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Who will win the duel?


Last day, come participate in the final:

Here we are after a merciless fight at the end of " I love " in the competition organized by Karate Bushido.

There are no more than 2 to be able to claim the title and thus win the 4 VIP seats at Martial Arts Festival.

Kick Gaetan Caillot Trường ChinhOn my right, the titleholder: Gaetan Caillot Trường Chinh with 886 I like to his credit.

Passionate about Martial Arts and especially Viet Vo Dao.

He has been leading the competition since the beginning and is fighting like a young lion not to be caught. A photo montage very well done with a beautiful kick to thrill the crowds.



Kick Bruno Bandelier

On my left, the challenger, Bruno Bandelier, karate enthusiast, and creator of ™. He has been following Gaetan for quite a while with no less than 817 I like, and do not expect to be left behind. Specialist in Endurance Sports, Marathonnian and Distance Triathlete Ironman, he is used to finishing the mind.

Will you succeed in catching Gaetan ???

It's the last day today. We are waiting for a fight where all the blows are allowed.

But be careful, do not get me wrong, there is no question of Mawashi Geri, Gyaku Zuki or other Mae Geri. But only "I like"

A fight at the stroke of "I like", it's not beautiful that?

Come quickly and vote for Bruno or Gaetan:

I vote for Bruno (Thank you you're great :-))

I vote for Gaetan (you will not do that anyway !!! :-()

Do not miss this appointment !!! Tomorrow, it will be too late !!!

And here we are tomorrow
Thank you all for your support, you have been great.
But the results have fallen:
Gaétan Caillot won with more than 900 I like.
I missed only 50, but hey, he was too strong.
Congratulations to Gaétan !!!
And thank you again to all.

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