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The art of the way (February 2016) Publication in the magazine


Bruno-Bandelier-Interviewed-by-art-of-the-wayBruno Bandelier interviewed by the magazine "the art of the way":

Bruno Bandelier was contacted by Antoine Thibaut passionate about martial arts but also creator of the art of the way, a magazine devoted to the martial arts. After an exchange of 45 minutes for this interview. Here is a summary of what they said to themselves:

Bruno Bandelier Karate has been practicing for several years and is 3ème Dan and a state-certified teacher at Karate Club Langres. But also creator of the blog " ™" and "the karate3G ™ method».

The martial course of Bruno Bandelier

The passion of Karate has come to Bruno Bandelier thanks to the martial art films but also following an attack where Bruno understood that he needed to defend himself in this kind of situation.
Bruno Bandelier went to the dojo almost every day and on top of that he was training at home! And thanks to all these efforts he gets his black karate belt after two years of training.

Bruno always teaches his students to train at home in addition to training at the club to really progress. But in 2011, while he seeks video courses to integrate on the website of his club, he realizes that it does not exist on the web. He then has the idea to innovate and create ™ where he posts a course in video per week, and now has 16.900 subscribers. Blog that will become the embryo of his method karate3G ™ that he developed on the bases of his experience as a Karate teacher but also using the techniques that allowed him to get his black belt in only 2 years.

Bruno will then explain what Karate brought him in his personal journey.

Karate is an Art

Antoine then asks Bruno what in his opinion a martial art. Bruno explains that for him a martial art is an "art" in its own right, just like painting, music ...

I think "martial art" is not just an expression. For me it is really an "art". The term martial comes from the medium on which we practice our art, but this practice remains an art.

Bruno shows us the similarities that exist between the arts and the martial arts. For him, "a martial art is not just a combat sport, just like playing the guitar is not just scratching ropes. In both cases they are arts, we express our senses, our emotions in a more or less different way according to each practitioner. "

Karate to defend himself

Bruno explains that Karate as any method of defense has its usefulness and can of course be able to defend against aggression.

But Bruno also specifies that Karate is only a tool, it is only technical knowledge, and in case of aggression, the most important is his state of mind and his desire for survival.

Bruno will then explain what Karate brought him as a sport and martial art. He will tell us that the practice of Karate has made him wiser but also his teaching and all the research that goes with it.

And the MMA?

Bruno Bandelier then gives his opinion on the MMA. If he is neither for nor against the practice of MMA that he happens to practice sometimes, he finds it unfortunate that we find the word "art" in the MMA because it is precisely all that does not does not match the art that the MMA borrows from each martial art. Bruno prefers by far the term "Free Combat".

Some tips to progress

Finally Antoine Thibaut asks him what advice he could give to those who practice martial arts.

Bruno Bandelier, our Karate teacher on the net, gives us 7 advice directly from its karate3G ™ methodbut above all he insists that what is needed is work, work and work! As in all arts, you have to work a lot, make these scales to evolve.

Mp3 registration:

We had filmed the interview but there was a technical problem with the video. Fortunately we were able to save the audio recording:

the art of magazine cover

You will find the transcript of this interview by downloading the magazine's N ° 27 The art of the way".

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