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Resumption of Training - Intensive Work (4 / 5)


Here we are at the 4th week of gradual resumption of training before the start of the school year. You should start to feel the benefits of this recovery. At 2 or 3 weeks of the return of clubs, you have already awakened your body (and your brains!) During the last 3 weeks with a little bodybuilding and cardiovascular work and a little karate.

Last week you started to pull out the Kimono from the cabinet and revise your Katas, gently without putting any power just to reconnect your brain with Karate's technical gestures.

This 4th week of recovery will be a little more intensive. Indeed, in addition to continuing your specific karate work, you will begin this week to intensify this work with accelerations (We will see if the cardio sessions have borne fruit ;-))

On the other hand, do not forget that we are always on vacation (sporting) and that the first goal is to rest to arrive in full form at the beginning of the season.

So we resume gradually not to lose our achievements of the month of June, but there is no question here of doing exhausting sessions. The sessions will be quite short, sometimes quite intensive but never tiring.

You will always have to end a session with good feelings, having the feeling of being pleased and feeling able to start the whole session again if it was really necessary. Your feelings are your own barometer.

Learn to listen to your body, this is the key to your success.

Even if we accelerate the pace, we will never be at the maximum and like last week concentrate on the control of your techniques to protect your joints.

This 4th week will allow you to wake up your speed. While continuing bodybuilding, cardio and brainwave, you will do some specific accelerations:

Week N ° 4:

Monday :

Contrary to our habit, this week we are going to separate the bodybuilding session and the stretching session.

After the warm up, you will do weight training in the form of'a circuit (see of 15 min:

The principle is very simple, you chained 1 series of each exercise one behind the other, and you start again during 15 min.

  • 1 series of 8 pumps
  • 1 series of 6 pull-ups
  • 1 series of 10 rear slots (10 G + 10 D)
  • and we start again. It's simple, right?

Be careful, the goal is not to go all the way, but rather to almost never stop (unless you're really too tired, in this case you're going too fast!))

Tuesday :

  • Revision of your kata, 1 times slowly to put it back in the lead, then once thoroughly. When I say thoroughly, that does not mean that you have to make katas in 15 s but that each technique is given as if your life depended on it. It must be put all your heart and your mind. However, remember to relax between each technique (review article Kihon: string of fists)

Wednesday :

  • 35 min running ou 1 h bike : After 10 minutes of races or bike, you integrate 7 to 10 accelerations of 30 seconds + 30 seconds of rest.
    Like last week, accelerations are almost full but not exhausted because each acceleration must be a little faster than the previous one.
    The 30 seconds of rest are really very slow but not at a standstill: You trot with very small steps or pedal slowly on a small gear while breathing well. Then you come home quietly to recover.
  • Stretches to free the hips.

Thursday :

  • Revision of your kata, same session as Tuesday, 1 slowly time to put it back in the lead, then once thoroughly.

Friday :

  • Full heating up
  • Work of displacement and punch: Kihon: string of fists
  • Finish with 3 series of 6 + leg flexions Mae Geri (3 left and 3 rights) with 1 minute rest between sets
  • then you do 30 seconds of stretching each quadriceps and 30 seconds of stretching of each Ischion-tummy

On Saturday:

  • Repos


  • Rest or walk (1 to 2 hours) or Revision of your kata, without warm-ups, slowly just to remember them. You can speed up a bit (I said a little) after 10 minutes.

This 4th week is quite busy, so be careful not to run out, this is not the goal. Feel free to reduce a session if you feel tired.

And on the same fast katas, concentrate on controlling your techniques to not hurt yourself. Remember that the resumption of classes is coming soon and you can not wait to find your dojo.

I have left you wish a very good week of training and to give you an appointment next week.

See you soon

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  1. Hi muscu session looks like a Barstarzz routine, it's very effective at improving the enduring fibers of our muscles and a little strength. This is what is needed for karate in sum;).

    Training relatively short body weight, with longer and longer series as you get stronger, is particularly good for martial arts (myself I practice the Lafay method). It must be thought to stretch the body well after, to avoid any loss of flexibility and limit aches.

  2. Hello Bruno,
    a question: how do you do push-ups at home?
    As for this week's program, it seems to me very busy ... I will reduce the sessions.
    Thanks to you -

    • Hello Isabelle,
      If you do not have a drawbar, you can for example make them under a table: You lie on your back, the body under a table and the head and shoulders protruding. You grab the edge of the table and you do the pulling pulling your chest up below the table.
      The program seems busy, but it is little more than last week. It is more intensive, but not much larger, in fact because the days of Kata are quite light. They are mainly used to continue the remembrance of kata while incorporating accelerations.
      Doing some katas thoroughly will not be exhausting in the end. On the other hand, it is very likely that you have some body aches. It's normal.
      It will be necessary to rest between the sessions, well to feed you and especially to hydrate you to limit the aches.
      Good luck.

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