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Olympic Games

Karate ousted from the 2024 Olympics

The news fell like a bombshell on the global karate community. The Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games (OCOG) has announced that Karate will not be part of the additional sports program of the Paris Olympics 2024. A…


The Secret of the Way of the Karatedō (1 / 3): What is the Way

The Way, Master Funakoshi followed it since its beginnings around the year 1880, on the island of Okinawa. Others have been practiced before him, and so can we. The Way is indispensable to the practice of Karate - to that of "Art" as Gichin Funakoshi said - that is why Karatedō was born.

We have seen that the roots of the Karate Way derive in part from Buddhist values ​​- Bodhi and Saṃsāra - and that the Karatedō starts from the body to reach the spirit and unite the two. Let us now try to describe what the Way is, from the description given by Master Funakoshi.


The history of Karate, clear and crisp

The history of Karate ... ... is very controversial and subject to many controversies. Indeed, there is very little writing on karate and its origins and it is very difficult for a purist to know exactly the truth about ...


Contraction and relaxation in the martial arts!

Note: I propose today a guest article, written by Fabien Noël, author of the Passion Martial blog. I let him introduce himself. Hello, I'm Fabien Noël from the Passion Martial blog. I am passionate about Martial Arts and Sports ...

Diverse Caligraphy of 20 Precepts of Gichin Karateo Funakoshi

The Twenty Precepts of Karateo

Master Gichin Funakoshi in his quest to guide the karate practitioner has left us a collection of 20 precepts to apply daily. Any karateka must follow its basic principles which are just as important if not ...

Musculation Bruce Lee

Musculation and Karate

Bodybuilding and karate compatible? . The picture of Bruce Lee opposite (left of course ;-)) tends to demonstrate that martial arts are not incompatible with bodybuilding. But be careful not all bodybuilding programs ...

Diverse bruno-bandelier-karate-etched

Let me bring you more.

Dear readers, I have shared with you for many years the great adventure of " ™, the clear and karate karate. I did not suspect, when I created this blog to allow all Karateka to perfect their training ...

Diverse poster

Talk about in your clubs!

Many of you are now using ™ every day for your personal workouts at home and I'm delighted. Whatever your rank, Karate is based on sharing. In all the clubs, the Sempaï give the example and ...

Diverse Learn Karate on video or in books

Can we learn karate on the net?

Photo Credit I ask myself a question ??? Your blog is now over a year old and after 65000 visits, and 300 visits a day, I ask myself a question to which you, users of this blog, can probably ...


How to make your belt knot

Some time ago, I brought you the proof that you could all progress to be a black belt someday. But do you correctly fasten your belt? Well, firstly, if you do not know how to tie your belt, ...

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