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Video Selection of the 2012 Karate World Championships


Video Selection of the 2012 Karate World Championships:

I have selected some videos of the world championships Karate 2012 Paris Bercy.
You will find retrospectives of past days, interviews, the French team, our gold medalists, the highlights ...

Selection of 16 videos Youtube
(just click on PlayList)

Selection of 38 videos Daylimotion

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  1. your is remarkable and participates pracaitement to the progress of the budokas.les videos of the world champions testify of the evolution of the karate over the years and especially its universality to the days of the days. congratulations for the work done

  2. Hello Bruno,

    A big thank you for all these videos, do you know if a DVD will be released for these championships?
    Unfortunately for me, I could not go to my regret!


  3. Thank you, Bruno, for these beautiful pictures. I just saw them,
    and it makes me vibrate, me who am only a tiny white belt!
    Thank you also for the trouble you give yourself to share these beautiful moments, it makes me proud to practice (very modestly) this sport difficult, but so aesthetic and so rigorous.
    Here, I just wanted to give my impressions of the moment.
    I do not have 20 years anymore, so I sometimes doubt to arrive one day perfectly, but you just boost my courage. See you soon.

  4. Thank you very much Mr Bruno, it's a great job that you have done here, unfortunately I could not see the majority of the video because I'm in Morocco, I do not know what it means "your country has put the video online "and why it ??????????????

    Congratulations to you Bruno, and good luck for the France team that I hope that she wins a lot of medals.

    Arigato ouuuuuussss

  5. @ Nasrodin,
    In my club I'm in veteran section, two friends start more than 60 years ... there's no age, we adapt the effort to the physical condition of each and it's super nice ... it's a section of friends and girlfriends (more and more women ...)
    Do not hesitate, choose a club that suits you, give it a try and enjoy yourself.

  6. Thanks for the videos and the links, especially since this saturday the live on daylimotion did not work and that the media coverage was weak for such an event.
    I will savor them, a big congratulations to our champions and champions. a harvest of medals ... then Karate at the Olympics is for good?

  7. Your blog made me want to join a karate club. I am 62 years old and I had my first session yesterday, Friday. Do you think that at my age I can hope to succeed in this art or do I have to give up?
    In any case thank you for your emails that are always welcome.
    Accept all my gratitude.
    Best regards.

    • Hello Nasrodin,
      Of course you can do karate, of course you'll succeed, do not subscribe especially if you like. The important thing is to have fun in the work.
      It's all about motivation, courage, envy, pleasure ... and seriousness! In short if you want, you can (unless against your doctor's advice of course)
      Karate is excellent for young people, it is true, because it allows them to forge a harmonious body and an alert mind, but it is also excellent for the less young to preserve or find a healthy body and reconnect neurons who sleep.
      In short, throw yourself on "the way of the empty hand". As I said before: Karate-do is good for you!
      And for you to be convinced of what I have just written, I invite you to read the presentation of Abdel du Maroc who started Karate at 60 years.

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