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Progress in Karate thanks to progress!


Download all KBN videos on your PC

Make progress in Karate thanks to the progress of technology:

The KBN download platform allows you to follow your Karate video lessons for your personal workouts, anywhere, anytime, anywhere there is an internet connection.

It's really a success and the first registrants are already enjoying all the benefits of this new service and can already download all the videos of KBN as well as all the pdf files that I created for this platform.

Personal feedback on my workouts in my living room:

When I started karate 1993 (yes, already :-)) we did not have the chance to have tablets and smartphones ... Computers and Internet were not developed as now and it n It was not easy to find outside help to revise these techniques and kata kata.

I remember that to work at home, my friend Bruno (eh, yes again a Bruno!) Lent me video tapes (For the youngest they are ancient systems that allowed to record videos of 60 or 90 min in 60 or 90 min with a quality ... mediocre :-(, but for older, it was great, it was progress!).

These were Kata videos from the JKA (You know those on a blue background!) that I copied using two VCRs (For the youngest ones I invite you to look for what it is in your history books), and despite the very poor quality of the image, I worked my kata at home very regularly.

This work at home, in addition to my workouts at the dojo, was a accelerator for my progression. Thanks to these trainings in my living room, I quickly got my belts of color and at the end of the first season I was already wearing a belt green. So I continued to work with these cassettes at least 2 or 3 times a week and in December 1995 (2 years after I got registered at the club) I got the technical part of the black belt.

I am sure this result would not have been possible without my work at home. Of course, I have this first result to my teacher Antonio Times and my regular training at the dojo but this rapid progression is mainly due to these famous cassettes and the personal work at home that they allowed me to achieve. Yet these videos were not courses, but just videos of Kata that we had to dissect by ourselves, but it was better than nothing and without this help I probably would never have evolved as I I did and maybe I would never have created this blog. So I thank the JKA and these famous tapes on a blue background!

Progress in Karate thanks to progress:

Since a few years thanks to the Internet and our more and more powerful computers, we are lucky to be able to access online karate courses in high definition for free directly on the net without having to make copies between video recorders. A few clicks and we are entitled to an online karate course. I assure you that it is really a plus that I would have appreciated in 1993!

Some complain about progress and the nuisance it can cause sometimes. And it is true that we must not let progress destroy us and that we must remain in control of our evolution. But frankly, we should all be happy about the progress we are making and the ease with which the internet and our computers allow us to access everything we need.

Since 2011, when I started the adventure of karate clear and net, I am delighted every day to be able to share my passion and to be able to help hundreds see thousands of karateka in France but also all over the world to boost their progress thanks to online karate classes in their living room.

Today thanks to the KBN download platform, it is an additional service available to you and everything becomes even simpler

Judge instead:

  1. You can access the platform very easily with your computer whether it is a PC or a MAC or your touch pad (Ipad or others) or even your smartphone (Iphone, Galaxy, ...).
  2. You navigate within the platform so intuitive and can easily find the video you are looking for thanks to a simple and user-friendly menu or the integrated search engine.
  3. You can even choose your training videos depending on your Karate level.
  4. To facilitate your choice of video, you can of course view them very easily, in Streaming and without ads, directly on the platform, either on the video page or on the category page of the video.
  5. In order to upload your video, nothing more simple, you make a right click and you choose "save as ...". You then select a folder on your computer, tablet or smartphone and the download starts instantly without any bit rate limitation and once your video is uploaded you can watch it without any changes. It will be visible on your computer, but also on your tablet or smartphone. You can choose to upload your video in HD (1280 × 720) or SD (640 × 360) or Mobile (480 × 270) format
  6. You can also copy your video to a USB stick or DVD to take him wherever you want. You can watch it on a DVD player for example for even more realistic training on the big screen of the show or take your videos to the club or to friends in a spirit of sharing ...
  7. And you can deepen your research and your study of Karate by making slow down, freeze frames. You can go back to review a passage of training ... You will be able to study in more detail a Karate technique, a Kata, a Kihon ...

All this is possible thanks to progress!

If you too wish to progress thanks to progress, you can join us

Click here to access the platform
KBN Videos Download Site

Now ask me all the questions you want on the download platform in a comment below

See you soon,

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