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Vote for Bruno's kicks !!!


Hello everyone,

You probably know the festival of Martial Arts in Paris Bercy.

Well, I need you to go

Let me explain :

At the moment the magazine Karate Bushido organizes a GAME COMPETITION on FACEBOOK in which I participate.

The principle is simple, it was necessary to send a photo of a kick and the one who gets the most of "likes" before the 19 march wins 4 VIP seats for the Martial Arts Festival.

I'm already 2er, with more than 400 "I like," but the 1er still has at least 150 points ahead.

Here is the picture I put: (Vote for Bruno)

Kick Bruno Bandelier

If you like this blog, please me: Vote for Bruno : )

Just click on the link "Vote for Bruno", and then liker the photo by clicking on I love.

Maybe I'll do a small photo report of the Festival 😉 ... That would be pretty cool.

I thank you in advance.

See you soon,

PS: Thank you all for your support, you have been great.
But the results have fallen:
Gaétan Caillot won with more than 900 I like.
I missed only 50, but hey, he was too strong.
Congratulations to him.
And thank you again to all.

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  1. Hello everyone,
    the contest ends soon, but I still have 40 "I like" late. I count on you.
    Attention, some clicked "I like" here and not on the photo. It does not count. Too bad.
    You must click on the link " Vote for Bruno «, And then to like the photo by clicking on I like (on Facebook and not here on the blog.)
    Thank you again for your support, we do not give up and we believe to the end. Share with your friends, ask them to vote ... Make some noise ... Thank you.

  2. Hello everyone,
    I'm at 645 "I like", it's great, but I'm still 2ème with 53 "I like" late.
    Hurry to come and vote for me. The deadline is the 19 March, it's fast approaching.
    Merciiiiiii ...

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