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Sabrina Ouihaddadene, a karate star


Sabrina Ouihaddadene, a karate star

In teaching karate, I find that the attraction for this discipline has no age limit. I see younger people who practiced in their youth but who do notvhave more time to train because of their professional activities. But the more they grow up, the more they feel the physical and psychological need to reconnect with karate. There are also the youngest who are generally attracted to karate because they want to look like a figure of karate, whether in the world of competition or cinema.

In our article, we present you a great figure of karate. We talk about her in all competitions of karate whether at regional, national or international level: Sabrina Ouihaddadene. I'm talking about her because she's an athlete with potential. That's why I bring my modest contribution as a sponsor to my Karate-Gi shop.

How was a champion born

She entered early in the world of karate. As a child, she loved watching action movies with her father. She was fascinated by Bruce Lee's films, among others. In CP, the teacher advised her parents to integrate her into a sport activity to channel her energy. The choice of karate came as obvious. From 6 years, she swims, so to speak, in the world of karate. In addition to a passion, she built her life around this discipline.

She trained for a long time at the Clichy la Garenne karate club in her early days. She learned the basics and philosophy. As I often say in my articles, karate not only forges the body, but also the spirit. This allowed Sabrina to acquire the technique. His passion is growing as well as his fighting spirit.

How to train a champion

In 2013, she joins CREPS de Bordeaux. The main objective of the CREPS is to train and prepare athletes of high levels (1). She is preparing for competitions and also to be a trainer. This preparation requires a lot of commitment and training.

In 2013, she gets on the podium at the Coupe de France Cadet, after fighting contre Gwendoline Philippe. The latter wins the first place by decision of the Judges. (2) She was a supporter of these competitionss the bib Samurai 2000.

In 2014, she participates in the Moroccan Open, always under the auspices of Samurai 2000. At the end of this competition, she won the silver medal in the category of -54 kgs (3). It connects competitions, both regional, national and international.

What did she accomplish?

In 2015, she is selected to the team of France to participate in the Worlds held in November 2015. It already marks its place in world-class competitions.

By reaching the title of Senior French Champion in the category of -55kgs in April 2018, we can only salute her determination and perseverance. The praise does not dry up against him. If we take only the article from "The Gazette" of April (5). When she was asked her motivation: she answers: "I now climb on the tatami with the desire to win and not the fear of losing" - According to this source, she was "Unbeaten" throughout this competition.

She now moves to the CCMA Karate in Cormeilles-en-Parisis near Paris, a proximity that allows her to train with the Olympic Pole at CREPS Chatenay Malabry as a training partner

In 14 years of karate practice, she is now ranked 594e karate competitor according to the WKF ranking. (6). This ranking is evolutionary. Sabrina is now evolving in the big leagues. We do not arrive at this stage without intensive training. She trains every day, and 3 times a week at CREPS.

What does she want to become?

As I said above, she built her life around her passion. His life consists of daily training. But she does not neglect studies.

She passes the entrance examination in preparatory class to be a non-commissioned officer of the gendarmerie, she ranks 123è on 12.800 candidates. To tell you that she already has the spirit of competition and ambition to succeed. In order to reconcile sport and her professional future, she opts for correspondence courses.

She aspires to win gold at the Olympic Games. With her tenacity, and her competitive spirit, I am confident that she will achieve this goal.

If, being small, she was in awe at the emblematic figures of karate, today she represents an image that forces the admiration of the youngest on whom they can take example. We are proud to be able to support Karate-Gi in his Olympic dream.

I am sure that you, who love this discipline, will not fail to appreciate the career of this young woman full of talent and ambition. Feel free to submit your comments on this rising star of karate in France.

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