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Train during the summer


Train this summer!

That's it, it's finally summer! But also for most clubs the end of the season for karate and inaccessibility to the dojo ...

Two months of rest is fine (and I'm sure you deserved it ;-)) but if you do not do any workouts, you risk forgetting everything you've learned and learned in the past. year, and even arrive in bad physical shape at the start of the school year.

In the end, it's a shame to spend the whole year to invest in his training if it's to lose everything during the summer ...

Karate Bushido: Summer Special Report

To help you keep fit during these two months, I wanted to talk to you about Karate Bushido, who offers us in his latest issue (#1607) a Special Summer!

From the mountain to the beach, through the steps to the street workout (exercises outdoors in the city), many exercises are presented to preserve the summer fitness acquired during the year.

Karate Bushido cover number 1607They not only help to keep a good physical shape in general, maintain the muscles, especially keep them flexible, but also allow the joints to be used. Nutrition during the summer is also treated in a dedicated part at the end.

"Ah, finally summer! His sun and his thousand and one delights! For some, the opportunity to take a long break, for others, a cycle during which one redoubles his efforts. But this period is especially conducive to change, a real call to discovery and a myriad of new sensations awaiting us. Karate Bushido has therefore thought of you: whether you spend your holidays on the coast, in the mountains or that you are stuck in the office on the outskirts of our big cities. You will not have any more excuses thanks to this notebook specially conceived for you. Simple exercises in the natural environment that will allow you to apprehend and control your environment. At the time when the dojos close, we open a huge open air room. Your coaches are called Alejandro Navarro, Djema Belkhodja or Flavio Santiago Peroba. Follow the guide and have a good summer! "

In each part (mountain, beach, stairway, street workout), the exercises are presented by great figures of several combat sports like Kyokushinkai Karate, Luta Book and MMA.

The last part on nutrition (Estelle Peyen, dietitian and sports nutritionist) talks about the hydration, the type of drinks to consume during the effort and following the temperature. Some of the foods to avoid and those to prefer are also described, along with more general explanations about sports during the holidays.

In short, whether you're going to the sea, the mountains or the city, the Karate-Bushido team has put together a great deal training in the natural environment.

But if it is rather Rio that makes you vibrate, no problem! In this issue of Karate-Bushido you discover the faces of the Olympic Taekwondo Selection… it promises !

Finally they will take you, thanks to an exclusive report, in the jiu jitsu brazilian den in Abu Dhabi.

In this issue of Karate Bushido you will also find:

  • Interview: Charly Schmitt, the sacred child of Sambo
  • MMA: Karl Amoussou, open heart
  • Portrait: Master Lu Yun Ling, the art of internal balance
  • Self Defense: Jérôme Kadian - Benjamien Sarfati - Grégory Bouchelaghem
  • Tribute: Mohamed Ali: Farewell to the giant
  • Boxes: Karim Ghadji, new king of the Bellator
  • Monte Carlo Fighting Masters: as if you were there!

And to buy the 1607 Karate Bushido July-August 2016 online is here!

Train this summer with karate3G ™:

What if you stay Karateka all summer long? Whether you choose to play another sport or still do Karate during the summer, it's important to train Karate anyway so you do not lose everything you've learned all season long.

For your summer training and to prepare for the September rally, I suggest you work methodically by choosing one of the Karate3G Objective Packs.
All information is on this video.


Click here to access the video

Here are the friends, I hope you will have a great summer and you will come back in top form (and tanned) in September.

See you soon,

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  1. I am also a karate teacher and a league referee and I am preparing my 4 dan for next season
    I also write literature a novel of 500 pages publishes And two others in proofreading '
    I noted spelling errors in text and the possibility of better formulating things so that the text is better written from a literary point of view
    Because many repetitions of auxiliaries as having impoverished the thought instead of repeating to have sensations in your text sure the shin hi tai you can for example write to feel sensations. It will be more literary, will give more precision to your penance And it will avoid the repetition of the verb to have several times of continuation
    This is just one example but there are others
    If you want me to re-read your book in preparation for some advice of this kind I can offer you my application to help you
    The advantage is that I am at the same time practicing karate and writing literature
    Please let me know if you are saying that you will do a kind of written contract to me to mention the benefits that it will bring me in return and we will try to put it in place very quickly
    Good luck for your courses which are very interesting

  2. Congratulations and my sincere greetings. I wish you a good success in your family and professional life. Cordially. Dr eljanati

  3. When there is a karateka topless on the cover of karate it's summer ...
    I will probably buy it because there is an article by Jerome Kadian, systema instructor. It is curious the systema, because it is one of the few non-oriental martial arts I think it comes from the Cossacks, who were free men not serf but had to defend the country when they were asked. Also boatmen and close to a river, they had a special sword shashka. It was a bit like the Samurai: a class dedicated to combat who had every interest in perfecting themselves.
    To return to the aforementioned instructor, there is one of his videos where he talks about fortifying the tendons with static positions:
    This questioned me because for years I had knee tendonitis (patellar tendon) for the least embarrassing in karate, I was in a cycle it's bearable: I train, I forced it is worse, rest, ointment, tiger balm (the real one), mixture, infusion genial but that does nothing, etc .., .. By writing my aide memoire, I tell myself that I will not draw the postures, I must take me pictures and draw the contours. The tripod camera starts a series of 10 photos spaced a few seconds apart, which I see on the 2m screens on the desktop. According to the techniques, I have to be very low to be in the static field. As I do all positions, techniques of feet, arms, etc ... it's quite long sessions. Surprises:! in the coming days I can do low kata, rooted in the ground, without pain.
    The change of context, off the pressure of the holidays can break with bad habits such as smoking, drinking, eating too much. Maybe even the right time to lose weight by putting yourself in the kitchen.
    The holidays are the time to let the body repair itself, and to work something else like the breath with swimming. The bike is good but it can make the legs stiff .. After we can do twice a week in the tracksuit kihons, it's weird at first without the kimono slap.
    One can also revise the kata in his head, imagining doing them. It improves the concentration. Or even learn by putting videos on your mobile, to know the movements. Personally I redo the first 6 not too low because the space is very small (as poomsee TKD).
    One can find information and find exercises with the weight on complementary bodies to introduce in the training at the return. I am thinking about karate weight training and sheathing. Japanese sensei often look stocky; squares and it is important to strengthen the hip / shoulder link if have is less compact, otherwise it is the column that is too solicited.
    Finally, it is during this period that one can test complementary techniques such as yoga, Feldenkrais, postural tretching; Take stock of the year and make a plan for the coming year.

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