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Video N ° 1: the ABC of warm-ups


Here is a video of 30 minutes that I have prepared with many exercises and tips for successful warm ups and therefore your workout.

To understand the exercises, it is best to read the book first

"The ABCs of warming up"

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  1. Good evening Bruno, I try to download the free videos you sent me in your welcome email, but the site "Karate 3G" - "Members Only Access" asks me a "Username" and a "Password", but I do not have one and therefore he refuses me access to the download. Can you guide me or send me these items, please? Thank you in advance. Cordially. Thierry

  2. Mathieu Comelli at

    Good evening Lionel

    I watched your video on the ABC of warm-ups and I must say it's great! your work is very complete, you are very pedagogue what is not given to all the world, bravo!
    I can not wait to discover the wish of your work it's exciting, thank you very much! 6

    • I took the karate 59 after other martial arts, and there are no problems provided you have a suitable practice. From my experience, people who start a practice find that the exercises have changed, related to the rules of competition, the movements are more direct, the vocabulary is more extensive (travel for example). These changes are accentuated according to the orientation of the club: technique or competition. Those I practiced give a share to both, in general. A mona screw, technique is more suitable past a certain age.
      For a recovery the best is to go to classes an hour or a little longer.

  3. I would like to ask a question that concerns me enormously.Is that suffering from a small athrosis at the joints, I could do his exercises and it does not have a negative impact on health in general.For information , I am an athlete who practiced shotokan

  4. Hello Mer Bruno, I do not come to comment on your videos, my to show you how happy I am to discover this blog.
    I started karate 3 years ago and want more experience.
    Today I have a concern about 3G Karate because I do not know how to have these videos in full. not because of the money but my country is Mali more precisely Koutiala (a city of mali).
    How do I pay for the subscription? Knowing that here there is only orangemoney, moneygramme and western ..

  5. Hi Bruno,
    I thank you for the time you put for this site and your professionalism; I did the 2 warm ups by following the video, but I can not finish, I persevere !!!!
    After I like your exercise on the punch ....
    I am ok if you want to put a link on my page; I am a musician ; if you are a little too excited playing an instrument and a very good method. Well, I'm going to redo the warm-ups and the punch, has more

  6. Bruno

    I congratulate you for your videos of a great educational quality. Karate is easier with you. Can you put more Kihons.
    1000 thank you

  7. I confess I do not practice karate (I practiced Aikido when I was at university) but I'm interested in all martial arts in general. I started the weight training method that you recommended in another article (the supermusculation one) and I practice the series of warm ups ABC video. I find it very complete, partly focused on karate (punches, feet) which is really a plus.

    In short, a big thank you to you, Mr. Bandelier !!

  8. On this video n ° 1 warm-ups that Bruno offers us, We must look at 20min52s.

    You will see that to give a lapel point, Bruno begins by giving a small impetus of the feet, then knees, pelvis, shoulders and elbow ... he finished by contracting. Stop on this detail.

    That's rooting! Very important in your practice. This is more for confirmed ones, but beginners can already be aware of it.

  9. Hello,
    thank you for having made available to the public the ABC of the warm-up, and this for free! Your video is very well done, to follow to practice karate in complete physical safety! Bravo.

  10. Hello my dear Mr

    I have taken the time to read your book thoroughly, I find it very important, very useful and enriching for many things that anybody on this earth can use to make these warmings very well. .

    Once again Thank you very much for this book that makes my life change for good.

    Thank you
    Lahoucine Adel

    • Hello Lahoucine,

      Thank you for your compliments.
      I'm glad you liked the book and especially that you find it useful and practical.
      Do not forget that you can give this book to whoever you want so do not hesitate to send it to your friends


  11. Hello Jean Michel,
    Thank you for your compliment. Indeed the session is complete. It is even a bit long (probably because I speak a lot ;-)) and can be a little reduced and chained on warm-ups specific to the training that follows.
    Yes it can improve flexibility and cardio but it's still very light, it will be difficult to get a progression. It feels good, but to progress you still need to do real workout. It says it's better than nothing ...

  12. the warm-up session presented in this video is super complete. I also find that when you do not have the time to train, it can be beneficial to keep flexibility and work cardio.
    Thank you for all the info.

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