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Press release (July 2015)

0 ™: karate classes that boost the progress of karatekas

Karate: a sport to be good in your body and well in your head!

To get off to a good start at the Rentrée, nothing like being (re) put to practice a sport! This is the best solution if you want to feel fit all year long.

And it's not just about reshaping your physique! Your mind and even your good mood can be greatly boosted by the practice of a complete sports activity such as karate.

Do you know that the world's first martial art is also part of 20 sports favorite French? More than 230 000 people practice it on our territory, of which 30% of women (according to the official figures of the Federation).

It must be said that the list of its benefits is particularly long: weight loss, better cardiovascular health, flexibility and end of back pain, memory development, better stress management, self-confidence ...

To progress much faster, there is a very effective new approach that complements face-to-face courses. It was developed by a specialized graduate professor, who is also black belt 3ème dan karate: Bruno Bandelier. You can train at home at your own pace, whatever your level.

The good news is that this approach is totally free! It is accessible to all on ™, a site that brings together a community of more than 15 000 subscribers.

bruno-bandelier-karate-etched ™: free karate classes accessible online by a Karate Teacher

On, everything is free !

Whatever your level, even if you are completely beginner, you can enjoy permanently and unlimitedly:

  • course in video:
  • articles and tips published on the blog: how to stretch well, the art of surpassing yourself, how to learn self-defense in your living room ...
  • resources to download: programs to warm up well, to free the hips by stretching ...
  • and exchange in a friendly atmosphere with a huge community of 15 000 karate enthusiasts!

You do not take any risk: not only do you have nothing to pay, but you also enjoy the 15 years of experience of Bruno Bandelier, a true karate teacher who also teaches face-to-face at the Langres Karate Club. ™: "Clear Karate"

to progress quickly and well

Why train at home in addition to lessons at the dojo? It's simple: the more you practice, the more you progress. ™ is a true philosophy of learning born of an observation: between two sessions at the club, students forget the techniques, the kata ... So we must start all over again and the evolution is much slower.

While practicing karate at home, you move quickly, without getting bored. You pass your different belts faster and especially you feel much faster the benefits of this fabulous sport.

There is no competition with karate clubs: the two are complementary.

Bruno Bandelier explains:

I myself have a karate club. I'm doing my classes video, in the same way as my club lessons, so people get feel like at the club and appreciate my pedagogy.

You can trust him: he managed to get his black belt in 2 barely years! ™, the only French-language site to offer

karate classes online

On, we do not do in the useless blah. You always learn something, whether you are novice or confirmed.

The answers to the most basic questions can be found, such as "How to make your belt knot? "

But also very technical demonstrations to learn how to make a Kata, as for example, Heian Nidan (kata basic high level):

And even parries to learn to defend themselves like the Soto Uke, a blockage with the forearms:

About Bruno Bandelier, a pedagogue

karate lover

This more than 15 years Bruno Bandelier teaches karate. 15 years he shares and he infuses his passion to other karatekas.

He discovered this sport in 1993. Two years later, he gets his black belt. His secret: in addition to training at the dojo, he practices at home, based on video tapes.

10 years later, in 2005, he takes over the Karate Club of Langres. He then passes his state certificate and a Karate DEJEPS. He is today 3ème dan and develops multiple projects around karate. ™ was born in 2011, following an unsuccessful search for online courses to share on the site of his club where he is still a professor. 4 years later, his site has established itself as a reference in the field of karate courses. More than 15 000 subscribers regularly follow his courses in videos. Whether it's learning a technique or revising a kata, everyone can find it!

In 2014, Bruno continues to innovate by launching the karate3G ™ method, a new karate training platform that allows:

  • download all ™ courses as well as all articles as a PDF booklet
  • to access LIVE workshops (Webinars)
  • to benefit from an option of Coaching with training plans to pass the different belts karate
  • to follow trainings on bodybuilding, breathing, meditation, etc.

A book is also being written. His subject: the karate3G ™ method.

Test and discover the "karate clear and net"!

To find out more, the easiest way is to directly discover Bruno Bandelier's approach: ™


Bruno Bandelier


Tel: 06 78 92 11 72

Website: ™

Youtube : Bruno Bandelier

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Twitter: Bruno Bandelier

Google +: Bruno Bandelier

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