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2016 Karate World Championships Program


World Championship Program

Let's go for the 2016 Karate World Championships. This year they are held in Linz, Austria.

And to help you follow the competition, here is the program:

Official Program: Karate World Championships: Linz 2016
Wednesday 26.10.2016 Preliminaries
09H00: 12H40Kataindividual
12H50: 20H35Kumite & Para karateIndividuals & people with learning difficulties
Thursday 27.10.2016 Preliminaries
09H00: 20H05Kumite & Para KarateIndividuals & blind & partially sighted persons.
Friday 28.10.2016 Qualifiers
08H00: 18H40Kumite & Para KarateTeam matches & Wheelchairs

18H45: 19H30

Show George Nussbaumer
Saturday 29.10.2016 Finals
09H30 to 10H55Kumite & Para KataMatches for Bronze, Individual, Men & Women
09H30: 09H40kumiteWomen + 68Kg
09H40: 09H55kumiteMen + 84kg
09H55: 10H05kumiteWomen -68Kg
10H05: 10H20kumiteMen -84kg
10H20: 10H30kumiteWomen -61Kg
10H30: 10H40kumiteWomen -55Kg
10H40: 10H55kumiteMen -75kg
10H55: 11H15Para KataPeople with learning difficulties
12H00 to 13H30Kumite & Para KataMen's and Women's Individual Finals and Medals
12H00: 12H06kumiteWomen + 68Kg
12H06: 12H14kumiteMen + 84kg
12H14: 12H26kumiteMedals awards.
12H26: 12H32kumiteWomen -68Kg
12H32: 12H40kumiteMen -84kg
12H40: 12H46kumiteWomen -61Kg
12H46: 13H04kumiteMedals awards.
13H04: 13H10kumiteWomen -55Kg
13H10: 13H18kumiteMen -75kg
13H18: 13H30kumiteMedals awards.
13H30: 13H45Para KataFinals People with learning difficulties
13H45: 14H00Para KataMedals awards.
15H30 to 17H30Kata & Kumite & Para KataMatches for the Bronze
15H30: 15H45KataIndividual Women
15H45: 16H00KataIndividual Men
16H00: 16H15kumiteMen -60Kg
16H15: 16H25kumiteWomen -50Kg
16H25: 16H40kumiteMen -67Kg
16H40: 17H10kumiteWomen Teams
17H10: 17H30Para KataPeople who are blind or partially sighted
18H00 to 20H00Kata & Kumite & Para KataMen's and Women's Individual Finals and Medals
18H00: 18H08KataIndividual Women
18H08: 18H16KataIndividual Men
18H16: 18H28KataMedals awards.
18H28: 18H36kumiteMen -60Kg
18H36: 18H42kumiteWomen -50Kg
18H42: 18H50kumiteMen -67Kg
18H50: 19H08kumiteMedals awards.
19H08: 19H23kumiteWomen's Teams
19H23: 19H30kumiteMedals awards.
19H30: 19H45Para KataFinals Persons who are blind or partially sighted
19H45: 20H00Para KataMedals awards.
Sunday 30.10.2016 Finals
09H00: 09H30KataBronze Matches - Men's Teams
09H30: 10H00KataBronze Matches - Women's Teams
10H00: 11H10kumiteBronze Matches - Men's Teams
11H10: 11H30Para KataBronze Matches - Men & Women's Wheelchairs
12H00: 12H15KataMen's Team Finals
12H15: 12H30KataWomen's Team Finals
12H30: 12H45KataMedals awards.
12H45: 13H20kumiteMen's Team Finals
13H20: 13H30kumiteMedals awards.
13H30: 13H45Para KataFinals - Men & Women Wheelchairs
13H45: 14H00Para KataMedals awards.
14H00MVP Awards & Closing Ceremony

See you soon for the results of the competition.

To download the program in pdf, click HERE

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  1. Thank you so much ! I will be able to have fun communicating with my friends in israel on Facebook and copy the jokes of my method! (I've been studying lonely at home since June, after a ten-year hiatus, I started with Bible Scripture but I lacked the oral). griettude, Elisabtah

  2. Hello,
    Who's organized?
    I passed the age but I'm 55 kg (I just tested Dukan), whoever in this case can meet an 74 kg?
    Japanese had proposed a system of categories: weight x size (the length is the most important) ... Indeed, effect can be heavy with short segments (scientific way of saying "little fat")
    But everything can be arranged, because generally when a sport is running, more and more categories are created to multiply "sports events" ... (it's a businessman's trick to sell places;)

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