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The course of 100 000 visits is crossed! Champagne!


100000 Visits! Champagne!Dear readers,

Dear readers,

We are the Sunday 17 / 11 / 2012 and we have just crossed an important milestone in the life of the Blog:

Indeed, since Friday night, our blog has grown:

We have crossed the 100 000 visits on this Blog.

After 19 months of existence, I'm really pleased with the permanent growth of ™.

And all this is thanks to you and your loyalty. Thank you !

Come on! we celebrate the event, Champagne for everyone (with moderation, of course ;-))

My articles and videos really seem to please you and you are more and more numerous to send me mails of encouragement.

Thank you very much, because even if I do not answer every email systematically, trust me, I read them all and it's really comforting to feel supported in this way. Thank you !

The record of the blog is really very positive and encouraging. We have twice as fast as last balance sheet . Thank you !100000 visits on ™

And growth should continue like this since last month did it all alone 10 000 visits and that this month takes the same path. Thank you !

At the same time, we have just crossed the 2 500 subscribers1 100 more than during the 1 year in Aprill, Thank you !

But ™, is not just a blog: Groups are formed everywhere, where we discuss and exchange also.

You can join:

As you can see it's a lot of people and I'm really happy with it. I really enjoy teaching karate and sharing my knowledge and research with you.

I hope I can continue this way for a long time and always bring you a little more for your training and your progress.

By the way, a few weeks ago I asked you to answer some questions to be able to bring you even more. I have already 200 answers to exploit, thank you!

If you have not answered yet, it's time to tell me your expectationsyou only have a few days left. After I will do a thorough analysis of your answers to bring you the maximum.

I have already started creating a book that should be called "Karate clear and clean" and I'm also working on an ebook dedicated to stretching to improve your body flexibility, it will probably be "The ABC of stretching"

and I also have many videos in mind to realize ...

In short, I have plenty of projects that should delight you. I will keep you informed of the progress of all this, but for now it's Sunday, no way to work, we saber the Champagne (if possible with a Katana, if not with a Shuto Uchi ;-)) and we savor our 100 000 Visits.

Dear readers, I say to you: Cheers !

See you soon,

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  1. Congratulations Bruno!
    Our favorite blog just got his brown belt ^^
    There is something to be proud for this number of visits but it is a humble reward for the quality and work that it represents!
    (For the trouble I will login 500 today!)

    Good luck and thank you !

  2. Hello Bruno,

    Congratulations to you and your Blog. I know that you invest a lot in this project and that you give the best of yourself. When we exchanged our first words by email, I immediately saw that you were someone who brings a lot of value to your work and passion.

    You have beautiful stats for 19 months of existence. It makes me dream.
    I hope that one day I will reach the same results with my Passion Martial blog.

    You are an example to me and I thank you again for all that you brought me as a blogger.

    I can not wait to discover your new works.


  3. Slt bruno I discovered is site by chance he is worthy to know because it brings enormously to the beginner and the teacher your humility and your kindness my touch a lot and thanks to this site I think that everyone will be able to see his video deepen the secret of the martial arts and be bravo and continue as it is very rewarding and bravo also for you
    give to others.


  4. Hello,

    Congratulations for this cap, I only know your site for a week and he has already given me some (very) important information.

    A big thank you for your work and your sharing.

    Have a good day of celebration

  5. Ravassaud Daniel at

    Hi Bruno,
    It's far too far to come and enjoy with you a good cup of a good champagne. We are thinking of you. Your site is perfect
    See you soon friend.

  6. Hello Bruno

    Congratulations for this Cape, I hope it will continue and we will pass the 200 000 bar.

    Otherwise I was wondering, is that for when the DVDs in progress by belt ?? lol

    it could be a nice idea not ??

    Thank you again for making me love karate.

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