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Warm-ups: Is it really useful?


Muscle warm-ups by Bruno Bandelier

Warm-ups: Is it really useful?

We are always told to warm up before training or competition.

But do you know the reason?

Do you know why it is not good to start a training without warm-ups?
Do you know how to warm up?
Do you have a method to warm up?
Are you sure you do not forget anything during your warm-ups?

This blog is essentially devoted to personal training at home, so you will have to warm up alone before these practices.
I had to help you on this point. For that, I prepared you a gift 😉:

a book on warm ups, The ABC of warm-ups. Download free ABC of Warming Up

I developed a simple method so that you can warm up at home very easily.

We will see why you have to warm up, what parts of the body you need to warm up, and above all how to do it and not forget anything.

As usual ;-), I added a video with full advice and exercises to warm you up effectively

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  1. Thank you for the document and the video!

    Your warm-up method has the advantage of being very clear and structured. I think it's a good foundation.
    Then as you say yourself, there is a way to break this structure a bit, to change the order and to be creative. I like to vary and place games from time to time, even for adults, it goes very well and it goes into the box "cardiovascular".

    I discover your site, I will continue to browse it, thank you for sharing your work.


  2. Thank you for your book Bruno,

    As the saying goes "we must beat the iron when it is hot", it is with pleasure that I completed my knowledge in this area.

    Cheers and good luck


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