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The Secret of the Way of the Karatedō (1 / 3): What is the Way

The Way, Master Funakoshi followed it since its beginnings around the year 1880, on the island of Okinawa. Others have been practiced before him, and so can we. The Way is indispensable to the practice of Karate - to that of "Art" as Gichin Funakoshi said - that is why Karatedō was born.

We have seen that the roots of the Karate Way derive in part from Buddhist values ​​- Bodhi and Saṃsāra - and that the Karatedō starts from the body to reach the spirit and unite the two. Let us now try to describe what the Way is, from the description given by Master Funakoshi.

Diverse Yin and Yang, The sea and the land

Is karate an external or internal martial art

Le Karaté est il un art martial externe ou interne ? On pourrait en effet se poser la question car on entend souvent parler d’arts martiaux internes ou d’arts martiaux externes. Mais qu’en est il exactement pour le Karaté ?…

Diverse 2 Kungfu teachers training in Fawang

Live in Shaolin - Travel to the sources of Karate!

Nous en avions parlé dans l’histoire du Karaté, les origines de notre art viennent pour une grande part de Chine et notamment du célèbre monastère bouddhiste de Shaolin. Beaucoup d’entre nous rêvent de partir un jour en Chine pour s’entrainer dans un…

Diverse Caligraphy of 20 Precepts of Gichin Karateo Funakoshi

The Twenty Precepts of Karateo

Master Gichin Funakoshi in his quest to guide the karate practitioner has left us a collection of 20 precepts to apply daily. Any karateka must follow its basic principles which are just as important if not ...