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Resumption of training - 2 Week on 5


Last week we gradually resumed our training with some warm-up sessions, stretching and some cardio.

If you have not forced too much as I advised you you should not have suffered too much aches. A little bit probably, but not too much 😉

We will continue our progression with a week quite similar to the first, but this time our body is awake and you should start to feel more pleasant sensations and notice a greater ease in the exercises:

Week N ° 2:

Monday : Full heating up + Upper body stretches - You can start to include a little bit of musculation within your stretches alternating for example a few sets of pumps, a few dips between two chairs, a few pulls ... In short, nothing really bad and especially nothing exhausting.
Alternate the series of musculations with stretching. Examples : 2 3 series 10 pumps then stretching triceps and pecs ...

Tuesday : Repos

Wednesday : Full heating up + 25 min running ou 50 bike min. Always the same principle, you must not exhaust yourself. You must always be able to speak, so go slowly and do not hesitate to stop if you feel that your breath is racing, walk quietly, then resume a little slower. If you feel good, you can integrate 3 with 5 accelerations of 1 minutes + 1 minutes of rest. Attention, not thoroughly, just a little faster, just to make the heart turn a little faster.

Thursday : Repos

Friday : Full heating up + Stretches to free the hips - Finish with 3 series of 10 Mae Geri (5 left and 5 right) with 1 minutes rest between sets then you do 30 dry stretching of each quadriceps (Control your technique well to not hurt your knee.Do not stretch your leg!)

On Saturday: Repos (A little beer, but not more :-))

Sunday: Repos ou marche (1 to 2 hours)

This second week, is very close to the first, but we start to incorporate small accelerations and a little bodybuilding. Always without forcing, we are still in the phase of restarting the body.

Go very slowly, because after your month of rest, you may feel good and tend to want to go too fast. Brake yourself, progressiveness is important.

Here I give you an appointment next week.


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