watch video of good master repet before the Ice at the break at work while waiting for his paw cruising lol me I train all the time and here I spent MY brown belt in 2 years it is true that I did taekwondo kick boxing and Thai boxing and CA my already help not hurt I had 1 approaching the feet poingt But none in Kata so I pass time to watch the kata kazawa I speak of. My point of view obviously because CA my help a lot to improve my movement courage and determination us

    • Bruno Bandelier at

      Hello Nathalie,

      I thank you for this definition which is really very well found.
      I think I'll use it again. Thank you.


  9. Atchiane John at

    Hello Mr. Bruno your article my much encourage for the black belt that I will spend in a few months. I put myself to work more determiner than ever.MERCI MUCH

    • Hello Master Bruno I am very happy to meet you for everything you do for us karateka. My name is Akoa I black belt 3eme dan shotokan thank you very much.

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