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Combinations Kihon

Kihon with Tsugi-Ashi

Kihon with Tsugi-Ashi: I promised you at the end of the study of Tsugi-Ashi, here is finally a sequence of Kihon with Tsugi-Ashi. The principle is very simple: Remember, during this study, we had decomposed Tsugi-Ashi in two ...


Tsugi Ashi: Chased step

Tsugi Ashi, not hunted ... is a displacement that is used quite naturally in karate when one wants to approach or move away from the opponent without changing guard, a bit like Yori Ashi. With the difference that this time, ...

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Let me bring you more.

Dear readers, I have shared with you for many years the great adventure of " ™, the clear and karate karate. I did not suspect, when I created this blog to allow all Karateka to perfect their training ...

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Talk about in your clubs!

Many of you are now using ™ every day for your personal workouts at home and I'm delighted. Whatever your rank, Karate is based on sharing. In all the clubs, the Sempaï give the example and ...

Diverse Learn Karate on video or in books

Can we learn karate on the net?

Photo Credit I ask myself a question ??? Your blog is now over a year old and after 65000 visits, and 300 visits a day, I ask myself a question to which you, users of this blog, can probably ...

Strikes Mawashi Empi Uchi

Empi Uchi: Nudge

Empi Uchi or the elbow ... is a very powerful technique of attack or against very short distance (hand-to-hand). For all Karate techniques, I often explain that everything starts from the center of the body, ...

Moves Yori Ashi, not dragged in Kiba Dachi

Yori Ashi: Dragged step

Yori Ashi: dragged step: Yori Ashi or dragged step is not very easy to achieve. Indeed beginners tend to make a kind of jumping instead of taking a stride. Often they ...

Strikes Uraken Uchi

Uraken Uchi: Backhand of fist

Uraken Uchi or the backhand ... is a karate technique that is simple enough to perform but deserves serious attention. In fact, if it is poorly done, you can quickly hurt your elbow, shoulder ...

Combinations Kihon hip and pelvis

Kihon: hips rotation

The rotation of the hips in karate: One often speaks of rotation of the hips in karate but one should rather speak about rotation of the basin. Most of them refer to the hip by showing the pelvic bone of the pelvis in ...

Interviews Table of Contents Interview Johnny Gence Sensei

Exclusive interview of Johnny Gence Senseï

I had announced it to you, already more than one month, in the report of the training course in the Karate-Club of Langres, Johnny Gence Sensei did me the honor to accept an interview, and I was not disappointed . To be honest, I was even ...


Mawashi Geri: Round House Kick

Mawashi Geri, the circular kick: By starting this article, I realized that it was almost 3 months that we had not approached foot technique, since Mae Geri, the kick in front ...


Kokutsu Dachi: Back leg flexed

Kokutsu Dachi: basic stance, back leg flexed We have already studied in previous articles, Zenkutsu Dachi stance, with the front leg bent. We will now study the second fundamental stance you need to know: Kokutsu ...

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