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France 3 Champagne Ardennes (Mars 2016) report in "Here and not elsewhere"


Bruno Bandelier KarateKarate 3G in "Ici et pas ailleurs" on France 3 (Article written by Nassim TALBI)

As you already said Bruno Bandelier, we received the team of France 3 Champagne Ardenne for the program "Ici et pas ailleurs" on Tuesday 23 February to talk about the Karate3G ™ method. The retransmission took place on Thursday 3 march from 19h15. There was the cameraman, the presenter, the one who takes care of the sound and also an assistant for the cameraman.

It was very impressive to see the professionalism of the journalists. First, they introduced themselves, introduced the show and explained that the report would last about five minutes (which is very interesting for us). They then asked Bruno about his business, why he made the decision to stop his work to focus on karate, how and why he started the Karate. Bruno was very comfortable with all the questions asked by the journalists.

Once all the questions are asked and the context is appropriate, the filming can finally begin. Bruno first started by showing his dojo and they made the decision to film him preparing a video, that is to say the setting up of the lights, the camera and finally the shooting of the video. Several shots were necessary to obtain several angles and Bruno remained very professional all along.

In addition to filming him giving a lecture Karate, they also took Bruno doing meditation, it could have destabilized Bruno to have cameras close to him meditating but it had no impact on Bruno (like what the meditation brings a real stability)

After the dojo, it's the presenter's turn, Nazim Belabdelouahab, to learn about Karate, he trains from the living room watching a video of the karate prof of the net. He did not hesitate to correct the presenter so that he can learn better and explains well that the interest of working from home and first of all the fact of correcting oneself and that is how the we progress.

What was also pretty funny is that they asked Bruno to shoot the last scene (I let you discover it in the video, it is quite funny

Then they decided to shoot in our offices. They filmed us working with Bruno and Margaux (the intern in Design). At first, we were not very comfortable with the cameras, it is not easy to be filmed working and stay natural. But in the end, we end up getting used to it and even forget that there are cameras around us.

Then it was my turn to face the reporter's questions. I was not prepared at all but I tried to be as natural and sincere as possible. It was not easy because I could not look at the camera that was right next to me. I expressed my feelings about the company, why I was there when I did not know anything about karate.

And that's how the day ends. The team of France 3 Champagne-Ardenne stayed all day with us, I did not even see the time pass so it was an interesting experience and very rewarding.

Nassim karate3G ™ Interview

It was Nassim TALBI, trainee in communication for Karate-Blog!

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  1. Beautiful article with ease as the videos of Bruno, which I appreciate. It's a great idea to promote this way of training. Bruno is absolutely correct that the work at the dojo and at home is complementary.

  2. Hello Bruno I wanted you to know that for your project I clicked young belt because I start again my I am black 5 in my j, I lost a lot it's more than 18 years that all stopped that's why I clicked young sew it seemed to me more honest from me

    • Hello Giovanardi,

      In fact, if I may, I do not agree with your concept of honesty.

      I explain to you :
      For me, someone who resumes Karate, after a prolonged stop, must put back the belt that he had in order to oblige himself to work to find his level.

      Whether you like it or not, you are still black belt 5ème dan and not yellow belt.

      Imagine that you resume in a club with a yellow belt at the waist. In a few weeks you will have a level well beyond all the yellow belts of the club that will feel down. In addition you have no doubt 100 times more knowledge than they, etc.

      I think that in fact, to be black belt (and in addition 5ème dan) is a responsibility that must be assumed all his life. Moreover, even if you do not practice anymore physically, you are probably always Karateka in the soul (otherwise you would not read this excellent blog :-)). So sorry but for me you're still 5ème dan.

      Here, I understand that you have chosen "yellow belt" by humility, but you must be honest with yourself, you are still black belt 5ème dan.

      My respects Sensei

  3. Hello Mr Bruno Bandelier
    Frankly you did a good job, but most of all it's very convincing because the video was a little brief and the message really passed for me and I guess for all who have seen this video, in fact the most important is this great idea to make KARATE with NET. Indeed, INTERNET can reach many people and especially to practice this discipline at home again it's great, congratulations for all the team that participated in the success of the video and the show!

  4. Hello Bruno,
    I wish you success in your project, I look forward to your next videos of Bunkai and maybe also kihon ippon kumite.
    Thank you for your precious help. See you soon on KBN and K3G.

    • Hello Olivier,

      I thank you for your encouragement, it's nice. Yes of course I will continue to do Bunkai, and for the Kihon Ippon Kumite, I will give you a video to show you how to prepare it without even having a partner.

      But as you say we have to wait a bit because we have a lot of work to "professionalize" a little bit 🙂


  5. Congratulations Nassim,

    for this article and your feedback on this day of filming.
    It was not easy especially with the interview and you did very well.

    I take this opportunity to congratulate also Margaux, our Webdesigner

    Congratulations to you both.

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