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Uchi uke: blocking from the inside to the outside


Uchi Uke: Blocking from the inside to the outsideUchi uke: blocking from the inside to the outside:

Uchi Uke is a blockage with the forearm that deflects an attack from the inside to the outside, usually at the Chudan level.

We previously studied a blockage to deflect an attack at the waist (Gedan-Barai) and a blockage to defend against an attack on the head (Jodan Age Uke). We will now study, Uchi uke which is a blockage that is used primarily at the middle level (Chudan) and which deflects a frontal attack from the inside to the outside. We will block with the inside of the forearm by a circular motion directed forward and outward and by a final rotation of the forearm.
Next if we deviate the attack on the outside or the inside of the opponent, Uchi Uke will allow to get out of the attack and then counterattack on the side of the opponent, to open the guard of the opponent to counter attack from the front.

Decomposition of Uchi Uke blocking:

Preparatory phase in Uchi Uke:

As Gedan-Baraiyou will cross your arms in front of you, one of the arms is stretched (palm turned towards the ground), but the other is not this time brought over the shoulder, but below the shoulder the first arm (palm also turned towards the ground).

Be careful not to lift your shoulders for do not disconnect them from the body.

Blocking phase in Uchi uke:

Now we are going to make an opposite move with the arms. The outstretched arm will come to the belt (Ikité) while the armed arm below will do Uchi Uke pproperly said: the elbow advances first forward, the arm remaining folded. Then the arm pivots around the elbow to sweep the whole Chudan part. We end with a rotation (in whiplash) of the forearm.

The rotation of the arm around the elbow is actually done by a rotation of the humerus in the shoulder joint that locks strongly down (contraction under the armpits!).

As Gedan-Barai, with Uchi Uke, all the technique starts from the center of the body (the Hara), the arms being only the "tools" of the technique:
During the preparatory phase ofUchi Uke, we go compress the belly (you will understand better on the video ;-)) and then let the energy of the Hara explode with a reverse rotation hips and contraction of the back muscles (approximation of the shoulder blades!).

This rotation and this contraction will cause the arms that it is enough then to guide correctly to execute the technique itself.uchi-Uke-cutting internal-forearm

We finish in pronounced Hanmi position, we are almost in profile.

The final blockage, during the Kime, is done by a sharp rotation of the wrist and a contraction of the forearm. The point of impact is therefore on the inner edge of the forearm.

That's it, I think it's time now to to practice.
We will see on the video that sometimes the hips give the impression of turning in the direction of the arm, but that in fact they do a rotation (vibratory) inverse ... But it's too complicated to explain, I prefer to show you

(Like every time, I advise you to warm up with the advice I give you in the ABC of warm-ups , my book to download for free 😉)

>>> Download the video

Here you are all sweaty now ;-), there is more than to go to the shower and put the kimono to the machine.

But before, thank you for giving me your opinion below.

see you soon

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  5. For this explanation, I find it interesting, only the lower part of the body at the bottom of the belt and the inner muscles of the thighs how do they work? , and also it is possible to bring my poingt to the hip before performing uchi uke. Thank you Bruno and a +

  6. To draw a sword very well, because we often forget that we are samurai without saber, our hands or forearms are sharp, a training for black belt, at the end of the 1 ere rotation make a 2eme rotation in a row towards inside, as if, I wanted to hold the forearm of my opponent; a kind of kikiwake with one hand or push the opponent with one hand, back of the wrist at the top, in short! ! ... ..only, it is the ikité (final) which is the second time uchi uke ... an 2eme ikité phase to open the pecs hanni with inspiration, the idea sen sen sen in kime to deflect the arm.

  7. Hello
    We can even arm lower, as if we wanted to draw a sword, you do a kind of horizontal barai gedan and then rotate the wrist at the end and the elbow goes down.

  8. Hello Bruno,

    "Uchi Uke" is not a very easy movement in comparison to what one might think: Pronation, supination, hip rotation, return to "Hikité" to work with the "Hara", and a good arm-arm opening.

    Thank you for your explanations.

    Good luck, friendships.

    @ + Marc.

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