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Karate class with Johnny Gence and Bruno Bandelier + Diner debate in Langres!


Johnny Gence Sensei and Bruno Bandelier work Sen-no-Sen

Karate class with Johnny Gence and Bruno Bandelier + Diner debate in Langres:

We announced it last year, the traditional training course of Langres Karate with Johnny Gence Sensei 5ème dan is now fixed at the 2th weekend of April.


For this year it will be the 12 and 13 avri 2014! that is to say :

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Unlike past years, or the internship was only Sunday, this year, the karate course will be spread over 2 days with saturday night a debate dinner very friendly where Johnny and I will lead a debate around karate and where we will answer all your questions.

You can download the poster and share it in your clubs (Thanks :-))

Weekend program :

Saturday 12 / 04: Karate workshop with Bruno Bandelier, DEJEPS teacher, 3ème dan

I will personally take the course direction from 15h to 18h

Theme " Physical and biomechanical analysis of karate-do typing«

I will discuss in detail some notions of physics and biomechanics in order to study and especially to improve your typing in karate.

Johnny Gence Sensei (5ème dan) will join us in the afternoon.

Saturday night - Dinner debate:

Evening we will all meet in a restaurant for a debate dinner

We will discuss various topics on karate and training.
We will talk about Karate of course, but also nutrition of musculation,Stretching, ... all adapted to karateka.

(Attention, the places for the debate dinner are limited to 30 people!)

Sunday 13 / 04: Karate training with Johnny Gence Sensei, 5ème dan:

Johnny will take the karate internship on Sunday morning 10h30

Theme : Action / reaction physical and psychic phenomenon applied to karate-do

After the 12h break at 14h for the traditional meal in the restaurant, Sensei Gence will continue in the afternoon until 17h.

Book your place now :

Last year, the Karate internship in Langres was a success and you were many to have traveled often by far: Some Dijon, Mulhouse, others Paris, Orleans, Vosges ... and even from Zurich ...

You were motivated and delighted to be here and I am sure that this year will be even better and you will be even more numerous.

However, our dojo is not very big and I would like to be sure to welcome you in the best conditions.

That's why if you really want to come, I ask you to register now using the form below.
(Do not worry, you have nothing to pay for now, you will settle the course on site. It's just in anticipation and to better organize me.)

Do not delay to register because places are limited to 50 guests
(Indeed I will unfortunately not be able to enlarge the room ;-))

How to reach the DOJO of Langres:

Langres is not a big city, so to access the dojo is not very complicated, but to be sure you do not get lost, here is a route planner that will take you directly to our Dojo (you can now check the distance to our dojo and the time it would take you to come. It may be more ready than you think ):

On arrival, you will follow the route below: (Zoom out on the map to see better)

Display Karate Club of Langres on a larger map

I can not wait to see you in the dojo where I make videos of KBN!

For once, I will not be alone in front of my camera ;-), and we can work together.

But for now, you have to register so that I can organize myself. Thank you in advance.

So go to 12 / 04 in Langres.

Thank you and see you soon,

PS: If you have questions, you can use the comment form below and I will try to answer you as soon as possible.

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