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Traditional Karate Workshop with Johnny Gence


Reserve now Sunday April 7 2013 ...

I invite you TOUS to come an internship of Karate Traditionnel with ...

Johnny Gence Sensei 5th dan

Traditional Karate Course

Johnny Gence had already done me the honor to come in the Dojo in Langres in 2011 to talk to us 3C and internal pressure.

This time, I asked Johnny to give us an internship that is more combat-oriented. So he chose to tell us about Bunkai in the morning and kumite (from conventional kumite to free kumite) the afternoon.

I sincerely hope that you will be numerous to make the trip.

It will give us a very good opportunity to work and to exchange together on a tatami and you'll see where I'm filming KBN videos

So I give you appointment 07 / 04 at the dojo of Langres with Sensei Johnny Gence!


PS : Follow this link for calculate your route from home to the dojo de Langres. And if you want to come, especially register so that I can prepare the best day and welcome you in the best conditions.

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  1. hi fred and johnny

    I could not come to this internship having started karate again this year and I learned that the first 3 kata

    off to work the bunkais I think we must know all those black

    it will be for next time

    otherwise was the internship?

    I think bruno will give us a report

    a +

  2. Madeleine Leveau-Fernandez at

    I hope you have a lot of people for this internship. For my part, I live in Paris and I'm a great beginner, so an internship of this level seems inappropriate to me.
    Good internship to all participants

    • Hello everybody
      I want to participate in karate courses.
      But those who interest me are really far away.

      Think of coming to Nantes

      Good internship to you.

  3. Good evening Bruno,
    What good news, an internship! I have a lot of kms but I am well tempted to make the trip against I wonder if my low level (orange belt 43ans) would allow me to attend?
    I would not want to be completely dropped ...
    For information ; I practice karate since about 1 year and I know the first 6 kata ...
    Thank you for everything you do!

  4. I really enjoyed participating in your internship ... But Nice, it seems a little too complicated to come. Nevertheless, if the opportunity arises, it will be with great pleasure

  5. Hello Bruno,
    Thank you very much for your invitation, it touches me enormously, but unfortunately, I work this day of 7 April.
    I am a nurse, and I am one of those people who sometimes work on we. If another opportunity arises, and I am free
    I will come with pleasure, but I imagine that for you, this kind of meeting requires an entire organization.
    So, I wish you all the best, as they say in Geneva.
    Sincerely. Marie-Jo

  6. Hello Bruno,

    It's amazing what you do and especially the internships you organize. Unfortunately I could not make the trip to attend because the means do not allow it. This while I will follow your comments on your blog and I hope you will make a good comment. May God assist you and lend you long life

  7. Hello Bruno,
    This is a great idea for your invitation but alas for me, living on the Atlantic coast, too far to come to participate in this course ... I will nevertheless follow your blog, you will surely make us a summary of this day where there will be a lot of participants, I hope so!
    For your info, the kata-bunkai with Mr. Gence Sensai would have pleased me!
    Best regards.

  8. Hi Bruno

    Thank you for the invitation, but I could not come unfortunately
    Even though it's always rewarding to meet a Sensei.

    I hope you will have people for this course.

    Sporting friendships.

    Greg De Niort

  9. Bruno, thank you for the invitation, I transmit in my club ...... continue on your way ......... .know to inform me if you made an article on the Kimé, and how to express it phisically ...... .ousss !!!!! ...... madjid.

  10. you know bruno that I live in Morocco a casa then the problem of the distance damage, thank you as well for your invitation and for your proposal

  11. Hello Bruno,
    really bad but living all the way south (Spain border) too far to come.
    Thank you, for the invite, will think of you.
    See you soon

  12. what a pity that I silk so far and it is so complicated to come (I live in Corsica), because I really liked to participate in this course
    but if you decide to organize long-term internships (one week) that you will animate yourself, it's sworn, I'll be yours!

  13. Hello Bruno,

    thank you very much for your invitation
    this internship looks great and I would have loved coming
    but it's really far from home (11 000 km)

    an other time

  14. Hello Bruno!

    To read or watch your videos I feel in great shape.

    For your internship I looked at the itinerary, it is even further than Dijon, almost 400km of chambery, I could not attend because of the distance, sorry.
    I will think about you today, and thank you for your proposal.

    See you soon Gerard

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