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How to develop your bodybuilding in 7 weeks.Whoa! that's the title!

What is it really? Who is behind this program of Musculation : ?

I'll dissect all this and reveal you who is behind these pecs and shoulders steel (it annoys a little, no? :-))

Bodybuilding without equipment what is it?

But let's see first, which led me to Bodybuilding according to :

Musculation and Karate:

At the moment, as part of my ongoing research on the human body and especially on ways to make it more effective, I search everywhere to find methods of training (including musculation) that we could use karate in parallel to progress and be more efficient in our art.

Indeed, I realized that often what blocks us technically is our lack of musculature, more than our flexibility elsewhere.

For example for a Mae GeriMost karateka do not succeed in lifting their legs high because they do not have the strength to do so. It is not so much the flexibility that will hinder them, it is rather the lack of musculature necessary to lift the leg while maintaining a good balance and a strong support leg.

In short, to make la musculation in parallel with Karate In my opinion, it is no more absurd than doing relaxation and breathing work. I think it's almost more important.

You will tell me : " But Karate, we are enough to build muscles! Why look for other methods of bodybuilding?«

Yes karate can be self-sufficient and as I told you in the article about the Pilates MethodKarate is a great way to get in shape and maintain the body.

However, as long as one has not reached a certain technical level, Karate requires such intellectual concentration that there is not much room for corporal development.

Certainly, if you train very regularly, you should muscle yourself naturally and progress, but it is relatively long anyway. Karate is a commitment of a lifetime.

But, if you want to speed things up, as for most sports, you have to do some musculation.

It makes sense, in fact:

The more physically fit your body is, the better you can use it in Karate.

That's why I came to the site and his pecs that make drool.

Bodybuilding without equipment or

At first, I confess that I was like you, very skeptical about the promised promises.

I downloaded the books, started to watch multiple videos, and even started to train (I do not have a photo of my pec on hand, it's a shame ;-)) and I studied everything that with my critical mind of Professor of Karate Graduate of State (It is necessary that it serves me a little this DEJEPS!)

Frankly, I am excited and I'm sure you'll be too by this program of musculation.

You will be able to transform your body thanks to the musculation with only a few sessions a week.

Staying at homeWithout specific material, using your body, you will see changes as the weeks progress: firmer and better drawn muscles, less fat.
You will feel better and better in karate, but also in your everyday life.

The method " Is actually a method of musculation without equipment developed by Pierre Amaral, Certified sports coach, based on very simple basic principles and easy exercises with the best bodybuilding machine: your body.

Bodybuilding without equipment what is it?

No need for equipment other than your own body : No Muscle bench, no dumbbells, no rowing machine, no elliptical bike, or other torture device ... only your body.

What do I like in the method?

Bodybuilding without equipmentThe training without material I like it because it reminds me of Karate Do, " the way of the empty hand ".

But, it is especially the principle of training at home which I like, because as for the trainings on ™, we can train at home by following the videos on his TV or PC. And once you know the exercises, you do not even need videos anymore. So we can train anytime and anywhere.

The trainings only take 15 minutes per day 3 to 4 times a week. It's really very little. Personally, as I'm a bit bulimic sports ;-), I tend to 20 25 minutes, but it remains very little.

In the book »Bodybuilding without equipment», you will learn

  • Why the sport industry is lying to us,
  • how to use the program
  • Advantages of Bodybuilding without equipment
  • And to conclude, why you will improve your appearance, your health and your life expectancy in 7 reasons:
    1. Swap fat against muscle,
    2. Burn more calories
    3. Better sleep,
    4. Become flexible,
    5. To be less stressed
    6. To be happier

You will also receive a Ebook on "Muscle Nutrition" which is a collection of nutritional advice to develop your musculature quickly and efficiently. Nothing really complicated, rest assured.

The book is very simple and gives you the outline and the basic principles necessary to combine training and nutrition. The key to success.

In addition to these two ebook, you have access to the training platform with 110 exercises bodybuilding without hardware described in video (You can of course download the DVD videos directly to your PC) + Personalized training programs on 7 weeks, depending on your level.

To conclude, I will say that even if the title looks like a false advertisement, the content of this program and really very complete, simple and quality. And I really think that there is a way to gain a lot of muscle and lose a lot of fat with this bodybuilding program.

After will I get the body we see in the photo?

It's not really what I'm looking for, but the future will tell

Subscribe and we will take pictures "Before" and "After" as in the ads!

Truce of joking, in fact, at the beginning when I registered, I said to myself, " go Bruno, you do the training for a few months and you come back on the blog to talk to Karateka. "

And then finally, I found that this approach was pretty selfish. Why not introduce them and make them benefit from this program of musculation without equipment from today ?

Yes, it's true, as much as we discover all that together. At least everyone can give their opinion and debate with others based on their own feelings and their own progress.

All together for steel pectorals

For the price of a book, the full program includes:

  1. the 110 exercises in videos classified by muscle group:
    • abs,
    • Arms,
    • Full Body
    • Back
    • Shoulders
    • Buttocks
    • legs
    • Chest
  2. the book on musculation without equipment
  3. the book on muscle nutrition
  4. the complete 7 weeks customized schedules according to your level
    • Beginner
    • Intermediate
    • Advanced
    • Advanced more

Frankly, it's well worth the price, especially since you do not take any risk since there is a total guarantee 100% satisfied for 60 days.

For more information, I invite you to watch the free video of Pierre Amaral the co-creator of this method:, free video

That's it, I sincerely hope that you will like it as much as me and that this article will please you.

What I propose is that everyone write a comment below as it progresses through this program of musculation without equipment :

  • What are your feelings,
  • What are your muscle gains,
  • Have you lost weight, or rather fat,
  • and especially what is this bodybuilding brings you in Karate ...

See you soon,

(You should know that if you buy the method through the link above, I will receive a percentage of your purchase but it will not cost you more. I thank you in advance.)

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  5. Hello Bruno

    In fact everything is back in order, I received my activation link late but the main thing is to access the site


  6. Hello Bruno

    First of all, congratulations for your site which is really very successful!
    I contact you because after reading your opinion and that of others here on the supermusculation site method I decided to give it a shot so I bought the pack to have full access to the site permanently. But here is my problem, I have not received any emails from them with identifiers to allow me to access the site and yet I was debited ... I tried to contact them by email and phone number 01 who is on the site but it does not answer me ... In addition to that as a fool I have not printed my payment summary and I have no number that proves my purchase on the site other than my debit on my bank account . Do you think you can contact them and do something?

    Jean François

  7. Thank you for your response bruno. No, I do not practice karate at the moment even if in my youth I did it for three years and that is for me a very good sport (which works physical and mental)
    I will post my full review on site in a few weeks.
    Thank you very much

  8. Hello,
    Thank you very much for this very quick response
    That said, fluttering a little on the net, I came across videos of Body time express with 12 min weight training exercises; it seems to me hyper cardio and very intense. Does that tell you something?
    In any case, thank you again for all these useful details

  9. Hello,
    I come here a little by chance after following comments about the supermusculation method. I do not practice karate. I want to resume the sport, especially lose fat to regain my fitness, refinement and muscle in length.
    I noticed that you are all men, so I wonder if this method is suitable for women; especially since I do not want to muscle in "width".
    I also wonder if I can try these exercises at any time, especially in the morning.
    Thank you in advance for your answers.

    • Hello Bender,

      Your questions correspond precisely to the myth of which here are the answers given in the book provided with the method:

      « Myth # 6 - Your muscles will become too big if you do muscle training:

      Women often worry about becoming too muscular.
      The first results of training without equipment can be confusing if a woman has not been training regularly for a long time or not at all.
      For both men and women, muscle growth is similar during the first few weeks of muscle training.
      This is mainly due to an increase in
      circulation in the muscles.
      The fear of a woman (or a man) becoming accidentally too muscular is unfounded.
      It's just impossible to have that look they imagine.
      Professional bodybuilders, men and women (and most certainly some of the most impressive individuals in your club) use steroids and other illegal substances.
      The human body including yours, just can not get that kind of muscle without the help of drugs.

      Myth # 7 - Women should train differently than men:

      There is no reason for women to train differently just because they are women. Men and women win and lose in the same way, muscle as fat.
      Men and women often have different goals for training and the training program without equipment can meet all expectations.
      Women tend to want to firm and tone, especially in the legs and glutes, more difficult to maintain with age.
      The more women practice muscle training and the less they will have to struggle with these frequently problematic areas. Just as men maintain training using their weight throughout their lives, so should women.
      Some women do not realize that a whole-body workout program will be more helpful in reducing the areas they want to see decreased: they still get the
      lean muscle mass needed. Maintaining muscles is the most effective way to burn calories and fat. "
      (from the book: "Musculation without equipment")

      So there is no need to worry, a woman can follow this program without problems and will reap all the benefits.
      For your question on time, no worries either, you can train at the time you want. If it's early in the morning, just plan a warm up and a little snack before to be in good shape during training.


  10. I start to test this method, in parallel I read the method Lafay, from the outset it is much less violent: p

    This method seems to me more suitable for someone who calmly returns to the sport, much less traumatic.
    Nutrition level, the two methods do not invent anything, and frankly, diets is not my thing.
    The lafay method is 1h30 sessions with 20 minutes of relaxation included, with 12 levels against 4 for supermuscu. The exercises are not the same, more diversified on supermuscu but much more difficult for Lafay.

    Honestly I am skeptical of the supermuscu arguments but as it is satisfied or refunded during 60 days we are not risking much.

  11. Hello Bruno, Hello everyone,

    I post a little message here because no one else is talking about this method (except on 1 forum but no expected answer).
    Rather strange knowing that it has been around for quite some time, right?

    In short, I am looking for serious advice, people who have practiced long enough, because this method may well please me.

    Thank you in advance !

    • Hi, I registered there can be 3 months on SuperMusculation, and I find that the method is simple and above all effective. I measure 1.90 and have difficulty keeping muscle, but by combining nutritional advice and progressing each week, I can finally carve my body. Really a good SupeMusculation program. Well, here is my opinion.

  12. Indeed, the link works again thanks to you.

    I just have a little trouble in their area of ​​ebooks download, the pages do not load but it must be because I'm a big fish surely !!!!!

    I would try again later.

    Anyway cool thank you again.

  13. OK thank you Bruno,

    If you can put the payment link at one time if you get to have it would be fine because I still have the same worries of weekly payment and their side no answers.

    I appreciate your quick answers, it proves your seriousness and your availability.

    These values ​​are rare nowadays ^^

    • Good afternoon Thomas,

      I just try again with the link that you put above and it is well specified:

      VAT: EUR 5,73
      TOTAL: EUR 34,99
      Billed once

      You can try again, it should work.
      I think there was a problem, but it's fixed.
      I asked the manager for an explanation, I wait for his answer and I inform you.


    • Hi Thomas,

      I just got an answer by email from Pierre Amaral himself:

      "Hello Bruno, I confirm that the payment has never been weekly. If the customer had a weekly debit it will be refunded, but Clickbank confirms to me that this was not the case. Thank you. "

      So here, Thomas, it's reassuring. Well, in the end, we do not know what happened on your payment page, but it was a bug a priori, and everything is back in order, now.


    • Hello again,
      I can not access your link, but I believe you.
      I inquire with the manager to understand what happened.
      But a priori everything returned from the order and the payment is all in one go.

  14. Hi Bruno,

    I react about taking the method.

    So she is no longer at 34.99 at once but has 34.99 weekly !!!!!!

    So 139.96 euros a month! Aiiiiii his spades

    I find it a bit absurd to change the rates as it's dubbing

    mouth in quotation mark when I see that yesterday again she was 34.99 in one


  15. Hello everyone, hello Bruno, after thinking a little while reading the comments of everyone I decided to try this method, so I registered the price of 1 euro for the first 3 days and 34.99. A priori it is possible to pay back in the first months but it is not my intention for the moment, it's true that it's just the price of a DVD. My first impressions after 15 days: the proposed e-books for nutrition and abs are light but go to the basics. I do not know if they bring much more information for people who already have a good background in sports. On the other hand I find very interesting the method of the different modes of periodization exercises, perso, I did not know all that. The exercises are also really interesting and I discovered many new ones. The programs are well structured overall and alternate the muscle groups worked. I started with the level 1 (the goal being to experiment the whole program in 4 level); the exercises offered for the weeks 1 and 2 proved to be a bit easy for me and therefore took time with the ladders method (about 45 minutes). So I went to the weeks 3 and 4 directly and there I feel more work but for warm-up, stretching and all series with all periods of recovery a session still takes a big half-hour. For the result, business to follow ...

    • Hello Christopher,

      Thank you for giving us your feelings after a few weeks of training. It is true that the training can last much more than 15min if one chooses a level too low, especially the 2 first week which is devoted to the endurance, but in the weeks following the trainings are shorter, but many more intensive.

      We are waiting impatiently for you to give us the results.

  16. Hello

    I do not want to be too mean about this advertisement, but it's the 100% method Lafay recompiled, with his book also proposing him also 110 bodybuilding exercises weight of body.

    • Hello Zorro51,
      When we allow arguments like that, we do not mask it, Zorro
      No it is not at all plaggia. I recently bought the book by Olivier Lafay (very good indeed), and even if there are identical exercises (pumps, it's still pumps and it is not Olivier Lafay who invented them. ), they are far from being all. And The method is completely different since the method Lafay recommends 1h30 training including 1h bodybuilding, we are far from 15 min this method.
      That exercises are identical does not prevent to have different training programs. I did a lot of running and very often in the various programs that I followed the exercise was to put one foot in front of the other and yet the programs were very different.

  17. Posted by Bruno BandelierHello Jack,
    Sweating 2 3 or 4 times a week has absolutely nothing to do with it. In fact when one does that, one is not in a phase of muscular construction but of use of the body. In fact we tired him, he will adapt and certainly become more enduring, more resistant but will not gain bodybuilding or very little.
    With the method the program makes the body work intensely, but without tiring it deeply. So during the rest, the body will adapt and gain muscle for the next session.
    Yes the Carrio method is very good and I do not pretend that it is better. What I like here is the simplicity, the use of his own body and the videos to work easily at home.
    Yes the nutritional aspect is addressed in an ebbok: "Muscle nutrition". In fact, these are mostly nutrition principles, so not huge changes or specific diets. Just a few rules to respect.

    Great, thanks for your answer ...

  18. Hi Bruno,

    Thank you for this article that makes you want to ... lose fat, refine, strengthen / strengthen, only 15 minutes 3 or 4 times a day, it's a dream that makes you want ...

    Only here, when 2 sweats 3 hours times a week, one wonders if actually these 15 minutes are really sufficient?

    So I have some questions to ask you. What makes you swear the effectiveness of the method from a practical point of view, but also physiological?

    Why this method and not that of Chistophe Carrio for example, who also studied sports science in the US?
    What is the difference with Christophe Carrio's method?

    I was going to ask you the price, but reading the reviews I got my answer ...

    By cons, is the nutritional aspect addressed? Is the method guaranteed subject to following their nutrition method or can we stay at our current diet?

    Because a change of nutrition is not without danger and it is necessary to be followed by a doctor.


    • Hello Jack,
      Sweating 2 3 or 4 times a week has absolutely nothing to do with it. In fact when we do that, we are not in a phase of muscular construction but of the use of the body. In fact we tired him, he will adapt and certainly become more enduring, more resistant but will not gain bodybuilding or very little.
      With the method the program makes the body work intensively, but without tiring it deeply. So during the rest, the body will adapt and gain muscle for the next session.
      Yes the Carrio method is very good and I do not pretend that it is better. What I like here is simplicity, using your own body and videos to work easily at home.
      Yes the nutritional aspect is discussed in an ebbok: "Muscular nutrition". In fact these are mostly nutrition principles, so not huge changes or specific diet. Just a few rules to respect.

  19. build up quickly at

    I do not have the opportunity to go to the room right now and these home exercises and the program are really very useful to me and give results. However, would you know an exercise to work the backbone in width, always at home?

    • Hello Jalal,

      No, no, I did not write "for free", but it's true that it can be confusing.
      In fact you can try the program during 3 day for 1 € only. It's more symbolic than anything else.
      It allows you to discover everything the program understands, you can read ebooks, watch videos, start your training program ...
      Good training.


    • Jalal,
      I just got it.
      You're right, on the advertising hook is well advertised "Free", and I told you a stupidity because it's free.
      Indeed, you have to give 1 € to try for 3 days, but it's just to be registered. If during the 3 days if you are no longer interested, you ask for the refund and suddenly you will not have paid anything.
      So you can try the method for free.

  20. Hello,

    I preferred to wait before leaving a comment on this article. I let myself be tempted at the end of June by the site after having thought it over. Indeed I myself was thinking of a scam and thinking about why ask a question that our dear Bruno has already had to return in all directions before we know the site by this article. In I trusted and early August I must say that I am rather satisfied. Even though I was not the most assiduous of the muscular level students there was improvement. At the mental level too. I can better plan my workouts.
    Let's turn now to what interests us: the benefits for karate?

    Already as it is not bodybuilding style 'shoot melted thoroughly' but the use of his own weight / body is a useful bodybuilding I find and not made for the inflator. Of course the muscles develop but not in a rough way (no I do not like bodybuilding). As a result, one can easily find various exercises that can be useful for karate. The exercises of touch on the ground for example on a foot make me work flexibility and balance: two elements largely beneficial for the use of kicks. I will not make the listing but I want to thank Bruno for introducing me to this site. I take it and keep it in addition to my training.
    The nutrition part is also a big plus that we often tend to neglect.
    It makes me feel like I'm eating better, training better (more effectively, I mean) and feeling good in the head and body in the end.
    I got a little carried away but I'm really happy to be able to share my experience on this training and to report to others. Please forgive the crazy youth.
    Thanks for reading.

  21. Hello,

    That's it I received the Clickbank mail with the actual link.
    I was able to attack the program.
    It's really well done and the videos are very clear.
    Former lafayen (I stopped for a few months for lack of time), I find that the interest of this method is the very limited time it requires.
    For Lafay (which is a very clear and effective method for which I really obtained the expected results) it takes minutes 45 min minimum (ideally 3 4 times a week) and I could not manage stay there.
    There, the session really lasts 15 minutes. I'm in my second session so it's hard to talk about its effectiveness, but against minutes 15 are really intense. I sometimes have trouble finishing some exercises.
    This was not the case for the Lafay method, which is much more progressive.

    Here is a little feedback.

    See you

  22. Hi Karim, I'm also practicing the method.

    I fully agree that you wrote to follow the news of the method.

    Bruno, I became very flexible, very enduring and very strong with this method in parallel with karate.

    There are even martial arts champions who practice them ....

    After the guys, you have to say one thing, if you eat without you gorging muscu, you will strengthen strength, endurance etc but very little in weight and volume. Which is perfect for karate.

    The catch of masses to obtain a huge volume, are not obligatory, with each one its objective.

    For my part it does not bother me to get a little weight, even if I have redoubled my efforts in karate, it's my choice;).

  23. Hello,

    Then the Lafay method is composed of 13 levels. It consists of a series of exercises arranged methodically that allows to work the whole body.
    The first three exercises constitute a whole called "the triad" consisting of six series of dips, six series of pumps, six series of pumps inclined between two chairs (for more amplitude), then there are the pronation tricks (six series ) ... For the triad there is only 25 pause between each series and each exercise, which allows to work the cardio, the same for the pulls, the squats, the two exercises of abdo, it is 25 seconds of rest between each series but 3 minutes between each exercise. This is the operation at least up to the 4 level, the 5 level being a level of evaluation like the 1er level which allows to observe its progression, then starting from the level 6 some changes take place and so on with exercises additional numbers of different series (sometimes only one with a maximum of reps, especially in the high level).
    A non-athlete starts the 1-level method that allows you to reinforce yourself and evaluate yourself, otherwise if you are successful at the 1 level test, you can start at the 2 level.
    You have to start with small series (series of 5 reps for the triad for beginners, until 15 reps for the more trained), and add a rep for each session. This allows a smooth progression, to avoid injuries. In this method we must rarely force, which can make a little dubious when efficiency when we usually hear that we must always give everything.
    In fact, we start easy, we add a repetition to each session (3 or 2 times / week), then when we reached its goal, 6 20 for example or that we stagnate, we go to the next level. We can also use anti-stagnation techniques (loop, mini-loop ...) described in 2.
    Of course do not forget light stretches and warm up before, and deep stretching afterwards and the work of the diaphragm with a breath exercise that can be done in front of the television
    That's basically it can seem complicated, but the book is well done. There is also "nutrition method" in addition but I do not know this book well, I try to eat healthily
    For ladies and ladies, there is also the feminine Lafay method
    I admit to being satisfied with the results I have obtained until today.

    Here is a good example of evolution, but you are not obliged to go that far

    To know that the person you see on this video managed to lift 13 110 kg to the bench press without having touched it before:


  24. Hi Bruno,

    As for the method of Olivier Lafay, there are videos that explain a little what it returns.
    I can suggest a few:
    Olivier Lafay's interview:
    There is also 100% mag who dedicates a number to it:
    Is the Lafay method the most effective way to gain muscle? :
    Ken's challenge:

    I think that with that, you'll know everything about the Lafay method.

  25. Hello dear,

    I'm registered on your blog, I practice Vietnamese martial arts since 12 years now, but I like sharing.

    I have also been using the Lafay method for some time and I find it particularly effective, and I do not agree that this method focuses only on the muscle; it aims for a better state of health, a muscular body, harmonious, flexible and powerful. There is also a whole philosophy behind this method which unfortunately could not be described in the first volume "110 exercises", but which is well detailed through various articles on the blog of the author Olivier Lafay, the first principle being I think subordinate the construction of the body to the construction of oneself and not the opposite, summarized by the adage "mens sana in corpore sano" (and not anima sana, that's a deformation of the brand asics , otherwise it would do msics, not so good 😉)
    I do not know the method of supermusculation, but it seems to me that the advantage and the exercise time is reduced compared to the Lafay method (15 minutes against 1h30 on average), of course the video supports that complete, whatever some explanation videos of the Lafay method exists.
    In any case I feel a real change in muscle, strength and flexibility, well being in general.
    Do what's right for you, the main thing and have fun, to be comfortable.
    I remain convinced that it is necessary to have a global vision of the body, and not to favor an aspect, the muscle for example with the detriment of the rest: suppleness, food, breath, heart and without forgetting the intellect, often set aside, and I will personally add the spiritual.
    And also most physiotherapy does not recommend training with heavy load.

    A +

    • Hello Karim,

      Thank you for your explanations about the Lafay method. I do not have the book of Olivier Lafay, but I went to see his blog and I tried a little to understand what it returns. But in fact without having the book, we do not understand much. Outside, the method seems complicated. I'm probably wrong, because given the craze for this method, it must be simple anyway.
      Can you give us the principles of this method, I'm interested.

    • I join Karim's post, the Laffay method is really effective (muscle, flexibility, cardio,.) and an EXCELLENT complement with the practice of karate
      For the videos, there is a youtube channel, and an interresting blog.

  26. Hello,
    I tried to register on supermusculation after reading Bruno's article.
    Yet I can not connect (I've never asked for username or password) to view videos or books.
    I paid online. Nothing was charged and I tried to reach them by phone and email several times and no news.
    Can you make sure you have no problems?
    I would retry payment online but I am afraid to be charged 2 once.
    For those who started, the site seems so serious? have you ever managed to reach someone by email or phone?

    Bruno, thank you very much for your blog which is really interesting, especially the videos.
    I moved recently, I did not find a club for my taste where I am today and your blog allows me to work at home to maintain my meager knowledge.

    • Hello Alex,
      When you place your order, you receive a ClickBank confirmation email. (If you do not have it and you are not charged, your order did not have to be validated.)
      In this mail there is a link that gives you access to the member area where you can connect.
      Keep us in touch.

  27. Having tried both methods, it seems to me that the lafay method is more suitable for people who want to get the most muscle by any means. The exercises work, but not necessarily in the long run. The SuperMusculation method, on the other hand, takes a more holistic approach, takes nutrition into account and proposes exercises whose intensity can be increased simply. Moreover the fact that all exorcises is in video format, it is easier to know how to make the movements without being mistaken. I hope this can help people who are hesitating between the two methods.

    • Hello Yann,

      It's very nice to give us your impression between the Lafay method and the method.
      It is true that the latter is rather complete and sets as main objectctif principal to find a body in better health.
      If the stated goal is to build muscles, it is not so much to make the muscles grow, but rather to find a harmonious body with a good musculature and a lot less fat.
      Regarding fat loss, the principle of the method is quite simple, in fact. Nutrition is certainly important, but the method does not require focusing on it with binding diets. On the contrary, it is enough to apply from day to day simple principles and especially to do the 15 min 3 muscle exercises 4 times per week. The principle is that a muscular body spends energy even at rest, this is called metabolism. So by muscling and paying attention to what you eat, you lose fat naturally.


  28. Hello,

    did you have feedback on the differences between the Lafay method and the method?
    in the latter is the work of flexibility and endurance being approached?

    • Hello v-one,
      I do not have an answer yet about the differences with the Lafay method.
      Regarding, it is not focused on endurance, as the program only provides 15minutes 3 4 times a week.
      But as part of a parallel training of karate, no worries because endurance we talk to the dojo (or in front of the videos of :-))

  29. Marina Ana Vrabec at

    Hello Brno,
    it is nice to look like a health, fit. It takes training, orderly life, good nutrition. When we have such a perfect body, and it must be maintained. These people who get such a condition and then suddenly stop training to lose stamina, immunity, pleasant with a view, completely become worse than they were before the start.
    Marina Ana Vrabec

  30. Hi Franck,

    Thank you for this very detailed comment.
    You're right the work of hara is much more important than bodybuilding.
    In fact this muscle for karate is important, ok. But then we must focus on the judicious use of these muscles, contraction, relaxation ...
    Otherwise it is true that we must pay attention according to its morphology, but as for any sport. For example, we tend to say that jogging makes you lose weight, but if you are really overweight, it is better to walk first so as not to make your knees too strong ...
    "The hardest thing is to make the right choice between them. That's why I sorted out the methods I had and chose for you.
    The Supermusculation method. com is made for everyone and adapts to everyone according to their level. It allows you to build muscles: 110 exercises with 5 different periodisations: scales, series, supersets, circuits and Tabatas - 550 combinations the body does not have time to be bored
    Yet the method is very simple to use: Just let yourself be guided by the programs: Only 4 exercises a day 3 to 4 times a week and that's it!


  31. Hi all,
    I totally agree that you first have to build up a good musculature before thinking about flexibility.
    Especially if you get muscle by performing the gesture with sufficient amplitude you gain flexibility. On the other hand, gestures performed with a short amplitude will lose flexibility. Similarly, do not look too much volume with short muscles which could affect the practice of karate, which is also true for the practice of a so-called specific bodybuilding if one does not have a sufficient level to appreciate the dangers.

    In addition, the search for flexibility before tendon strengthening can lead to too much joint laxity detrimental to the practice of martial arts over time.

    Nevertheless, what blocks us technically is the lack of competence in the Hara (placement and production of the force) more than the flexibility or the musculature.
    For Mae-Geri, if the hara does not control the leg goes up only thanks to the muscles and the progression is blocked on a diagram based on the force.

    So doing bodybuilding in parallel with Karate is advisable. By cons we must avoid mixing the two.

    Now, if we can, indeed, muscle effectively without equipment (with the method that we prefer), do not be fooled, it is not always good.

    Let me explain. As one's body weight is mainly used, this weight may be excessive for our weak beginner forces, or for overweight or a history of injury or accident.
    On the other hand, at a certain level this weight can become too weak and forced to long series.

    Finally, why say that the practice of karate requires working under the supervision of a teacher and that we can do without bodybuilding?

    Well, it all depends on the student. Some people can learn anything by themselves with books and / or videos. Others do not. As they say, some people have two left hands and at the other extreme some have two right hands.

    Training at home is very good, even essential to progress in karate and bodybuilding at home is a good idea so why not do it by watching the videos on his TV or PC or working from site transmitting an effective pedagogy. The hard part is to make the right choice between them.
    But to muscle at home, a mix of methods is the best solution and do not reject the various devices (weight, bungee, flat bike) or exercises using the weight of our body (against attention to your back when you work your abs, some exercises are particularly dangerous if you approach them without having a perfectly toned abdominal strap.The best is to avoid them systematically) all depends on your level.


  32. It's been 2 weeks since I started following the SuperMusuclation method. I had already tried the method Lafay, but it is different and in fact more complete and the fact of being able to have everything in video is more than a PLUS. In short, after two weeks, I see change, and my wife yesterday even told me that my size has changed since I started. Well, here I am, I just wanted to say that the method works for me. Good luck to everyone.

    • Hello Yann,
      It's very nice to give us your feelings and to share your progress.
      Continue well and above all persevere in your training.
      Can you tell us the differences between the Lafay method and the method.

  33. Posted by Jean Lucien Lampinvery little, the muscule for me, I promised myself to stop any type of bodybuilding my 50 years, what I did, I regain my normal weight and am faster, I I like the work of Jean Louis Morel 7 eme dan, on the work of the muscular chain, I'm not there yet but I think strongly, the work of the light dumbbells pays a lot because I think that we do not attach enough importance to the shoulders that I think must be completely relaxed, but it is true Bruno, the muscule without loads is for me the best and the muscles are more beautiful. greetings to you both.

    The work of Mr Morel is excellent !!! That it is at the level of the musculation very gently, its methods of warm-ups, etc ... .. It is a very good teacher in karate or kobudo, I love working with him !!!!
    Thank you Jean Lucien for bringing him in this conversation, he deserved to be quoted !!!!!

  34. very little, the muscule for me, I had promised to stop any type of bodybuilding my 50 years, what I did, I regain my normal weight and am faster, I like the work Jean louis morel 7 eme dan, on the work of the muscular chain, I'm not there yet but I think strongly, the work of the light dumbbells pays a lot, because I think that we do not attach enough importance shoulders that I think must be completely relaxed, but it is true Bruno, the weightless muscular is for me the best and the muscles are more beautiful .Salutations to you two.

  35. Site that looks like a scam, the fact that there is a percentage of repayment to "godfathers" aggravates this impression. I think you should wait until you see effects over several months before sharing this kind of site, I feel like I received an email asking me to participate in the amortization of your investment. It's mean what. If after 6 months of diligence you always swear that by this method then sharing may seem wise.

    • Hello Xavi,
      If I wrote this article, it's precisely because it's not a scam. There are books, videos and I have studied all this before talking about it here. Even if I am joking about it, I still have a State Diploma of Sport Educator that allows me to know if the training is good or bad. Now I do not force anyone to trust me.
      The goal is to share but I do not impose anything.
      For your proposal to train diligently for 6 months, you're very nice but I'm not your guinea pig either. I think I give and share enough. But you do not have to take everything

    • Re-Hello Xavi,

      Finally, know that I do not appreciate that you put my honesty in doubt by pretending that I try to rip you off by touching a percentage.
      I checked the method, tried it and validated it. I wrote this article with all the franchise that I usually live and if it allows me to partially repay the hundreds of euros that I have already invested to create this blog (yes, yes, everything is not free in life), I do not see what is wrong.
      When you buy a steak from your butcher you do not ask him to eat it before and call you only once he has digested it, you do not even ask him to taste it. And besides, you do not even blame him for being paid to sell you this steak that he only sliced.
      Me the method, I tasted it and it is good
      If you want, Xavi, it would be nice a little presentation in the section "Introduce yourself! ". Thank you.


      • Hello,

        Oula, my comments were either misinterpreted or poorly expressed. For the scam, I was expressing only an impression towards the distributor site ("site that looks like a scam") and not an accusation against you Bruno, ditto for the aspect of remuneration of godfathers, I said to have a doubt , to this site distributor and not to you. At no time did I question your honesty. The only real criticism on my part, but which seemed constructive to me, it was the runaway to immediately share this site, because on the net we find a lot of person who transmit these sites but almost never a real return on the duration . And it's because I have a deep respect for you and what you do, contrary to what you may have thought I was hoping for a return in the medium and long term rather than a short term. Because almost all attractive methods are effective in the short term, but few remain usable in the medium term. I could have contented myself with saying "ah, I'm waiting to see the duration, business to follow. But I preferred to give the impression felt, there was nothing wrong in my thoughts.

      • Hello Xavi,

        I'm glad it's just a misunderstanding, but when I read your first comment that says:

        I feel like I have received an email asking me to participate in the amortization of your investment. It's mean what. "

        You will understand that I take it for an attack on my honesty.
        But let's not talk about it anymore.

        To return to your questioning about my runaway:
        I do not tell you all the research and investments I make before writing this kind of article. In fact it's been weeks that I work in the shadows on bodybuilding to try to adapt to Karate in general and this blog in particular.

        There for example, I ordered and tested about 10 methods and training of all kinds regarding bodybuilding and fitness (Yes, yes, I pay them too!). I eliminated everything that seemed too complex because I find it unpleasant at home and I kept what seemed technically affordable. I have studied the different books that are provided, and test most exercises. Not to see if it works, because it always works, after all it's only a question of motivation (These are never miracle methods, you always need a little sweat anyway), but rather to see if there was no risky exercise for health and especially for the back. is one of the methods that I think is very good technically, easy to follow thanks to the videos.

        Especially do not doubt it, I would not recommend a product that I would not recommend to my own mother. I tried it and checked with my sports educator knowledge, but I can not test everything for 6 months.

        Now that does not mean you have to listen with my eyes closed, you have your say and you were right to say what you thought.


      • Hello BRUNO
        I would like you to know the difference between those who are looking for combat techniques and those who really want to practice martial arts to make them their reason for living: martial arts are an ideal way of living a philosophy ... etc. spending a few euros for its culture is not comparable to the knowledge we have, when I think of the money we spend in stores to have phones of the last generation that costs very expensive, while a book on the katas metrix cost 4 times cheaper. But brother practicing martial arts have can not reach the goal without sacrifice.
        Know how to make the difference BRUNO offers us methods it is up to us to know how to take what corresponds to our bodies.
        we here in my country we work with local materials (car rims, truck irons etc ...) malgres that we continue to work our bodies gently gently so all methods that do not require soffistic materials is welcome. THINGS TO YOU BRUNO YOU HAVE ALL OUR TRUST .BRIGADE DES TIGRES

    • Hello Xavi,

      I do not think the site looks like a scam for the simple reason that there would be a percentage paid to sponsors.
      This is nothing but Marketing. And it is perfectly legitimate to do this for the promotion of a commercial offer.
      As for Bruno it's a little daring what you say. You forget everything he does for us. He created this free website. With articles and videos free of access. There are more than forty now. I do not know if you represent the work and the time it takes. And personally, I do not think that the commission he could reach via a bit of advertising earns him so much. It's junk compared to what he does for the site. Really he might not feel compelled to do what he does. Frankly, I thank him for this gratitude.
      Regarding the weight training method. Know that this method is the most natural and the oldest. Bodybuilding by dumbbells and equipment as practiced in the classroom is recent. She is barely over a hundred years old. I advise you to look on the Wikipedia website about Weightlifting. And you'll see what I'm talking about Here is the link:
      In fact, the method of body weight has always existed since the beginning of time. It works perfectly.

    • Hi Johnny,
      No, I looked everywhere in the book and on the site to see if they were referring to it but I did not find anything. That's why I did not talk about it.
      In my opinion it's a bit like the Lafay method
      Here the advantage is still all videos to view the exercises.

      • Hello,
        According to the description this method is very similar to the Lafay method which combines flexibility and bodybuilding with body weight. The advantage I think is the work of muscle groups and not isolated muscles.

    • Hello Johnny,

      The Lafay method is one of several methods of weight training. There are others like D's. Akermann, Christophe Carrio, Matt Furey etc ... In fact the Lafay method is only the best known. As for the method of, it seems that it comes from Pierre Amaral. I found this information simply on Wikipedia in the article "Bodybuilding without charges". Here is the link:

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