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The book The Karate3G ™ Method is here!


The Karate3G method, the bookThe book The karate3G ™ Method is here!

Today, I would like to talk to you about a project that is close to my heart!

Since quite some time, I have the idea to write a book in which I will explain to people how to train (take his training in hand and become an actor of the latter), by delivering my method karate3G ™.
At the beginning of June, I decided to write this book!

So I started putting together my ideas and writing this book.

But rather than continue to write in my corner, I wanted to involve all my readers, which is why the 25 July 2016, I established a participatory financing file on, to allow funding for proofreading, proofreading, design, editing and promotion.

I now have until 8 September to raise the necessary funds.

The funding is as follows:

If you know Ulule, you will know that the funding is in the form of counterparties. On this project, I decided to stagger the counterparties that I offer to the participants, for donations ranging from 5 € to 500 €.

For example, if someone participates by offering 5 €, his participation in the project will be quoted in the book. From a participation of 18 €, he will receive a copy of the book. Many other gifts are available, such as a place for the Martial Arts Fair in Paris, I will spend this day with the people in question.

I invite you to come and visit the page of my project, and why not participate,

You can find all the information about the book and the project in general by clicking here.

Here is for example a special video in which I speak in more detail of the book:Video Ulule book

The book in more detail

"The karate3G ™ method" will be addressed ambitious people who want to boost their level in Karate. It is a manifesto on Karate learning that provides a concrete method for analyzing one's own situation in order to correct to leave with tools to progress.

In the first part, I analyze the difficulties encountered by Karateka when they start and why they often end up stagnating, or even give up. Everyone will recognize and analyze their own situation to slowly find the motivation and the path of progression.

In the following chapters, I give the reader all the keys needed to learn how to learn and to get your technical level off the ground. We will detail the concepts of any learning so that everyone understands more concretely how memory works, and how the technique is assimilated by the brain and the body as a whole.

I give then KEYS TO PROGRESS (can be adapted to any martial art). This part is surely the most rewarding for the reader. It will not only allow him to understand some gaps in his training, but above all it will offer him the tools to use to understand himself how to set up an effective training.

Then I detail THE KARATE3G METHOD that I created on the basis of the keys to progression and my own experience as a practitioner and teacher of Karate.

Finally, I will give simple and concrete exercises to apply without waiting so that the reader propels his Karate to another level of understanding and progression.

That is all !

I'm waiting for your comments below!

See you soon,

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  1. It is impossible to learn with a book ... The book can not correct inaccurate positions and it is almost impossible to do it yourself because we do not have enough back ...
    Another example of knowing if you give enough kime or not someone who just reads a book will have no idea what it really is.

    So this is a project that seems good for the psychology of martial arts in general, but in no case a "manual of learning" and it would be a pity to suggest the opposite.

    - A first dan in Shito Ryu

  2. I hope it works because people prefer paper books. I have an app to make stats on kindle and the volumes are very very low.After all the book works without battery, does not need wifi, and then times in the wild, ....
    Now when I buy a kindle, if I find it right, I buy the paper vision like that for the heirs, there will be something left. For photos it's the same.
    On the other hand, the kindle could be used to start the paper version of the book and some make printing on demand like

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