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Karate World Championships - France 2012Karate World Championships live!

Many of you wonder where you can watch the Karate World Championships.

Look no further, dear readers, dear readers.

The 2012 Karate World Championship is here on ™!

And yes, here as a gift on ™ the live broadcast of the event.

Treat yourself !

Otherwise, to see the championships on TV, there is a summary of TV channels and schedules on Masterfight :

The 2012 World Karate Championships on TV

Program of the Paris-Bercy Karate World Championships 2012

We are Friday 23 / 11 / 2012: Here is the program for today and this weekend:

08:00QualifiersMenTeam Combat
12:30SemifinalsMenTeam Combat
13:00QualifiersWomenTeam Combat
14:00SemifinalsWomenTeam Combat
15:30repêchagesMan and womanTeam Combat

FINALS (Saturday 24 November to Sunday 25 November)

SAMEDI November 24 2012
10:00CombatWoman -50 KgBronze medal
10:10CombatMan -60 KgBronze medal
10:24CombatWoman -55 KgBronze medal
10:34CombatMan -67 KgBronze medal
10:48CombatWoman -61 KgBronze medal
10:58Individual KataMenBronze medal
12:00CombatWoman -50 KgFinal
12:05CombatMan -60 KgFinal
12:12Medal ceremony
12:22CombatWoman -55 KgFinal
12:27CombatMan -67 KgFinal
12:34Medal ceremony
12:44CombatWoman -61 KgFinal
12:49Individual KataMenFinal
12:56Medal ceremony
15:00CombatMan -75 KgBronze medal
15:14CombatWoman -68 KgBronze medal
15:24CombatMan -84 KgBronze medal
15:38CombatWoman + 68 KgBronze medal
15:48CombatMan + 84 KgBronze medal
16:02Individual KataWomenBronze medal
17:00CombatMan -75 KgFinal
17:07CombatWoman -68 KgFinal
17:12Medal ceremony
17:22CombatMan -84 KgFinal
17:29CombatWoman + 68 KgFinal
17:34Medal ceremony
17:44CombatMan + 84 KgFinal
17:51Individual KataWomenFinal
17:58Medal ceremony

Sunday November 25
10:30Kata teamMenBronze medal
11:00Team fightWomenBronze medal
12:00Kata teamMenFinal
12:15Medal ceremony
12:22Team fightWomenFinal
12:37Medal ceremony
14:45Kata teamWomenBronze medal
15:15Team fightMenBronze medal
17:00Kata teamWomenFinal
17:15Medal ceremony
17:22Team fightMenFinal
17:57Medal ceremony
18:10Closing ceremony

Here I let you enjoy these 2012 world championships at Paris Bercy. You can encourage the France team and make comments below.

See you soon,

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  1. Hello,

    Too bad today the video has become private

    thank you again for yesterday

    hoping it will work today

    FYI is broadcast on Sport + and France

  2. 18 h: the video has become private ....
    I could admire the determination and courage of the fighters
    awesome mawashi hura from the Chinese, to the determination of the Japanese against the Croatian

  3. I enjoy, super nice to have this link.
    super women's teams, the women's France team in the final.
    Beautiful show
    thank you to all these athletes.
    Victory is within reach ... we encourage you

  4. Thank you Bruno
    nice initiative
    I'm fighting in the team since this morning and a real pleasure to be able to see the semi-finals France-Germany, that happiness

    thanks again

  5. Hi Bruno,
    I could not follow this competition because of some geolocation concerns (Morocco). I am a disciple very interested in Karate-Do.
    Thanks for fixing this little problem.

  6. The streaming does not work in Belgium. the rights have not been bought! I wonder if this is the case in other countries? ... God knows if I love this sport and these events but there is organization at 2 speeds! Sorry: /

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