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warning-bruno-bandelier-karate-blog-netI wanted to make this little video ofwarnings to explain to you

what is ™
and especially what it is not

To summarize : ™ is an educational support
like a book or a DVD with interactivity and more. ™ is not a site to become Karateka.
For this you have to go to a dojo with partners and a teacher.

But the best is to watch this short video where I explain how you should use this blog and the precautions you need to take.

Here, I hope it's clear (and net). Even if it happens to me in my communication to talk to you about learning Karate in your living room, it's only part of learning. You have to register in a club and trust your teacher to guide you, but still act as your trainer doing personal work at home.

Leave me a comment below to tell me how you see in your training.

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  1. Good evening, how are you?
    my name is ISIDORgino it is for the first time that I saw a page like his you can give me what training of this page if you please

  2. Posted by StephaneHello Yann,

    "I ... me .... for me ... .. my experience ": you have very well summarized your situation.
    You are unique in that what works for you can not work for others.
    We can not extrapolate from a personal situation. It's impossible to generalize a personal practice.

    Have a good day.

    Yes, I understand what you mean. But perseverance and self-criticism, everyone has (more or less). It's far from exceptional. (Moreover, these values ​​are quite in the spirit of karate). It's not hard to get to the right "mental level", we're all self-taught. But anyway, everything can be learned "alone" even if it is not as good as with the supervision of professionals.

    (I'm too talkative !!! I'm going to slow down the production of messages ^^, sorry for the inconvenience)

  3. Hello,
    I allow myself to doubt !! (and already apologize for the comment)

    In many disciplines, many teachers will kill themselves to say that the practice is nothing without enrollment in a club (or followed by a teacher). I am obliged to answer it by an experimental "no" of which I am the object of study.
    I have covered many disciplines of all kinds: archery, shooting with firearms, fencing, piano, combat sports, and so on. I have each time "learned" the most part of the techniques, rules and spirit associated with the discipline in question. There really is not one of these activities where I have been told that without a teacher I will not achieve anything good. But I persisted and persevered.
    I achieved good results in most of these disciplines and enough to compete with regular players (club) as old as me and sometimes even more effectively (like shooting or piano or I went almost twice) faster).

    I do not say that the absence of a teacher is better ... Quite the contrary. But I am convinced and convinced that it is not an absolutely necessary element. It is enough to have a source of detailed and in-depth knowledge and that we really hold it to heart (the hardest is to have a strong sense of self-criticism).

    I sincerely think I can learn karate techniques as well as see better than some in club (it must be said that some teachers have only teacher title, others have too many students and many students are funny).
    Certainly it will be lacking in my experience the real fight with in front of me a karateka. But the kata are they not for that? Is not karate the adoption of a spirit before that of a weapon? (Besides, nowadays, a tazer gun is better than a black belt!)
    I know a former licensee who told me I had spent hours and hours in a karate club without a fight. If not the dojo, what is the difference with my learning? The critics ? We only need a mirror to see that our movement is not the one we need OR to start doubting its self-criticism if we feel we are there.

    I certainly do not think I'm an Alien or a superhuman. For me, the only real success factors are simply the determination (especially when it comes to techniques), the respect of the rules (especially not to get damaged!) And the source of the knowledge (which can be as well a prof as a book as a website).


    • Hello Yann,

      "I ... me .... for me ... .. my experience ": you have summarized your situation very well.
      You are unique, in that what works for you can not necessarily work for others.
      We can not extrapolate from a personal situation. It is impossible to generalize a personal practice.

      Bonne journée.

  4. bruno to pass the test of the yellow belt its what happens and for your question on my name these sonia gabrielle these my internet quotation thank you in advance and good day to you

    • Hello Sonia,

      For the passage of the yellow belt, it is the responsibility of each teacher, so it depends a lot on the club where you are.
      But in general you'll have to do a few simple Kihon concatenations, a little work in pairs and either Taikyoku shodan et nidanEither Heian shodan.
      But the teacher is often based on what he already knows about you and your daily work. So do not stress and do like for a classical course.

      A +, Bruno

  5. Hello all,
    I'm glad to see you agree with the details I bring in this video and especially that the vast majority of you had no doubt about it.
    I have also received a lot of emails that all go in the same direction and I thank you all for your support.
    I have read them all but will not be able to answer all. Sorry. I think you will understand.

  6. Sorry for the cut, a finger slip on the keyboard lol

    I said, for my part, I am a karate beginner and the video allowed me to memorize the schema of kata Heian Shodan in a short time. By cons, I work at the dojo. It is an excellent complementary educational support that you bring us Bruno.

  7. I agree with everything that has been said, just take a look at the presentation to see that people who are interested in this blog have understood the principle and practice all in a club.

    For my

  8. I am convinced that your goal has never been to pretend to learn karate through a website, on the contrary, from the first videos it seemed to me that it was only a technical contribution "bonus For those who wanted to practice at home in addition to classes, and apparently I was right.
    Never was there any ambiguity about your goal, the criticisms that could be presented, I suppose, I'm just the reflection of the internet, a gigantic place where everyone criticizes who tries to bring his stone to common knowledge, a kind of incivility of the web that must go up egos I presume?

    For my part, you strongly helped me in a better gesture for the Yoko-geri, I thank your clear work that allows quidam to perfect his technique with a little effort and thought.

    I still enjoy watching your videos, and I think I'll always take

    A big THANK YOU to you for your selflessness, keep it up

  9. Hello Bruno,

    Totally agree with your video. The CDs, the books and this blog and other supports are (for me) only tools of revision, of approval, of personal search (the work at home what !!).

    The real work of karate is done in a dojo with a karate teacher.



  10. Hello bruno

    I think everyone who reads or looks at you knows that there is a difference between the dojo and a video

    for me the fact of bringing you closer to having made this site is pure jealousy, as usual.
    Because the comments and the exercises are very well explain

    Which I challenge in some dojo are not very explained or not very detailed (too much student etc. ..)

    I remember a phrase sensei Johnni gence for those he wants to go see 14 page on learning by video

    on the other hand bruno when a new video

    for me site is more than a site, it is a bit of a community that is passionate about this art

    thank you bruno


    (ps: how can I contact sensei Johnni gence)

    and another question: how to be fast arms (in blocking etc. ..)

  11. Hello Bruno,

    It's good to specify it.

    However, do not forget that the net is global and therefore benefits some areas or regions of the world where karate teachers are not in lace. Your blog is a way to correct and stick to the basics, which is to do at home without the risk of hurting the ego of a teacher not rigorous. We are not all in France or in Europe.

    Older people have enough common sense and wisdom not to believe in learning video karate or becoming late champions. It is a support in the comfort of the home after the Dojo of course.

    It is especially the problem of young, impulsive and irresponsible, who haunt the net in search of all that is easy in gain or sport or anything else. Fantasy simply.

    But your blog is very educational and insists that it is not easy at all and that we must first get started before trying to improve videos.

    You can not learn to swim without jumping into the water, karate no longer without "throwing yourself" to the nearest Dojo. Then you can watch videos of swimming or karate to perfect your movements, provided that the explanation is educational and clear.

    And here you do it very well Bruno, for karate.

  12. Hello Bruno,

    this precision certainly deserved to be brought. I read the many "debates" on various forums and I think we should not remain indifferent.
    However, personally, I see in this site a "showcase" in relation to practices that exist elsewhere. And I realize that I find elements that I work, other times not because my style of karate is different.
    But I have never considered a "model", preferring as you recalled in the video to stick to the speech of my teacher in my club. Nor, moreover, as a means of learning a new technique. On the other hand, you help to correct certain aspects: the video on the mawashi geri eg. where I understood an error that I made.
    So let's continue to share our practices, our passion for karate.

    Best regards.

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