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Contraction and relaxation in the martial arts!

Note: I propose today a guest article, written by Fabien Noël, author of the Passion Martial blog. I let him introduce himself. Hello, I'm Fabien Noël from the Passion Martial blog. I am passionate about Martial Arts and Sports ...

Combinations Kihon Circle alternation contraction / relaxation

Kihon: Combination of punches

Chaining Karate ... Here is a sequence of Kihon that should please you. Indeed it is again based on hip work, but also on the principle of the alternation between contraction and relaxation that we find ...

Stances Kiba Dachi's Profile

Kiba Dachi, the Roman art of Karate

Kiba-dachi, the Roman art of karate: After ZenKutsu Dachi and Kokutsu Dachi, Kiba dachi is the third fundamental stance in karate, but this time the weight of the body is not on the front leg or on the back leg ...