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Resumption of Training - Specific Work (3 / 5)


It's already been two weeks since we gradually returned to physical exercise. You should begin to feel good about your body and hear the call of the kimono.

This week, we are going to start a specific karate work to reconnect with our favorite discipline and make work our brain that has been dormant since already 1 month and a half.

So while continuing our work of gradual fitness with warm-ups, stretching, a little bodybuilding and cardio, we will integrate karate training that we will also review.

You still do not have to force or seek to go fast. Take this week as a week of revision, it's the brain that works.

A too fast recovery of karate may be harmful for your joints. Indeed, you start to get back into shape, that's good, but your brain is not yet reconnected and you may not be very good at mastering your techniques, especially not to stop your techniques early enough to protect your joints. (elbows and knees).

Focus on learning and controlling your techniques.

Our week 3 will be a little more cerebral than the first two with a rise in weight training and cardio training:

Week N ° 3:

Monday : Full heating up + ( musculation + Upper body stretches ) + Choku Tzuki - As for last week you incorporate bodybuilding in your stretching session, but you increase a little the number of repetitions by series and the number of series. You can do a few sets of pumps, a few dips between two chairs, a few pulls under a table or with a drawbar.
Alternate the series of musculations with stretching. Make 1 minutes of rest between each series.

  • 3 4 series of 12 pumps then stretching triceps and pecs.
  • 3 4 series of 8 pulls then stretching shoulders and biceps.
  • 3 to 4 6 series dips between 2 chairs then triceps stretching.

You finish with a training of Choku Tzuki, without forcing, just to oxygenate the muscles that come to work.

Tuesday : Rest and Revision of your kata, without warm-ups, slowly just to remember them.

Wednesday : 30 min running ou 50min + bike Stretches to free the hips. After 10 minutes of races or cycling, you integrate 5 with 7 accelerations of 30 seconds + 30 seconds of rest. Accelerations are almost complete but without exhaustion. Attention, remember anyway because each acceleration must be a little faster than the previous one. The 30 seconds of rest are very slow trot with very small steps while breathing well. Then you finish quietly to recover well.

Thursday : Repos and Revision of your kata, always without speed, but focusing on the final contraction at the end of the techniques and the relaxation that follows these contractions..

Friday : Full heating up + Work of movement and punch: Oizuki- Finish with 3 series of 12 Mae Geri (5 left and 5 straight) with 1 minute rest between sets then you do 30 dry stretching of each quadriceps (Always the same control of the technique to not hurt your knee.Do not stretch your leg!)

On Saturday: Repos (A glass of Bordeau, but not more :-))

Sunday: Repos ou marche (1 to 2 hours) or Revision of your kata, without warm-ups, slowly just to remember them. You can speed up a bit (I said a little) after 10 minutes.

This third week begins to be a little more busy than the first two and you slowly get back to karate. The sensations come back. You can not wait to return to the dojo.

Be careful not to go too hard on your kata, you're still running, it's the revision phase.

I wish you a good week of training and give you an appointment next week.


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  1. Azzedine Zeggari at

    Hello Bruno I am well in phase of recovery, and I feel good me and my friends the adherents begins on the landraces etirements matter of first contact and his forcing

  2. you would have to turn to the club president to talk to him about it, and that he clearly explains the reason for his refusal, you could tell them that you would be ready to take extra insurance .. may be he is afraid that you will fall in the apples. he is more afraid of not being able to intervene !!

  3. Posted by Bruno BandelierHello Kill79,
    I am very surprised that a Karate teacher refuses a student. He gave you reasons why he does not want you as a student?
    I sometimes refuse students because they are too young or they do not have a medical certificate but otherwise I do not see other really valid reasons.

    Hi Bruno,
    Well done as I explained in my presentation, I had to stop taekwondo for health reasons.

    it is now almost 7ans that I have balance problems (I have vertigo that I have more or less successfully tamed after vestibular rehab sessions with the help of a physio). so I explained all this to the teacher, but he does not want to give me a chance to prove myself, so it blows me, but I took note of his remarks and I do not blame him, after all if he does not want to waste his time with students who have little physical worries I will not break it in 2 lol .. it's life .. so I'll definitely see if I can put myself in Tai chi. with a little luck who knows.

    In any case I still wanted to thank you for giving me your passion for karate.

    Thank you

    • Hello Kill79,

      Okay, I understand better why this teacher refused you. It may not be that he does not want to help you, but maybe he can not because it's not always easy to accept someone who has health concerns, would not what in terms of responsibility.
      I hope you can quickly find a martial art adapted to your balance problem.
      I wish you good luck.


  4. Hello Bruno,
    Thank you again for the time you spend, to share your passion for karate.
    I was happy to be able to put into practice everything I read on your blog. Unfortunately I could not do it. I went to the karate club in my city, I spoke with the teacher and he does not want me to be part of his students, so I'm a little disgusted.

    • Hello Kill79,
      I am very surprised that a karate teacher is refusing a student. He gave you reasons why he does not want you as a student?
      I sometimes refuse students because they are too young or they do not have a medical certificate but otherwise I do not see other really valid reasons.

    • Hello Hamid,
      Yes what you do is very good for karate.
      Running helps maintain the cardiovascular and respiratory system to be more enduring. Even if our techniques are brief and fast, you need to be karate hardy to fight and train.
      Bodybuilding is also excellent because it allows you to strengthen your body. This reinforcement will then allow you to progress in Karate techniques. It's like you think of your body as a tool and you sharpen it and maintain it for better use, that's fine.

  5. The brain, not the muscular power, the source of the strength of karateka

    Posted on 16 / 08 / 2012 to 19h05


    More than muscular strength, it is the power of brain connections that would allow karate experts to break boards or bricks with bare hands, according to scientists who have studied the brain impact of intensive training in martial arts .
    The study conducted by British researchers, published in the Cerebral Cortex review, attempted to unravel the mysteries of the tremendous punches wrought by experienced karatekas by searching for the key in their brains rather than their muscles.
    To do this, they compared the brain structure of twelve black belts averaging 13,8 years of experience in karate with that of twelve volunteers of comparable age, practicing regular physical activity but devoid of any training in martial arts.
    The researchers asked their guinea pigs to punch at a very short distance, five centimeters precisely, to measure the speed of their movements.
    As expected, black belts hit faster and stronger, thanks to better synchronized movements of their wrists and shoulders.
    A brain scan showed significant differences between the brains of the two groups in the "white matter" - fibers responsible for transmitting signals from one region of the brain to another - in the cerebellum and the motor cortex primary. These two areas are involved in the control of body movements.
    And the more experienced the karatekas were, the more the changes in the structure of this "white matter" were marked.
    "Black karate belts are able to coordinate their punches repeatedly, with a level of coordination that novices can not match," says Ed Roberts of the Department of Medicine at Imperial College London, co-author of the study.
    "We believe that this ability could come from a fine tuning of the neuronal connections of the cerebellum; which allows them to synchronize very precisely the movements of their arms and their trunk, "he explains.

  6. hello sensei bruno,
    I just received the program of recovery of the third week, we will start kata "that I like a lot",
    thank you very much for the tremendous work you do,
    if one day I become a karate master it will be partly thanks to you,
    you help me a lot to structure my ideas and every time I read your articles I see the techniques' another way.
    best regards.

  7. hello master, I received your book "ABC warm ups" really it's very interesting thank you very much, practicing shotokan MOROCCO.

    • Hello Mimoun,
      I'm glad the ABCs of warm ups are right for you.
      Salutation to Morocco.
      Thank you for calling me Master, I'm touched, but I'm not, just call me Bruno, Thank you.

  8. How are you?
    It is wonderful that you are better off doing karate.
    Next month I will go to France. From Paris to Nice, I will spend 10 days in France.
    This is my third visit to France. My wife and I are looking forward to the trip.

  9. How are you?
    It is wonderful that you are doing best in Karate.
    Next month I will travel in France. From Paris to Nice, I will spend 10 days in France.
    This is my third visit to France. My wife and I are looking forward to the trip.

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