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Upper body stretches


Wave StretchesUpper body stretches:

After stretching to release the hips, where we saw a lot of exercises for stretch pelvic girdle and legs, here is a video of exercises that you can do for stretch the whole upper body : the bust with the spine as well as the shoulder girdle and the arm.

Stretching: How to do it and why stretch?

I will not explain here again why and how to stretch, I invite you to read it again stretching to release the hips.

By cons I will probably never repeat enough, remember that the key word in terms ofStretching, it is slowly :

Never force yourself, relax and relax stretch gently et gradually.

You must target the muscle chains you want stretch and then, just attach one of the insertion points and gently pull on the other, or pull on both sides.

With the stretches, the important thing is not to put suddenly and not to force not to trigger in the muscles the myotatic reflex who would contract them.

Put yourself at calm, put a soft music if you wish, put you at ease, relax and only then stretch yourself.

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Video Stretching, relax!

Put on your kimono or other loose clothing, make some overheating, and I find you on the video. You will see, we will do some wave stretching of the column that should please you :-).
Be careful to make them do not block yourself because you could hurt your lower back. You have to be very relaxed and think about "rippling" to really feel this exercise.

Good strokes

Erratum : to 5'25 ", you will probably have corrected yourself, I speak of" triceps "(muscles behind the arms) and instead I say" quadriceps "(muscles in front of the thighs). Sorry.

See you soon

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  1. Angel 44
    Thank you for the video my problem is to do the stretching always contracted.Thank you for remembering to do it always gently

  2. I tested today stretching, very good explanation and it's a good crazy

    Thank you Bruno for the time you take for a great lesson.


  3. Good evening, I'm just starting the stretching, I hope it will be the solution to my back and knee problems. I will continue I will tell you if I am better.

  4. Hello Bruno! I just put the 2 videos in the evening: Stretching the hips and stretches of the upper body. it's a crazy good, and there I have more than one desire is to fall asleep.
    Thank you for your wise advice

  5. good I can not see the video, but I used to stretch like the cat every morning when I wake up, even, fingers and toes stretched with balance on heels, maintained for a few seconds and three four sessions. When waking up in the morning, get in the habit of sitting down for a few seconds, your head flexed inside for the cervical muscles without forcing, and there you can give yourself fully to the exercises that Bruno proposes for which I hurry to watch a +

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