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Karate World Championships - Paris Bercy 2012


Karate World Championships - France 2012From Wednesday 21 / 11 / 2012 to Sunday 25 / 11 / 2012 will take place the 2012 Karate World Championships in France at Paris Bercy.

This is a great moment for the French karate. Indeed Karate World Championships which came into being in 1970 in Toky, have only occurred once in France, there is 40 years.

Tomorrow, we leave with a good part of my club (young and old) for a day at Paris Bercy. Seeing this international loan competition should probably give me the goose bumps, but I think what will excite me most will be seeing sparks in the eyes of the kids in the club. We will feast and I will not fail to bring you some pictures.

In the meantime, even if I'm not a fervent defender of competition karate, I think the competition, even if it is not essential in the martial course, is a plus in the course of a karate. That's why I wanted to do this article to introduce you the Karat World Championships2012.

2012 Karate World Championships in France at Paris Bercy :

Before talking to you about the 2012 World Karate Championships in Paris, we will make a leap in history and review the various Karate World Championships that have already taken place around the world.

The history of the Karate World Championships:

  1. The first edition of the World Karate Championships was held in Tokyo (Japan) in 1970 and brought together 178 athletes from 33 different countries. There were only 2 events, one by team, the male kumite and the other individual, the male Ippon. Japan dominated the event with 4 medals (including 2 gold) on 7 distributed. France also won a medal thanks to Dominique Valera who finished 3ème of the individual event.
  2. The second edition of the Karate World Championships took place in 1972, ie there is 40 years in France in Paris. The French team, composed of Gilbert Gruss, François Petitdemange, Guy Sauvin, Alain Setrouk and Dominique Valera, won the team event and Guy Sauvin climbed the 3th place on the podium for the individual event.
  3. In 1975, it's LongBeach California that took place the competition, always with these 2 events. There was 300 karatekas from 30 Country, but Japan won the 2 first place individual and the silver medal behind Team United Kingdom.
  4. In 1977, Karate World Championships return for the second time to Japan, Tokyo with 400 participants from 47 country. On the other hand, the Japanese team will not win any medals and it is the Netherlands that will win the 2 gold medals. France will still finish on the team podium with the Bronze medal.
  5. 1980 in Spain in Madrid will mark a turning point in the history of the World Karate Championships. Indeed, for the first time, there is a Kata competition for female athletes. We also see appearing men in weight class events and a competition Kata. Japan will be the best nation by winning 10 medals including 4 in gold, ahead of Spain (9 medals) and France with 5 medals including 1 gold 80kg + by Jean-Luc Montama. Jean-Luc Montama becomes the first French, World Champion karate individual.
  6. 1982 in Taiwan, Tapiei, the competition will host 850 athletes from 46 country Karate. Female Karate is eligible for the Kumite competition for the first time. France will finish once again 3 th of the competition behind Japan and the United Kingdom. We will note the gold medal in -53kg of the French Sophie Berger, who becomes the first French World Champion Karate.
  7. The 7th 1984 World Karate Championships are held in Maastricht, The Netherlands and group 930 karatékas from 49 countries of the world. There are now 13 different events. France finishes once again 3th best Nation behind the United Kingdom and Japan. We still bring back 7 medals including 2 in gold (Emmanuel Pinda in Ippon male and again, Sophie Berger in -53kg). Japan dominates the men's and women's Katas events, winning both gold and silver medals.
  8. In 1986, Sydney, Australia, Karate World Championships propose for the first time a new event: Team Kata. 890 karateka from 48 countries meet. Japan wins a lot of medals, in all events, Kumite, Kata, male or female. They finish 1er with 14 medals in front of the United Kingdom (7 medals) and France (always 3 th 😉 with 5 medals including 2 in gold won by Jacques Tapol in - of 80kg and Thierry Masci in -70kg)
  9. The 9th edition of the World Karate Championships was held in Egypt in Cairo in 1988 with 1157 athletes from 54 countries who will compete for the 16 events including for the first time a Sambon competition. Japan is still largely dominating with 13 medals in front of the United Kingdom (8 medals), the Netherlands (5 medals) and France (4ème for once with 7 medals including 2 in gold brought back by Emmanuel Pinda in + 80kg and Thierry Masci in -70kg). The men's French team will also bring the team bronze medal to Kata.
  10. In 1990, the Karate World Championships are held in Mexico City, with 673 karatekas from 53 different countries. Japan still leads with 12 medals, but France jumped to second place in 7 with 4 in gold: 2 in men with Marc Pyrée in + 80kg and Giovanni Tramontini in Ipon, and 2 in women with Monique Amghar in -60kg and Catherine Belrhiti in + 60kg.
  11. In 1992, the Karate World Championships return to Spain in Granada, with 712 competitors from 72 country and always 16 events. Japan after 12 years of supremacy is seen debunked from the top of the podium by Spain with 11 medal including 4 in gold. France will only get the 6th place with 6 medals including 1 alone in gold (Catherine Belrhiti always + 60kg).
  12. The 16 events of the 12th edition of the 1994 World Karate Championships will be held in Malaysia at Kota Kinabalu, with 684 Karatekas from 61 countries around the world. France won for the first time the Kata race with Michael Milon, and we will finish 2 in Kata and 1er in Kumite. Japan resumes its 1th place with 11 medals, including 7 in gold, but it can be followed by 11 with 4 medals including 60 in gold (Michael Milon in Kata, Damien Dovy in -80kg, Alain Lehetet in + 4kg, and the team in Kumite) well ahead of Italy with XNUMX medals.
  13. The 1996 World Karate Championships were held in Sun City, South Africa with 643 athletes from 72 country and an 17e event. Indeed, for the first time, women are entitled to their Open competition. Japan despite its 11 medals including 4 gold is scooping 1er place by the United Kingdom which brings back only 7 medals but 5 in gold. France will finish 3ème (it was a long time ;-)) with 7 medals including 3 in gold brought back by Michaël Milon still in Kata, Gilles Cherdieu in -80kg, and the France team in Kumité.
  14. For the 14th edition of the 1998 World Karate Championships in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with 720 karatékas of 75 countries of the world, France is leading for the 1ère times since 26 years. She will keep this place 3 once in a row. This time we will bring back 11 medals including 5 in gold with Alexandre Biamonti in -65kg, David Félix in -75kg, Gilles Cherdieu in -80kg, Laurence Fischer in + 60kg, and again, the men's team in kumite.
  15. In Munich in 2000, the Karate World Championships will gather 820 Karates from 84 countries of the world. France will largely dominate the event by winning 16 medals including 6 in gold (Michael Milon in Kata, Cecil Boulesnane in -60kg, Christophe Pinna in Open, The men's team in Kumite, and finally, the French women's team which make the double blow with a gold medal in Kumite and Kata)
  16. In 2002 in Madrid in Spain (for the 3th time!) The Karate World Championships will bring together 751 karatekas from 84 country. The best nation will be France again with 11 medals including 3 in gold, that of Yann Baillon in -80kg, that of Nathalie Leroy in -60kg and that of the women's team Kata.
  17. The 17th Edition of the 2004 Karate World Championships will take place in Monterrey, Mexico with 582 athletes from 79 country. France, despite a large majority of medals (10) finish 6th because we had only one gold medal, brought by the masulin team in Kumite. Japan will be ranked 1er with 5 medals including 4 in gold.
  18. In 2006, the competition will take place in Tampere, with 766 participants from 81 country. Italy will dominate the event especially in kata (4 gold medals in Kata) by winning 7 medals including 5 in gold. France will take the 4th place with 5 medals including 2 in gold brought back by Laurence Fischer in + 60kg, and the French women's team in Kata (Jessica Buil, Sabrina Buil and Lætitia Guesnel)
  19. In 2008, for the 3 time, the Karate World Championships is coming to Japan in Tokyo, bringing together 888 karatekas from 97 country. Japan with 9 medals including 4 in gold, will dominate the competition in front of France with 7 medals including 2 in gold (Tiffany Fanjat in + 60kg and the men's France team in Kata)
  20. And finally in 2010, the 20th edition of these karate world championships will take place in Serbia in Belgrade with 875 participants coming from 88 different countries and it is Serbia, even if it does not win the most medals (4 including 3 in gold) which will be classified better nation because all the others have less than 3 gold medals. France will finish 5ème with all the same 5 medals but only 1 in gold, that of the French team of women in Kumité.
  21. The 21th edition of the Karate World Championships will take place in Paris-Bercy, 40 years later, from 21 to 25 / 11 / 2012. We wish the team of France to win the maximum of medals and of course to be classified better nation.

The French team of Karate 2012:

We will be many to encourage the French team in Paris Bercy, but do you know the athletes who represent France this year?

So let's make a little presentation:

The selection was officially released 19 / 10 / 2012 in the morning at a press conference at Montparnasse Tower.

Female athletes fighting

Alexandra Recchia (-50kg)
Lucie Ignace (-55kg)
Lolita Dona (-61kg)
Tiffany Fanjat (-68kg)
Nadège Ait Ibrahim (+ 68kg)

Female team fight: Alexandra Recchia / Dona Lolita / Tiffany Fanjat / Emily Thouy

Male athletes fighting:

Johan Lopes (-60kg)
William Rolle (-67kg)
Davy Dona (-75kg)
Kenji Cricket (-84kg)
Nadir Benaissa (+ 84kg)

Men's Wrestling Team: Kenji Grillon / Nadir Benaissa / Mathieu Cossou / Gary Ibrahim / Salim Bendiab / Azdin Rghioui / Logan Da Costa

Individual Kata Athletes

Sandy Scordo (female kata)
Minh Dack (male ka)

Team Kata Athletes

Female kata team: Clotilde Boulanger / Sonia Fiuza / Jessica Hugues
Men's Kata team: Jonathan Plagnol / Jonathan Maruani / Romain Lacoste

Here is the video presentation of the French selection.

2012 Karate World Championships - ask for the program:

The competition will start on Wednesday 21 / 11 / 2012 at 9h through playoffs and semi-finals Kata.

Then Wednesday afternoon and Thursday will be the Kumite playoff and semi-final.

Friday will be devoted to playoffs and semi-finals Kumite by team, with at 18h30 the opening ceremony.

Saturday and Sunday will be held all finals and the closing ceremony on Sunday at 18h10.

You will find all the information on the official site of the Karate World Championships in Paris Bercy

Here I hope you have wanted to come and encourage the France 2012 team in Bercy, I'm ready to prepare

See you soon, (for the record)

Leave comments below -> You can encourage our athletes and wish them good luck.

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  1. Fabien Christmas at

    Hello Bruno,

    Very interesting your article. I did not know that there was already a world championship in France. And suddenly it was 40 years. Waouuu! This is a big event.

    I wish all your team success. Make us shine the medals.

    Did you meet Lionel Froidure from Imagine Arts TV and certainly the Masterfight team too?

    I can not wait to see the results. I will publish a small article on my Passion Martial blog.

    See you,

    • Hello Fabien,
      You know I'm not a coach of the France team. My team as you say we went there as a spectator, and it was giant. We even met the team from France who was warming up and we took pictures with them. Too much class!

  2. Congratulations for this retrospective. However, you forget to mention that from 1975, other world championships were organized: those of the IAKF in opposition to the WUKO.
    Since then, these 2 organizations have continued their progression with different rules in kumite and it is evident with the videos of the different world championships.

  3. Good evening Bruno,

    No, we will not see each other, because I'm going on Thursday as a companion to my son's class. My wife being a teacher, she managed with the help of our karate teacher to have places for the whole school (well, there are only 3 classes!).

    In the meantime, enjoy your day.

    Good night,


    • Thank you Frédéric.
      We will make the most of it. we are in the bus. Expected arrival at 10h. We should see some kata.
      Also enjoy Thursday.

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