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Tsugi Ashi: Chased step

Tsugi Ashi, chased step ... is a move that is used quite naturally in karate when one wants to approach or move away from the opponent without changing guard, a bit like Yori Ashi. With the difference that this time, ...

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Let me bring you more.

Dear readers, I have shared with you for many years the great adventure of " ™, the clear and karate karate. I did not suspect, when I created this blog to allow all Karateka to perfect their training ...

Strikes Mawashi Empi Uchi

Empi Uchi: Nudge

Empi Uchi or the elbow ... is a very powerful technique of attack or against very short distance (hand-to-hand). For all Karate techniques, I often explain that everything starts from the center of the body, ...

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