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Talk about in your clubs!

18 posterMany of you are now using ™ every day for your personal workouts at home and I'm delighted.

Whatever your rank, Karate is based on sharing. In all the clubs, the Sempaï give the example and give advice to the new ones.

So everyone feels welcome and supported.

In this spirit of sharing, I ask you to make known ™ to the greatest number, and to speak about it to your friends, to your teachers, to your Sempaï and to the beginners in your clubs. Thus, everyone can enjoy the videos of this blog and can contribute to the building.

You have probably noticed, this blog is unique, but is very recent and many Karateka do not yet know its existence and deny free courses in video. So share with your friends, they will thank you

Be careful, the goal is not to compete with your clubs or your teachers, but rather to work together in an open and friendly spirit.

You will find opposite a poster to download and display in your clubs (with the agreement of your professors and president, of course).

You can also share ™ on your websites by adding the link http: //™ with the following html code:

<a title= "™, Karate Clear and Net-Karate Course Online" href= " "> ™, Karate clear and net </a>

The more you will know ™ and the more this blog will have a future!

It's up to you ! Makes some noise !

I thank you in advance,

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  1. Thank you Mr Bruno, thank you for creating this site, I dress up that many sportsmen are interested, like me, I am teacher and professor of karate in a club.

  2. Hello Bruno,
    Back from vacation and in great shape for a new karate season with Benji we are looking forward to your advice

    See you soon

    Marc & Benji

  3. Stephane Laviolette at

    Hello I am Stéphane and I live in Gatineau, Province of Quebec in Canada.
    I am 52 years old and I have been doing karate since May 2010. I got my blue belt on June 12 this year. I practice Shitoryu style at Shihan dojo Claude Larouche that I respect a lot. Last month I participated in a Pan-American competition in Katas and Kumites. I have been classified to compete with the 46 years and +. The point is that all 46 and + were all black belts and had at least 10 years of experience.
    Of course I was the first to be discalified. Nevertheless, I have experienced an extraordinary experience. I trained for more than a month almost every day with the youth club (22-25 years) and I drooled bc.
    But I'm progressing so much. Seeing that I had just got my blue belt and that I had to compete with the big ones I decided to learn the Kata Basa Dai 3 weeks before the show. I was close except one thing ... I had not practiced in front of 4 5 friends karatekas ... While I presented my kata before at least 1500 people and I tell you that it is very impressive. I lacked concentration because of my lack of experience, I think. Finally my Sensey still gave me a bronze medal for my Determination, My Percévérence and my courage. That's ... good training friends.

    • Hello Stephane,
      Thank you for your presentation (it is not in the right place, but it does not matter).
      Your experience with Bassai Dai also comes a lot from the fact that you were not ready. You thought you were, because you had learned Kata by heart, but you were not. How can you realize Bassai Dai and "live" it correctly in just 3 weeks, this is not realistic.
      I have made this mistake, learning a Kata some time before a competition thinking it was better to have a higher Kata, but it was a disaster. To make a Kata, and even more in front of 1500 people, it is really necessary to work it for several months, even years in order to no longer think about the Kata when you do it, but the fight that is in it.
      Do not worry, it's by making mistakes that you learn. I'm learning a lot

  4. I posted a link to your blog on my Facebook page. Of course I will talk about it in my club. It's the least thank you for your work and sharing your knowledge.

  5. Chance is doing it right, I'm doing a site for a Shotokan karate club, I've told this WE about your site to the club president in order to put a link pointing to this one.
    Your poster and the code makes my job easier. Thank you.

  6. Hi Bruno,
    I have tendinitis in the right elbow since 7 months, because of intensive training. would you have any advice to get rid of it? Thank you

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