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From conventional Kumite to free Kumite

From conventional Kumite to Free Kumite: Here is the second part of the report of the internship with Johnny Gence Sensei that took place in my club, at the Langres Dojo 07 / 04 / 2013. I asked Johnny to give us a ...


Kata Bunkai avec Johnny Gence Sensei

(Video at the end of the article!) 07 / 04 / 2013: For the second time, Johnny Gence Sensei came to do an internship at my club in Langres. It was a real success, not only thanks to the performance of Johnny, but also ...

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Exclusive interview of Johnny Gence Senseï

I had announced it to you, already more than one month, in the report of the training course in the Karate-Club of Langres, Johnny Gence Sensei did me the honor to accept an interview, and I was not disappointed . To be honest, I was even ...