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Talk about in your clubs!

Many of you are now using ™ every day for your personal workouts at home and I'm delighted. Whatever your rank, Karate is based on sharing. In all the clubs, the Sempaï give the example and ...

Interviews Table of Contents Interview Johnny Gence Sensei

Exclusive interview of Johnny Gence Senseï

I had announced it to you, already more than one month, in the report of the training course in the Karate-Club of Langres, Johnny Gence Sensei did me the honor to accept an interview, and I was not disappointed . To be honest, I was even ...


Mawashi Geri: Round House Kick

Mawashi Geri, the circular kick: By starting this article, I realized that it was almost 3 months that we had not approached foot technique, since Mae Geri, the kick in front ...