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Uraken Uchi: Backhand of fist


Uraken UchiUraken Uchi or the backhand of fist ...

is a karate technique that is simple enough to perform but deserves serious attention. Indeed if it is poorly done you can quickly hurt your elbow, shoulder or wrist.

Uraken, corespond to the zone of striking, on the back of the fist to the right of Kentos.

We can run Uraken Uchi in many ways:

Or by a horizontal circular movement from the inside to the outside,
either by a vertical movement from top to bottom,
either directly forward ...
but also with a rising movement,
or circular horizontal but inverted (from the outside to the inside.)

Even if Uraken Uchi can be used as a defense, this technique is mostly used in rib attack or in the face (chin, cheekbones, temples).

We will dwell here on the most common form, ie the movement horizontal circular from inside to outside.

Uraken Uchi: decomposition of the movement

The most important thing to remember in Uraken Uchi is to have the most relaxed arm possible.

You have to imagine your arm as a whip : Operate the whip from the center of the body and let the wave cross your arm to the wrist. Your backhand is literally whipping your opponent.

You put your arm folded in front of you palm turned to the ground. Your opponent is on your side. You must be very relaxed, shoulders low, fist barely tight.

The technique will now go from the center of the body ; by a vibration of the hips and a contraction of the back muscles, you throw your elbow in a circular motion from the inside to the outside.

At this time, your forearm remains folded over your arm and above all remains very relaxed. Only once will the elbow have past the axis of your opponent (and not before !!!) that you will let your forearm unfold in turn.

And only in the last few centimeters will you let your forearm swivel to hit with the kentos.

At the moment of kime and the final contraction, the elbow is not completely stretched. It must remain slightly bent to avoid injury. The shoulders remain low while maintaining a tension under the armpits.

Wrist may slightly continue the movement beyond the axis of the forearm to let the kentos out a little and add more speed. But be careful to master what you do because you could hurt your wrist if you let it go too far.

The shot is usually given so percussive with a rebound effect. Once you have kicked your shot, your arm must relax again to quickly return by a reverse movement to its original position.

In fact you pull down your arm to hit and then the renroulez immediately after the impact.

However, Uraken Uchi can very well be given so penetrating without rebound. It will then be necessary to coordinate the contraction of the kime with the impact on the target.

Hips work:

In Uraken uchi as I have just described it, the hips will turn in the opposite direction of the technique, with the opposite arm that we draw frankly in Ikité as in Gedan Barai ou Uchi Ukebut we can do very well Uraken Uchi with a rotation of the hips in the same direction. The centrifugal force of the hip rotation is then used to increase the movement Uraken Uchi (I'll show you on the video, it's more talk ;-))

Similar techniques:

As I told you previously, Uraken Uchi can be given also vertically as in Heian Sandan (after blocking Empi Uke) Or in Heian Yodan (at the time of the first Kiai!), but can also be given up (Age Tsuki).

In fact all directions are possible. Uraken corresponds to the strike zone, whatever its trajectory, it's called Uraken Uchi.

Other techniques are very close toUraken Uchi as Tetsui Uchi. In this case the striking zone being the hammer of hand, there will be no final rotation of the forearm, but a very strong contraction of the hand to "harden" the striking zone.

Haishu Uchi is also similar to Uraken Uchi except that instead of hitting with the back of the fist, you strike open hand with the back of your hand.

Video Uraken Uchi:

I think it's time to move on now the practice with a video course on Uraken Uchi. Do not worry, the course is not very long

I explain in detail the technique (and you do a little work anyway :-)) and then I show you what it gives on a bag because we often think thatUraken Uchi is just a little "pichette", only when you hit the bag you realize that it emerges a lot of power of this technique.

Here I let you now go to the locker room to put on your kimono and just after your usual warm ups thanks to the ABC of warm-ups, I find you on the video. See you soon !!!

>>> Download the video

I hope you enjoyed the video. A tip, make some upper body stretching if you do not want to have a lot of aches the days ahead

Coming soon we will work again Uraken Uchi in a kihon concatenation and we'll see how your hips should be relaxed to throw Uraken like a whip. But before we will have to learn a new displacement, but I do not say more, you will discover for yourself

In the meantime, all your feathers (or rather your keyboards) to leave a comment below. I count on you !!!

See you soon,

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  1. hello, bruno first of all happy new year I think it's really well explained your blog is really well done for me who can not train like I want to have a job that does not allow me I am willing to do my research on the internet as most of the time I train only internet is convenient for that obviously it does not replace the work at the dojo which is very important.
    but now I draw a little to the right to the left to train with the goal of 2eme dan.

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