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Tetsui Uchi, Iron hammer strike


Tetsui, the hammer of hand or hammer of ironTettsui Uchi, the iron hammer or the hammer of the hand ...

is a technique little known to the general public, yet extremely powerful and quite easy to achieve.

Tetsui Uchi is easy to achieve because very natural: If you ask someone to punch on the table, he will instinctively hit with Tetsui.

We strike with the fleshy part of the hand on the side of the little finger. It is the hypothenar eminence (that's the name of the muscle!)

We will use his hand a little as if it were a hammer.

By the way, Tetsui or Tettsui?

If we take a closer look at the ideogram of Tettsui (鉄 槌), we notice that 鉄 means iron and is pronounced Tetsu whereas 槌 means hammer and is pronounced Tsui.

We can therefore conclude that Tettsui is the contraction tetsu + tsui: the iron hammer.

Putting 2 t may then seem logical ... mouais! and why not 2 s and 2 u ???

But we could also have fun with spelling Tetsui with 1 alone t explaining in this case that it is about Te 手 (= main) + Tsui 槌 (= hammer) and that is then the hammer of hand or the hand in hammer. But I think it's inaccurate. I say well I think because I do not speak Japanese and according to the sources I found Tetsui (or Tettsui!) is translated by Iron Hammer ou hammer hand.

However, it seems that the most accurate translation is the iron hammer (鉄 槌) .

So, tetsui or tettsui ?

After you write it in French with 1 or 2 t does not really matter since it is only the transcription of a pronunciation. Well ... all that for that !!!

Tetsui Uchi, the waltz at 4 time:

Tetsui Uchi can be used in different ways including in the 4 directions :

  1. Otoshi Tetsui Uchi, the hammer fist fallingFrom high to low : this is the version Otoshi Tetsui Uchi (falling down) found in the first attack ofHeian Shodan. This is the movement where the term hammer makes sense because you use your hand as you would with a hammer to plant a nail. You must have the sensation of falling and locking your hips to the ground at the moment of the kime.
  2. Age Tetsui Uchi, the iron hammer going backFrom the bottom to the top : this is the version Age Tetsui Uchi (going up). Right here Tetsui will be used to hit the opponent at the level of the lower abdomen. This form looks like a Gedan Barai which one pursues the trajectory. As for Gedan Barai, the hips will turn in the opposite direction to the technique and pull the other arm in Ikité with contraction on the back (approximation of the shoulder blades).
  3. Yoko Tetsui Uchi, hammer hand from inside to outsideFrom the inside to the outside : this is the version Yoko Tetsui Uchi where you hit on the side in Kiba Dachi, in the same way as in our study on Uraken Uchiexcept that you hit with the hammer and that the blow is percussive (like a hammer!) and not whipped. In the same way as Uraken, the technique goes from the center of the body; by a vibration of the hips and a contraction of the back muscles, you throw your elbow in a circular motion from the inside to the outside, the arm takes place last.
  4. Mawashi Tetsui Uchi, the circular hammer punchfrom the outside to the inside : this is the version mawashi Tetsui Uchithe fist will make a circular motion to get to the side of the opponent. At the technical level, the movement is identical to a Soto Uke except that the arm will stretch a little more; The point is raised on the side at the level of the face and by a circular movement of the hips is made to describe an arc of circle forward to the fist which strikes the face (temple, cheekbone) or flank (floating ribs) palm turned to the top.

I called it waltz at 4 time because on the video we will do a sequence of Combinations Kihon with the 4 Tetsui different by turning in one direction then in the other, back and forth ... So if you like to dance, it's time to move to the locker room

You put on your Kimono, you do 15 warm-up minutes well drive through the ABC of warm-ups and I find you in the course in video.

>>> Download the video

So, I hope you enjoyed this video. Not too bad on the shoulders, I hope?

Do not hesitate after a training where you mobilize much the shoulder belt to make the session upper body stretching.

It's a crazy good

See you soon,

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  1. You could put more fist techniques like Haite Back of the hand
    Haito Upper edge of the hand
    Hiraken Flat hand with bent fingers at the first joint
    Koken Curved wrist
    Kote Forearm
    Nukite Blow with fingertips
    Ryuto ken Fist in the head of dragon
    Seiken Closed fist
    Shotei palm of the hand
    Tate tsuki Vertical move
    Tettsui Hammer of the fist
    Toho Saber of the hand
    Uraken Reverse of the hand
    Yubi Finger Joint

  2. Thank you for all the details and accuracy on this kihon. I also use Ura tetsui uchi, I do not know if that's what you call Age tetsui uchi. But it does not have to be the same. I do it by hitting with the side of the thumb while climbing up, as if one struck the chin. The opposite direction of the movement Otoshi tetsui uchi.

    • Hello Ezzedine,
      No, it's not about Age Tetsui Uchi. In Ura Tetsui Uchi the striking surface is the thumb hammer.
      In Age Tetsui Uchi the striking surface is the iron hammer. This is a technique that is done with the opponent behind or on the side and you hit the lower belly because you can not raise the arm very high because the shoulder is hyper-internal rotation.
      Look on the video, you will see that they are not at all the same techniques. Turning the fist changes a lot of things on the shoulder.

  3. hi bruno I thank you for the courses you send it is very useful when I am at the heart of idea I click on bruno and I find something good to you hi good day a +

  4. Marina Ana Vrabec at

    Hello Bruno,
    Thanks for another informative video. This method of shooting seems pretty aggressive. When I tried it, I'll tell you impressions. Is this method of taking one of the traditional Karate Shotokan?

    • Hello Marina,
      Thank you for your comment, because I know it's easy for you to write in French. But we understood everything, that's the main thing.
      Yes it is a karate shotokan technique.
      We find otoshi tetsui in Heian Shodan, age tetsui in Empi, Mawashi tetsui, we find him repeatedly but open hand (shuto) and yoko tetsui in kanku dai.
      What do you find aggressive about a tsuki? What are your impressions?

  5. Marina Ana Vrabec at

    Hello Bruno,
    Thanks to the other instructional video. This method of execution seems very aggressive. I will try to tell you the impressions. Whether it's a traditional way of Shotokan Karate?
    Marina Ana

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