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KBN Download Platform ProjectAs you know, I'm creating a download platform for ™ so you can easily download KBN videos to your computer.

I still have a bit of work to do on videos and hosting, but all in all it goes pretty well and I almost finished the formatting of the platform.

However, I have a little problem and I think you should be able to help me. After all, you will be the users of this platform, as much as you participate in its creation 😉

I explain the problem:

Until now, I had not expected you to watch the videos on the platform. You can download them, but not watch them online.

To watch them online, you will have to return to the blog and finally, I wonder if it will not be a little heavy to use. What do you think ?

It may not be very clear ... so that you understand my question, I have prepared you a little movie to explain to you.

You will take the opportunity to take a look at this project. Do you see any improvements to make or things to remove?

>>> Access the platform!


Which solution would you prefer for your future download platform?

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Would you like to download a PDF file for each article in the blog?

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I thank you very much for your help.

Now, tell me in the comments below how you find the download platform on the video!

This is still a project in progress so enjoy! if you have an idea: What would you like me to add? Or that I remove? ...

I will study all your remarks with the greatest attention.

See you soon,

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  1. whatever you do will suit me! adapt to us! I'm not computer savvy enough to give you advice! sorry! others will do that very well

  2. Hello Bruno,
    Very ambitious project, which will take you a lot of time.
    For us users it will be great.
    I think it's better to be able to take a look at the video before taking it on our PC if needed ...

    Small technical question: do you have in mind the "weight" of your videos? Do not they saturate your server?
    Thank you again for your job and your spirit of spreading your knowledge ............

    • Hello Perona,

      The videos make about 15 to 25Mo per minute of movie. For now I still have enough room on the server. For bandwidth, I took a Pro hosting and was assured that the number of simultaneous downloads was unlimited.

  3. hello Bruno

    very kind of you thought of us.
    to you you see the simplest we will adapt.
    thank you for your job on the blog and your advice.
    see you soon

  4. Hello Bruno,

    This platform seems to me indeed a beautiful tool that completes your blog admirably. Now it's a bit difficult to judge without having been there ... following his instinct is usually a good thing ... so GO!

  5. Mohamed LABIDI at

    Posted by Bruno BandelierHello Mohamed,

    Yes I see what you mean, but I'm a bit stuck with the technique because I do not know at all how to display a video in a window.
    If anyone has an idea.

    Good evening Bruno,
    you can tell me with what programming language you work "maybe I can help you do".

  6. Hi Bruno,

    First of all my congratulations for the great work that you do not stop shooting for us, novices.
    The platform is super well done and to tell the truth, I can not find anything to say, that bravo, again and again.

  7. Congratulations for your idea of ​​platform Bruno, to be able to consult all the articles without repassing by your blog between each technique is an excelente idea. This platform seems to me very playful and much simpler to use again thanks to you and your work Bruno!

  8. Hello Bruno,
    Congratulations and thank you for the platform, I find the videos / links and PDF excellent but I would like to know if the program section is included in the menu? as I am a beginner it will arrange me to access the videos according to my program rather than looking for them between the different categories (fist techniques, foot techniques, ...).
    I thank you again for this fabulous work and I wish you good luck for the rest.

  9. Georges Marneffe at

    Hello Bruno, it is a very good idea to watch the video before downloading. Regarding the site is really great, congratulations.
    Thank you for the help you give to people who love karate.

  10. Hello Bruno,

    I will choose the second proposal which would allow a greater freedom of action and would allow an undeniable saving of time.
    So I prefer to see the video or read the file DIRECTLY on the download platform to be able to load them or not, in my folders rather than every time return to the blog.

    Another thing that comes to my mind is the pedagogical aspect.

    Many practitioners are familiar with the techniques but have difficulty retaining the Japanese translation. It is a shame, especially that, during passing exams, at all levels, the orders are given by the examiner, in Japanese ....
    Also, to learn "faster and better", it would be necessary to go beyond the Japanese pedagogy which was based on the only oral tradition.
    How: by playing together all our senses: the ear to hear, the eye to see and read, the hand to write and if we do it ourselves (practice) what we want to learn .
    That is why the idea perhaps, would be to put, as far as possible, without weighing down, for example, between parentheses, the Japanese translation of a French word, including in a menu, or in the text itself :
    Technique (wasa) - Striking techniques (ate-wasa) - Defensive techniques (uke-wasa) - decision-making (kime) - strength (go) - flexibility (ju) etc. ...
    Thank you again Bruno

  11. Bonour Bruno,
    First of all congratulations for your project this one can become very interesting.
    I have several remarks: using the @media attribute of css you can have the pdf generated directly from the blog site (see or with a search on the internet), it will allow you not to lose time to redo a pdf version.
    For the videos it is actually better if you can have a preview at least online before you can download (which is also a good idea and generous from you)
    If your accommodation is on the road this page can help:

    In general, why do you do two different sites rather than integrate the blog into the platform? (or the contrary)

    Good luck anyway and thank you again for your commitment

  12. I just visualize the video, and I think that the platform is good as a whole.
    However I have a question, for the recording of the videos I see that it is necessary to click on save the link, it means that it is only the link which to record and that to visualize the internet connection will it be necessary?
    If the answer is no, I suggest that there is a download part to the video (more explicit than a right click and click on download the # video link).


    • Hello Abu,
      Yes the link will be used for download and the video will be visible offline.
      I see what you mean but to be honest I do not know how to launch a download without going through the right click. I will try to find because you're right, it would be better.

  13. Hello Bruno,

    Thank you kindly involve us in this project downloads platform. It is a great mark of sympathy and consideration. I admit that the videos are purely educational. As such, we can download them and watch them later. I want to emit here the idea of ​​conservation in our video files and the multiple subsequent consultations. However, we can have the crazy desire to enjoy a video hot. Online consultation is needed. To conclude on this point and satisfy everyone, online consultation is the best.

    Concerns PDFs, you must also have them online. They are important. In case we have problems reading videos, we can be inspired for revisions / exercises.

    In the end, I find this platform simple. The manipulation will be very easy. My congratulations Bruno for the work done.

  14. hello Bruno
    I find very good the idea to download.
    For my part, already I was going to download the videos that interested me by going to look for them on you tube with the small utility of special download YOu Tube; So less work with the platform.
    I am also interested in PDF files that once printed can avoid reviewing the video if you want to review just some details.
    on the other hand, why a special download platform.
    would not it be enough to include video and PDF download links
    directly on each blog post.
    visitors watch the videos and have the opportunity to download what interests them.
    According to the polls, the majority would be interested to have the opportunity to see the videos before a possible download.
    thank you anyway;
    the videos are very well done, very well explained
    see you soon

  15. Hello Bruno,

    Very good idea to implement this platform. Personally, I see the home page of KBN, with a tab where could read the articles "general or various" relating to Karate, then a link to the platform where we find, on the one hand, online ( so on the screen) the technical explanations relating to kata, blockages, displacements etc ... (in text format) with link on the related video with possible download, and on the other hand a direct access to the videos of the techniques or katas in question with link to download these.
    The idea is not to have redundant videos, greedy I think in bandwidth on the server and that would slow down considerably access to them if we found them and on the home page and on the platform ...

    Otherwise it's a great idea, and as I'm not a specialist in all this, I leave you to your book and wish you good luck ...

  16. Madeleine Leveau-Fernandez at

    Hello Bruno, I think that the platform looks good because easy to use.
    It is true that my first reaction was "But I would like to see if it's the video that I want" and return to the blog for "quiches" like me in IT was becoming heavy.I therefore find a very good idea to be able to have everything on the same page, video, download and PDF.
    So, big job for you in perspective. Good luck and thank you for your blog that I appreciate bcp.

  17. Hello Bruno

    It would be great to be able to view on the platform before downloading, but it is not essential when you can do it on the Blog and make your choice.
    A big thank you for this beautiful work.


  18. I see you work very well, it's good to have a passion in life, congratulations for your devotion and thank you again

  19. Hello
    I made karate since 1969 style wado ryu teaches since
    1980 volunteers in the soul
    currently the generation wants to live at 100 on time
    the simplest explanations are the videos
    the basics of karate are mostly fly over and watch little video
    excuse punctuation I made efforts with internet
    the solution to learn is not on the internet but
    suggestions from others brings a plus
    thank you no
    but friendly yes

  20. Bruno,

    What I could see from the platform seems excellent. The idea of ​​creating PDF is very good because it allows to consult KBN articles offline (practice at dojo or traveling).

    Thank you again for your work!



  21. Hello Bruno,

    If I understand correctly, the download platform will be well integrated in the Blog (on the top menu, we can see "Download" to the right of "Miscellaneous"). If so, that's fine. Otherwise, to dissociate them seems to me less judicious.

    Having the ability to read videos before downloading does not seem very decisive to me as we know in advance that they are educational, demonstrative videos. We want more and not less, so we do not sort.
    Having realplayer like downloader, I prefer that this possibility also works in this case as for youtube for your videos (have the cone "download with realplayer" above the video).

    In short, the organization of videos according to a consistent technical ranking is very wise and is a huge time saver for the user.

    As for pdf files, my goodness is good for other people. For me, I prefer word files because I can print both sides and play with the font and size.

    Thank you very much Bruno for this great pedagogical work very rare on the net.

    Sincerely, Abdel

  22. I love what you do the videos are very well .ta platform and very nice not a compliment to give thanks for all the help you

  23. It is always more pleasant for the structure of a website to have the animations directly on the site, it makes it more user-friendly.
    So it makes the download not mandatory.
    Youtube allows the storage of video "not accessible" apart from the link that you propose on the site

    In my opinion, a pdf is not very sustainable. If a person loads a pdf it will be to print it and therefore against the concept of sustainable development. So just a link to the article would suffice.

    Informally speak it's more logical. ONE file and ONE place.

    To see the video you have to go through the site, which makes it more popular with google.

    In any case thank you for everything.

    Here is my humble opinion


    • Hello Felix,

      A pdf is not necessarily to print it, but to be able to see the article offline so it is more in the sense of sustainable development.
      And then it's up to everyone to take responsibility at home, otherwise I would not do anything at all because nothing that putting videos at your disposal is not environmentally friendly. You have to power the servers with electricity and every time you connect you consume electricity ...
      So a pdf, even printed is probably more eco-friendly than to connect dozens of times to review the same article or the same video.
      Otherwise I can send you all this by pigeon traveler, but I have to reorganize a little and we will have to wait ...


      PS: I was joking, of course ... in the first place, I have no place ... for the racing pigeons

  24. Mohamed LABIDI at

    It's a good job, but I have a comment.
    Instead of the link to view the video I think it's better if you will put the next option "if I click on the image a window with the image size will be displayed in the middle of the screen and this window contains the video "it's easier and more efficient.

  25. Hello Bruno,

    I think we have to get down to the level of the weaker, so to draw a parallel a white belt should not feel excluded. So the solution I look at or / and I download seems to me the most suitable solution.

    Congratulations for the time you spend to share your knowledge.

    Best regards.


  26. Will there be a search by words with a tab where we want to find a kata, a technique only by typing it into a search tab. I'm doing this right now by typing the name I'm looking for on google. Thank you

  27. Bonsoir

    The second solution seems to me more adapt thanks for your creative approach. I send your blog.
    Good continuation.


  28. Hi Mr. Bruno really I congratulate you for this project absolutely it is ideal we always find a problem when downloading so now and after the manufacture of this project it makes us easy task I have nothing to add good luck

  29. Hi to you

    I congratulate you for the work you do

    you seem to be passionate

    I find your ideas original and practical

    I think you have to get started and improve afterwards

    if you listen to the opinions of all you will lose time

    I am your infos but I start my training CQP

    and I can not disperse

    if I can later give you ideas I would gladly

    see you soon

  30. Congratulations Bruno and thank you for all the work you do. This platform is very rich in teaching and very well designed. Bravo! I will not fail to share my comments as and when.

  31. Good idea if it can only view them on Yahoo it was enough to download them with DownloadHelper for example.
    Nevertheless, your platform will facilitate manipulations and the PDF file will avoid creating it yourself with PDFcréator for example.
    Good night

  32. Good evening Bruno,

    A superb platform at first sight that will take a lot
    time to create, especially if you add the pdf files ...

    Sure, that with more video on the same page it will be much more convenient.

    But, at the same time what is better, will take a lot more time, so it becomes embarrassing for us to give you our opinion.
    If you need concrete help, do not hesitate!

  33. Hello Bruno, your platform project is I think well designed.
    it is true that you can consult the videos as well as the PDF page without having
    an internet connection, is a very good idea.
    This platform seems to access, fairly simple and easy navigation, and should not pose any problems of use, compared to the blog.
    Thank you again for your involvement and your dedication to the service of all.

  34. DIDIER jean-pierre at

    Bravo bruno for your platform.
    For my part I also prefer to watch the video before downloading. Very well also PDF files. I can not wait to be able to
    test it.
    Thank you again for your commitment.

  35. karatechaumontois at

    Hello Bruno, as far as I'm concerned I have no particular comments to make because your blog is very good and suits me perfectly. Thank you for your investment and all the work you do, it's really nice. Congratulations for your continued enthusiasm. Long live the passionate people. See you soon. Greetings friendly. Sebastian

  36. Hello Bruno,

    Very good your download platform project. For my part I also prefer to be able to watch the video before being able to download it. Very well also PDF files. I can not wait to surf on your platform.
    Your blog is already very well done and I think the platform will be a good complement.

    It's great that you share your knowledge and experience and I think it's very useful and not just for beginners.

    Thank you for all that.



  37. Hi Bruno,

    Congratulations, your platform is very good. Just a note about the page / article version with video, it should be a link to the blog article "read the article" (in addition to the pdf version) and vice versa from the blog to the platform.
    This is to facilitate navigation.
    Would not you be interested in writing the articles "technique" directly in the platform and point them via the blog with a ticket of a few lines, the blog would serve in this case to all the rest?

    Congratulations for your work.

  38. Thank you for all these videos.
    I did not see everything, but a cycle for middle and high school students could help me.
    Congratulations for the platform!

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