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Petition for Karate at the Olympic Games


Support Karate for the Olympic GamesKarate at the 2020 Olympics ... it's still possible!

In 2020 in Tokyo we have our chances to see Karateka under the Olympic flame. The last time Karate missed out on Olympic hope at just 1 point. Our competitors need our support, so support them!

KBN is not intended to promote competition. I am more of a traditional karateka and I think competition in karate is just part of karate. It is only the sporting side of art, if I may say so, and I have been hesitant to take part in the debate about the interest in seeing Karate at the Olympic Games.

Yes, I support Karate's candidacy for the Olympic Games

But after careful consideration, I sincerely believe that Karate has its place in the Olympic competition for several reasons :

  1. Karate is the most popular martial art in the world with a representation in 110 country. Karate is practiced by both men and women on all continents with 50 million practitioners (in front of Taekwondo and Judo).

  2. Karate is very spectacular. The karate fights, even if they are distorted compared to traditional karate, are still very beautiful fights. The modification of the regulations in recent years has also borne fruit and current competitions are really nice to watch even for a neophyte; it's dynamic and very spectacular.

  3. Karate is a very complete martial art which mobilizes both the body and the mind which joins the will of Pierre de Coubertin « mens fervida in corpore lacertoso » that is to say " a fiery spirit in a muscular body". Karate is also an art of living with a real educational will and transmission of values ​​to the younger generation.

There may be tons of other reasons to bring Karate into the Olympics but just these three should be enough to support Karate's bid for the Olympics.

Personally I support this application because Karate is certainly a martial art, but it is also a sport in the noble sense of the term. And as a sportsman, I want to believe that sport, even if there are excesses, has a lot of future and is good for humanity. Our competitors make us vibrate in all the competitions, they train very hard to be at the top level and they deserve to be able to climb on a podium to hear their national anthem fill the Olympic stadium.

I support Karate at the Olympics but without you I do not have much weight. I need your help! Its very important if we want to show our commitment and determination to the IOC.

Already signatures, but it takes a lot more. Get mobilized!

Help Karate access the light and become Olympic by signing the petition below:

Yes, I support Karate's candidacy for the Olympic Games

Important information:

In June 2015, the Tokyo-2020 working group selected 8 sports (baseball / softball, karate, bowling, climbing, surfing, rollerblading and wushu) among 26 candidates. He must present this list to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) before 30 September 2015. IOC members will make their final decision in Rio in August 2016.

I launched this petition the 23 / 07 / 2015 and you are already to have it signed.

I will send a first letter to the IOC President running in September 2015 and a second in the spring 2016. Each time I will provide the list of petitioners (by partially masking your email addresses so they are not pirated) - These letters will be intended to show your commitment and enthusiasm. We need you.

Karate still has a chance, but now it's happening. We must support our competitors, we must support our sport, our art, to show the world that the Karateka is not a brick breaker but a complete athlete.

All together, we can do it

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  1. Good evening BRUNO,

    I confirm what I have already told you before: it is not my age, alas! I made a mistake by filling in "DO NOT STAY EMPTY HANDS! "Thinking it was book & videos & NO to take courses IMPOSSIBLE. Sorry !

    By cons, with pleasure I signed the PETITION hoping that you will have a lot of luck to participate in the OLYMPIC GAMES and win hands down.
    I consider the MARTIAL ARTS as one of the best sports with walking & swimming, well before football ...

    All my best wishes accompany you.
    Best regards

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