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Reach your goals in karate


Achieve karate goalsReach your goals in karate

In karate as in many areas, achieving a goal is not always easy.

Throughout your life, you will have to evolve and grow.

Generations of women and men have done it before you. It's your turn. Those who have gone down in history for doing great things have left you with a lot of tips that are still useful today for success. Below you will find five essential elements to achieve your goals in karate and other areas of interest. You will find a famous Karateka in the company of other men who share the lessons they learned from their successes.

To help you remember these elements think of the way of the empty hand with the method Sensei - 5C:


"What is well conceived is clearly stated - and the words to say it arrive easily. - Nicolas Boileau (1636-1711)

If your goal is to get your black belt, think about what it means and the techniques you need to master to get it. It must be very clear in your mind.
To tell you that you want to be better in karate is not enough.
You can break down your main goal into sub objectives that will talk to you more.
Say, for example, "I want to succeed Yama Zuki" and write it down. When you know this technique well enough, save your new skill somewhere to measure your progress. If your plan for success is clear, your goal will be more easily achieved.


"Self-confidence is the first secret of success" - Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882)

All the black belts of the Earth will tell you: "If I succeeded, you can do it too." Be convinced. Think of all that you have already achieved in your life and your doubts will disappear. Self-confidence develops by reaching goals. When you have successfully cycled, you have given another dimension to your self-confidence. In karate, it's the same. Again, measure your evolution and note it. Each new mastered technique will give you a new reason to have more confidence in you.


"If you spend too much time thinking about something, you'll never do it unless you do an action every day to reach your goal." - Bruce Lee (1940-1973)

This is the quote "incentive-action" par excellence.

He said everything. It's clear, clean and powerful. You must think about your goal just the time to decide that you are going to do a specific action quickly to get closer to your goal.


"The winning warrior is a normal man with a laser focus" - Bruce Lee

Staying focused is not necessarily natural in your everyday life where you constantly zap from one activity to another. Karate is really good for fighting this loss of energy and developing your ability to concentrate.
Think of Bruce Lee and his little cry before he hits. It is the valve that starts making noise before the release of the movement. It is his great power of concentration that gives him, then, as much power and speed.


"My learning has no other fruit than to make me feel how much more I have to learn. - Michel de Montaigne (1533-1592)

To get your next belt or your next rank, multiple difficulties will arise. These obstacles will not slow you too long if you are well prepared. It's your knowledge and skills that will help you achieve your goals. Your desire to learn constantly will therefore promote your success. It's perseverance and it will allow you to reach your goals faster.

Work with goals

Clarity, Conviction, Start, Concentrate and always have more Knowledge. Here are the 5 C of the Sensei method - 5C to achieve your goals in karate. Look at your hand and think regularly about these 5 elements necessary for your success.
Think also about Sensei : "The one who was there before me, who is the guarantor of the knowledge and the experience of a technique or a know-how".
All these sensible words are offered to you by exceptional human beings. I use them constantly with my students and in my trainings.
Take this inheritance as a gift and pass it on. Once you have learned something in karate, you can potentially become a teacher who can pass on his knowledge to others. Do not deprive yourself!

What do you think ?
And do not hesitate to share, in the comments, the quotes that you like and that help you progress in karate.

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  1. I am totally delighted with these quotes, really I find them very important not only in karate but also in everyday. Thank you very much

  2. Oss! This Paul Bob from the city of Cape Haitian. I feel very rich to discover this site. Congratulations and good work. Oss!

  3. Montaigne also wrote "we prepare ourselves more to live than we really live." This said Montaigne lived in a castle and did not wax his pumps. Which makes resignation more bearable.

    The best is perhaps the strategy of small steps (kaizen) when you give yourself big goals is like counting the remaining km during a walk. With small steps, we realize that we obtain results "despite" oneself. We are "human beings" not "human beings" obliged to advance like knickers obsessed by the image that the we give to others ...
    The small steps it is the modesty which makes it possible to last. Do not forget that reaching your goal is to have missed everything else. The guy made karate every night, training every WE, and his wife is barré.avec a big fat..I saw a lot of karatekas, and assimilated, who have demolished and are worse state that the common mortal who has no other goal than to grow the belly.
    In fact, the best thing is to have a personal strategy that will not be the one of the ministries of
    youth, fashion, delusional senseis ... because everyone is special and the general does not succeed to everyone.

    Mr. Funakoshi talked about many enemies, ... the enemy is the thing that demolishes you

    That reminds me of this anecdote: a guy in the kungfu locker room. I do not know what, Bruce Lee? I'm stronger than him "..
    I say, "but what are you talking about? "
    He answers, "I'm stronger than him, just because he's dead and I'm alive ..."

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