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Download platform project - Give your opinion!


KBN Download Platform ProjectAs you know, I'm creating a download platform for ™ so you can easily download KBN videos to your computer.

I still have a bit of work to do on videos and hosting, but all in all it goes pretty well and I almost finished the formatting of the platform.

However, I have a little problem and I think you should be able to help me. After all, you will be the users of this platform, as much as you participate in its creation 😉

I explain the problem:

Until now, I had not expected you to watch the videos on the platform. You can download them, but not watch them online.

To watch them online, you will have to return to the blog and finally, I wonder if it will not be a little heavy to use. What do you think ?

It may not be very clear ... so that you understand my question, I have prepared you a little movie to explain to you.

You will take the opportunity to take a look at this project. Do you see any improvements to make or things to remove?

>>> Access the platform!


Which solution would you prefer for your future download platform?

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Would you like to download a PDF file for each article in the blog?

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I thank you very much for your help.

Now, tell me in the comments below how you find the download platform on the video!

This is still a project in progress so enjoy! if you have an idea: What would you like me to add? Or that I remove? ...

I will study all your remarks with the greatest attention.

See you soon,

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  1. Hello,

    I find your videos excellent to progress.
    The only thing missing is having a lexicon of French / Japanese terms to learn vocabulary.
    It would be interesting to have a PDF document of the terms used because learning and passing of belts also go through the understanding of the terms used.
    Thank you and good luck!

    Jean-Pierre de Brest

  2. thank you master bruno. my problem is that the pronunciation of positions in Japanese tires me. I do not know how to do.

  3. Really a very good idea your site, very well done and very punctual, I have 60 years and I did martial arts all my life, by 5 sequences 10 years, my style is the Yoseikan, big thank you Bruno

    • Hello Med,

      This is normal, the download platform is not yet in place.

      By cons you have a keyboard, try to use it properly, because for your first comment, it's still not terrible: _)
      You'll do better next time!


  4. Hi Bruno,
    Making this new site will still take a lot of time but if the result is good the number of visitors may explode. In my opinion you must know how to touch both beginner and one who is computer literate. I think this site should be simple to visit but it must allow everyone to take the information he needs in karate to improve.

  5. it is an excellent idea !
    I simply think that the top banner (at the top of the screen) is a bit austere. Maybe putting a photo in the background would be better ... Good luck!

  6. Hello Bruno,
    you do a great job. I am an old karateka who stopped at 1er kyu and since 25 years I do ju jitsu. I find your site great because firstly I never stopped karate in my mind and secondly it is an essential complement to ju jitsu even if one is no longer part of the same federation.
    Let's go back to our sheep, regarding your platform, a very nice job as usual.

  7. Hello Bruno,
    Frankly, your blog is already very complete for all that we want to see and know about karate. The download platform is great and more personally (I voted ..), I download if it interests me. So do not see her before, no worries. I seemed to see that we can also open the link in a new tab: so we can watch 2 minutes before deciding to download, right? I forgot: the interface is nice.
    In short, to you to see, there is your blog, you add this platform, it is already huge as a source of information, so there is something to do!

  8. Good evening Mr. Bandelier,
    your download platform project is a great idea. Congratulations and thank you for your involvement and your constant research work to improve a site that is already really "at the top".
    I think for myself that a download platform is simply dedicated to downloading. The blog serves all the rest. Similarly, if you also pass the articles (already very rich in content and therefore a lot of research work behind) in PDF for us, it's chew us the work ... but I admit that it will give an even more pro, clean, and close to perfection at the site.

  9. Bruno hat,
    What a job and more free access!
    The platform looks simple and intuitive it's really nice.
    Good luck and good luck for the remaining money

  10. I think this site is very interesting to progress in this sport, because it allows to return to the basics that must be worked regularly, even at the ranks. Thank you bruno I find his super.

  11. Patrice Tshiyekela at

    hello Bruno and thank you for the distance teaching talent that you deplore. I am grateful for the work already done and this platform will be a little more especially for us who live far from safe sources (I live in DR Congo) and the supervision of young karatekas must be done in a way to respect not only the techniques, but also the spirit of the way. Thank you
    Patrice- 57- RD Congo- Youth Framer

  12. it is better to see the videos on the platform and download the bdf file for more information and expand the karate culture.

  13. Sensei thank you for this great platform idea, it would help us perfect our techniques to improve.I find this platform correct and I hope you would take my vote on your question.

  14. Bruno, KBN as it is currently for me and I thank you again because it is a very necessary support for all karatekas wanting to progress by doing a surplus of work at home (whatever style you practice you know certainly the story of the pyramid). Now you want to push a little more accessibility of all your videos and I say that you gast us too much. Luc Georges Ramiandravola

  15. Thank you again for all this work.
    Compared to advertisements,
    Why not introduce it?
    Above all, to all that touches our passion.
    That would be good for you, and for us
    and especially make it simple, with explanatory menus,
    degrees to follow, like a dictative course, or the path to respect for the belts and various * dan *.
    and since this blog, is made for home exercises.
    Make us a list of specifications to be respected, for exercises to produce in front of our small screen.

    PS: as each work deserves salary,
    put an account number, or we would have the opportunity to give you a due.
    if there is the possibility of paying by E-Banking, because not everyone to a visa card
    Thanks for all.

    • Hello Pascal,

      It's very nice to think about my wallet, but you know, there was a logo "Don" on this blog, there are still a few days and I had not touch a dime since about 1 year. So I gave up the idea and removed that link.

      Advertising, there is already a little on the blog and Youtube videos, I plan to remove them because it brings back breadcrumbs so I do not want there to be on the platform.


  16. Good evening Bruno,
    Your platform will be superb anyway.
    And I can not wait for you to finish it.
    It is 2 months that I did not wear my karategi, too much work with hours of m ...
    Fortunately you are here to keep my motivation intact.
    Thank you again for all the time you spend for us.

  17. Super
    For my part I would tell you to make it simple, the videos are on the blog, easily accessible so a platform for download, it suits me well (good but in democracy must take into account different opinions ..)

    The pdf would be a plus but it will make you a job not ??
    We become demanding, it's not nice ...

  18. sober effective as your site, frankly that happiness for weeks or I can not go to the dojo. In addition to being able to have streaming access to the video especially for those who do not have masses of storage or those who watch your articles on their tv
    thank you for all your work.

  19. Hello,

    I still have trouble viewing online (even on youtube or the like). For me, a simple download platform is ideal!
    Watch before, why not but I do not feel the need, I trust what you achieve ...

    The model corresponds well to this idea: simple, functional and the advantage of presenting this immense work that you did. The possibility of having a link between the blog and the platform would be a little more.

    Bravo and thank you

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