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Program N ° 2 on 12 weeks: Heian Shodan, Nidan ...


12 weeks of training of karate in video: Program N ° 2

You have probably already followed the program N ° 1 and know the principle of these trainings: You do them in parallel of your training in Dojo even if they are completely different. On the contrary, it allows you to vary the difficulties.

The advantage of these pre-established programs is that they allow you to do your workouts at home in a variety of ways and without asking any questions. You follow me and I guide you.

Here is the second story I prepared for you with the videos of ™.

The purpose of this program is going to be learning the first two Heian with in parallel an important work on the scapular and pelvic belts.

Of course, as usual, you are free to vary this program according to your daily life and especially your general fatigue.

Remember that rest is essential to give the body the necessary adaptation time to progress.

Without rest, no progress possible !!!

I voluntarily decreased the training load of the weeks 4 and 8 and 12 to precisely allow the body to assimilate the training. I replaced a workout with a stretching session, but you can turn it into a nice walk in the forest, or a good game of petanque :-). The important thing will be to relax.

As for the program N ° 1, a third session would be interesting to progress even faster. I let you choose from the videos you've already seen. This session will serve as a review.

My videos do not include warm-ups, which are very important for preparing the joints, muscles and cardiovascular system for the effort.

The easiest way for you is to follow the method that I designed and that I offer you in the book the ABC of warm-ups.

You can download it by filling out the form below.

Program N ° 2 - 12 weeks: Heian Shodan, Nidan ...

1th week:

> Jodan Age Uke: Blocking up

> Tetsui Uchi, Iron hammer strike

2th week:

> Zenkutsu Dachi - Stance on the front leg

> How to accelerate your moves in Karate: principle of "letting go"

3th week:

> Oi-Zuki: The power of 2 legs in the arm

> Kokutsu Dachi: Back leg flexed

4th week:

> Shuto Uke, Knife hand block

> Upper body stretches

5th week:

> Gedan Barai: Blocking down

> Heian Shodan: The first for the black belt

6th week:

> Yoko Geri: Side kick

> Uchi uke: blocking from the inside to the outside

7th week:

> Mae Geri, Front kick

> Morote Uchi Uke: Both arms are one

8th week:

> Heian Nidan: Basic Kata but high level

> Stretching to free the hips

9th week:

> Yori Ashi: Dragged step

> Uraken Uchi: Backhand of fist

10th week:

> Gyaku-Zuki: Punching the rear arm

> Kihon: Combination of punches

11th week:

> Soto Uke: Blocking from outside to inside

> Empi Uchi: Nudge

12th week:

> Upper body stretches

> Stretching to free the hips

This program is not fixed in stone, it is there to guide you, but you must always listen to your body and your feelings.

Feel free to go back and review passages that are grieving you. Speak to the Dojo, to your teacher, to the Sempai, and leave me comments. Dialogue is important.

The steps to climb Karate are numerous and with this new program, you have just taken a new step.

Mostly Do not give up if the task seems difficult and you have the impression of stagnating.

It happens, but you have to hang on, sometimes rest, and progress eventually comes back.

Do not forget that you can all be Black Belt, I can prove it to you.

Good training and good luck.
Bruno : )

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  1. hello sir, I am very glad to know you in this area is the defense thank you for this book because I like karate me and I know that soon I'll be like you

  2. Hi Mr bruno!
    if I begin for example to work the second week "zenkutsu and acceleration ..." after working the first week "age uke and tetsui" it is necessary to include during the work of the second week the technique of the first week where it is necessary only to focus on the two technique of the week ???

    and then we can have the program number 3 please, because I work well and I evolve well with this program ...
    thank you, I wait your answer as soon as possible with success ..

    • Hello Jack,

      It is best to continue to do the techniques weeks before. Without specially reviewing the videos but redo the techniques in kihon.
      I only put 2 days of workouts a week, but to really progress, the best is to do even a very short revision every day so that your brain records the gestures in the long-term memory.
      Sorry for the 3 program, but I have not had time to create it yet.


  3. Catherine Charreyre at

    In addition to emails from Kamel, Abdel and especially Josiane, I added modestly that I took over the karate 53 years in September 2012, after 10 years of arrest. I have never been very talented (yes I am also a woman), but thanks especially to the great atmosphere of my club and our teachers, I just spent my brown belt. It's hard to say how good this practice is for me, and it helps me in a very stressful work environment. I will probably never do a "real" Mawashi Geri Jodan, but there is still everything else ... The old, do not be afraid, go ahead!
    Thank you Bruno for this generous and very clear site.

  4. josiane, 59 years, beginner. I appreciate being able to see and review the video. and this in the different directions, quietly! but as not gifted in computer science, do not always find the video! but I'm doing it !!!

  5. hello, good voila me that I will ask na nothing to have with the courses of the top, but his remains in the term of karate, you have tips to learn to fall without exploding the blow (level roulade) because every time Whether at the dojo where I train when I train I fall on the side or wrong position and I hurt the shot in short I can not do his damn roll nor forward nor back lol, if you had advice would be nice

    • Hello Karene,

      No sorry, I do not have any advice for roulades.
      It would be better to ask a judoka, that's their specialty.

      But I do not understand well: That the club you happen to fall, ok, but at home, what do you do as training to fall back on the side?

  6. Hello Bruno,
    I wanted to thank you for your didactic and exciting work of karate improvement. I have a problem with the videos. They are often with a black screen and just the sound, so there are many that I can not read. How can I counter this inconvenience? I thank you in advance for your reply and wish you a great day.
    Philippe H.

  7. Congratulations for the blog, it is very well done. and I even order and receive the book karate-do, my Way, my Life. it's been 15 days that I joined the dojo. I do a week self defense and 1 karate week. and it will help me for my career because I am training as a security officer and private security. I am 37 years and very happy to start his activities there. to +

  8. Dear teacher,

    Do you think that someone who is 53 years old, former sportsman who has stopped the sport for fifteen years' can resume training Karate and can succeed in the Mae Ger and Mawashi Geri. In short, with his serious, can he get a black belt.



    • Hello Kamel,
      Do you think we can tell a former sportsman of 53ans who wants to do karate that he can not?
      Of course you can do karate, of course you can make Mae Geri and Mawashi Geri (maybe not Jodan, but in the ribs and knees, it hurts too!) And of course you can get your black belt.
      It's all about motivation, courage, envy, pleasure ... and seriousness! In short if you want, you can (unless against your doctor's advice of course)
      I say it and I say it again, Karate is excellent for young people because it allows them to forge a harmonious body and an alert mind, but it is also excellent for the not so young to preserve or find a healthy body and reconnect the sleeping neurons.
      In short, do yourself a favor and throw yourself on "the way of the empty hand", Karate-do is good for you!

      PS: To complete what I just wrote, I invite you to read the presentation of Abdel du Maroc who started Karate at 60 years.

  9. thank you very much for this program. I attack the heian nidan, for an orange belt. A bit hard with an ongoing PhD thesis, a job, and 4 kids. Your videos allow me to train when I have some free time.

    in any case, good luck and good luck for the rest of your site ^^.

    Cédric Gonon

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