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Hello everyone,

Marc, a subscriber of ™ had a brilliant idea (Merki, Marc ;-)):

Create a presentation section, so that " the community knows a little better »

I find this idea very good because it will give some dynamic to your blog.

This new page is for you.
It will allow each of you to introduce yourself.

Personally, I do not show up because I already did it in the page: Presentation

So, It's yours, just put your presentation in a comment below

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  1. Hi, I'm Gil and I'm 51 years old.
    I started Shotokan karate 5 weeks ago.
    It is by going to discover this sport to my son 6 years that I wanted to get back to it, I had indeed practiced Thai boxing 20 ago for 7 years.
    Today I found in karate, a sport less brutal than Thai Boxing.
    I'm happy to follow Bruno's advice.
    Best regards,

  2. it's SAID;

    I thank you for the info, and advice that you gave us! Unfortunately I reside in Algeria

    and it is impossible for me to send you your fees, as there is no transfer of money.

    a big thank you.for reminder I practice bodybuilding and I have 62 ans.A Soon.

    • Hi Said,
      Do not worry about "my fees", this site is completely free. So you can enjoy it as much as you want.

  3. At 20 years, 1 year of karate in Annecy, brought me more than any other sport. I think yoga is just as effective, but in other ways. Currently I have 60 years, a hectic life, and not enough room to resume, even if I die of envy especially for my son 11 years. I hope to solve this problem of time and place soon, and find a place at home to put some tatami, and follow the videos of our dear friend Bruno who does a remarkable job. I take care of bio-sourced construction, bioclimatic since 30 years, architect initiator of these new techniques. Currently in business, I am the founding president of Construire en Hemp, and make homes zero heating and air conditioning, healthy for the man and beneficial for the environment.

  4. I am Diallo I have 50 Ivorian state nurse resdant in Abidjan Ivory Coast black belt 1er DAN
    president of the Koumassi Municipal Club (CMK) also president of the KOUMASSI league, PORT BOUET, and VRIDI.I did the yoseikan karate do and now the high school of yoseishin nippon karate do.and voila

  5. Hello Bruno,

    I soon 66 years and I am a beginner (09 / 2016) Shotokan karate. I prepare the orange belt. In parallel I resume the practice of Aikido. I had done six years at the end of the 70 years and at the beginning of the 80 years. I also do some riding, tennis and golf.

    My activities as an entrepreneur are related to one of my two "caps", that of psychologist: I am a consultant / coach. I also teach communication, project management and conflict management in IUT .... but I teach less and less!

    My second cap is in the technical field (former technical France Telecom). It always serves me, thanks to reflexes of reasoning, to approach and to treat certain problems.

    Other than that I like to read (a lot), I like music (I learn saxophone and drums) and I like to share discussions, barbecues and good times with my friends!

    I found your site interesting and, compared to other similar sites, I find that you show a lot of pedagogy. This is not a compliment in the air coming from a teacher! I really appreciate your video on "Heian Nidan": in addition to classes I take twice a week at the dojo, it allows me to work at home ... and prepare the passage of the orange belt!

    Thank you for putting at our disposal a very interesting material for our practice of karate, even if I do not know yet everything that contains your site. I will "explore" it in the coming months so that it accompanies me in my work of young karateka ... .failing to be a young karateka!

    Sincerely, René Noguès

  6. Read the info on this block is always a real delight, I learned a lot. This work acharmé that you do all around the world bears good fruit Sensei Bruno Bandelier. "Thank you for everything ".
    I am clear, I practice the shotokan since 2 years and 6 months, currently in 2 kyu.I come from a family musician, so that I had the framing that it is necessary for the learning of the violin of which I master a little. i have always loved watching martial art movies, it was when i entered university that i went into a shotokan club at college, i was scared, seeing my roundness i was saying i could not do karate, the sensei encouraged me to enroll, I have made exciting progress to conclude the testimonies of my sensei, my friends, my family, My roundness has metamorphosed into a beautiful sihouette, the fats of my stomach are transformed In my muscles, my breathing problems vanished and I was even told that I really rejuvenated, to say only that in the benefits of karate in my life. I started to learn Latin dance (rumba, salsa, manbo, meringue ...) it is already 1 years. Noted though that at the moment, I finished college I work in a company 9 h a day. Due to lack of time, I do not need to give up, I am always motivated, I am always karate lessons when I come out of work and I practice at home. I am asked how did I do it? I answer (When we want to do something just sleep a little later, and wake up a little earlier).
    Thank you, my sports greetings.

  7. Hi all,
    I discovered karate a year ago, after being a simple spectator I decided to register.
    I'm in my sixth class and I get hooked, karate allows me to take the pressure off and feel better. I am a white belt and I have just learned my first kata.
    Thank you Bruno for these videos that help me to work at home and progress.

  8. My name is Moncef ASSA, practicing karate shotokan (1e dan).
    I have a Youtube channel with 2 other karateka; we are all 3 world champions IBA 2017. The channel is called "SMS Black Belt". GO SEE! 😉

  9. Miguel ARCHAMBAUD at

    I am Miguel ARCHAMBAUD, I practice, in club, KARATE shotokan since 2013 and am brown belt today and en route for black. I go on a lot of interesting KARATE sites I go from time to time on the site of BRUNO to have some advice on certain points; knowing that I find excellent information and quality training in my club and that the blog attracts more my curiosity and allows me to quietly review some points. I prefer to confront others and do internships as soon as the opportunity arises.

    Nevertheless, thank you for existing, the references of the net is a practical complementary help.

  10. Hello yannick 47 years I intend to get my black belt to be a teacher because I am moving to the Philippines and I want to open a karate school for children to disadvantage because I think karate these also give of I have a work that allows me to train all day long I really want this school to give them comfiance give them values ​​of respect towards them and towards others

  11. sylvain Bwanondo at

    My name is Sylvain Bwanondo. I have 39ans and I practice karate from 1993. I am black belt Shodan and I live in Burundi.
    thank you bcp for your advice.

  12. Hello my name is Jonathan I 19 years I live in the Loire Atlantique, I am blue belt, it is about 4 years that I practice karate shotokan and in addition I practiced kobudo but it is 2 years that I stopped . For each passage of rank and even otherwise I train thanks to I think it's easier with Bruno than with my club.

  13. Hello

    My name is Melanie, I am 35 years old! I live in Lévis, which is on the southern shores of Quebec in Canada

    I am a boxer since 7 years. I did parallel kenpo since 5 years, I returned to my brown belt.

    What I like most is going to the martial art conventions, where I meet several Grand Master and students who are all inspiring in their manners. inspires me all year, helps me to structure myself in my training!

  14. Hello, my name is Isabelle, I live in the Yonne (89), I have 48 years and I practice traditional jujitsu. I currently spend my 2ème Dan. I started with judo and I love martial arts. I regularly do karate shotokan training, kung fu style of the white crane, tai chi chuan style yang, and regularly, I participate in Masterclass with international masters near Toulouse (Blagnac). I created a section of self defense in my club which I am also the volunteer secretary for several years. Martial arts in general have brought me a lot in everyday life and the hours of sharing and humility on the tatami always make me vibrate. To transmit one's knowledge and to learn is a fundamental principle. I have 2 other passions: reading and my 2 chats.

  15. Hi everybody,

    I am Lionel 40 years living currently on Toulouse. I practiced Goju Ryu for 7 years I stopped in 1998 to devote myself to another sport.
    I resumed practice last year with another style of Okinawa Uechi-Ryu; I practice in parallel the Kobudo of Okinawa (for those who do not know too much these styles, I invite you to visit the informative site

    The styles I practice put a lot of emphasis on hardening the body. Bruno's videos (even if he does not make katas that I know


  16. Bonjour à tous
    My name is Carole-Lyne and I live in Valais in Switzerland.

    I am a beginner in karate. Before I practiced different sports like running, zumba, water aerobics and acquabike.

    After 2 years of study (in addition to my work) period during which I had no more time for the sport, I took a lot of weight at 37ans.

    I wanted to resume a sport but something that takes, that I will have fun to practice, which could have an influence on my lifestyle and especially free my mind of the daily stress ....

    Initially I thought I would start yoga to relax and work my breathing, but people who know me understand that to do the "lotus flower" that will have quickly let me go ...

    Talking to a friend he spoke to me about the karate he has been practicing since 4 or 5 years and the club he belongs to .... that interested me a lot and the next Tuesday I was in training ...

    Honestly I came out of this first course not exhausted but revitalized ... I was mentally and physically relaxed and the next day when I wake up, I who was tense I was always relaxed and no aches ... careful I'm not saying that it is not physical but it is so interesting that we do sport we sweat but without suffering .... I thought that karate was a violent sport it's the opposite that it channels and soothes ... more the fact of concentrating on his movements and his breath, sharing moments off work out of home with people passionate about karate that empty the head, distress and especially it is holy ....

    I really found a thrilling and relaxing sport I do not care anymore.

  17. My name is Lounes, I am 52 years old, I am a scientist in agronomical sciences.
    I started karate at the age of 46 when my son enrolled to practice karate. I have an orange belt and it's been almost 4 years since I stopped practicing karate for social reasons, but I still dream of one day. I hope that with you Bruno I will have the courage to do it.

  18. Hello!

    My name is Thibaut and I live in Swaziland in Southern Africa for two and a half years. I found a very small Shotokan karate club affiliated with the Japan Karate Association (JKA). I started with them two years ago and I am now a brown belt, or "black belt apprentice" as Bruno says.

    This blog complements well Dojo training, at the level of technique but also other tips (for example how to retain kata for life).



  19. Hello !
    I am 18 years old and I am doing traditional jujitsu since 7 years, I am 1er Dan since a few months.
    I seriously think about starting karate. I'm still a little afraid to mix things in between the two disciplines.

    Thank you Bruno, for your great videos and this great blog!
    It's really awesome !
    Thank you so much!


  20. Hello
    I am called Ali Ghaith I am 16 years and I live in Lebanon
    I am interested in karate and I intend to learn this discipline using this site

  21. Hi Bruno and everyone, my name is Jean I stay kolwezi in DRC I like karate but I do not have time to go to the karate center what should I do? can you send me the video lessons to teach me?

  22. hello bruno I am called kami 2DAn karate shotokan doctor I started in 1977 but qq years of practice I stopped because of my studies in medicine and I took over 05 years ago I must admit that you were my precursors to go to the dojo with this simplicity to present this martial art I am a young man of 53 years thanks to your advice but I am sorry not to always answer you thank you

  23. Hello,

    My name is Nicholas. I live in Canada, in Quebec City specifically.

    I started karate Kenpo at 13 but I stopped at 18 when I was in the green belt.

    I started martial arts again since October 2016 when I enrolled my son in karate.
    I started Sports Kickboxing and I am currently wearing a yellow belt.
    I started karate a few months later and I am now yellow / orange belt (2 color belt).
    The karate style I practice now is the Shorin Ryu Karate Sports.

  24. Hello Bruno, my name is pascal Michel, I practice karate for 5 years I stopped at brown belt, and I had to stop because of my job, and so it is 4ans that I I have to stop everything, and I would like to resume but not in a club, practice it at home, it will be easier for me here is where I am currently.

  25. Nicole 61 years
    I do pilates and yoga and I like the go Gon a work colleague show me 3 small movements to open my hips exercises I did not get my legs up so no bicycle and I thought karate kick so I visit the blog to learn thank you to you

  26. Junior Philogene at

    I am Junior Philogene and I am now living in the USA. At this time karate is my passion. I am a white belt.

  27. Hi, I'm Juliet.
    I have 14 years and practice karate for only 1 years and a half but I am blue belt.
    The reason: I jumped the yellow belt and went straight to the blue belt.
    I also do swimming and gym: I'm a touch to everything
    Thanks to, I saw karate in another way and it became my passion.

  28. Hello,
    I live near Lyon, I am a white belt.
    I hope to progress and who knows how to have my belt at the end of the year.
    If not my passions: Japan and manga.
    I am a nurse, and I have 3 children who eat me a lot of my energy;), that's why I have trouble going to train several times a week and suddenly I'm trailing by report to the group.

  29. Oh, I forgot BRUNO: I have 44 years, 6 children: 3 boys and 3 girls with twin! and my wife is waiting for another one. THANK YOU.

  30. I live in Ivory Coast, Abidjan Koumassi district.
    I am JUDOKA (Brown Belt), Trained at INJS MarcORY. Student of Me KRÉMÉ.

    I am interested in karate and I like it a lot.

    I appreciate each of your articles and video. I think I will register soon in a club. But I really feel that THANKS TO YOUR VIDEO AND CLEAR AND DETAILED EXPLANATION THAT I AM ALREADY PART OF A CLUB.

    I really need all of your teachings that I study and tidy for my children who, as they wish, will start the martial arts with karate.

  31. So, my name is Meziani Redouane I have 46 years I practice Karate Shotokan since the age of 8 years.

    - 2em Dan.

    - Educator graduated 1er degree at ISTS (the National Institute of Science and Sports Technology).

  32. Hello

    My name is Franz, I am 42 years old, and I live in Normandy next to SAINT LO.

    I practiced mainly tae kwon do in my youth (until 1 era dan), I had to stop when I started to work (shifted schedules).
    I started karate in September this year, so I'm white belt.

    My other hobbies are gardening, nature, ecology, history and 2 cv citroën.

    Greetings to all


  33. Good day, delight to present me (goes without accents) .I am 74 years old and I live in Montreal. I have a large family (my wife, two daughters, two boys and her respective children, 12 little children in total). I have participated throughout my life in the practice of martial arts (judo, karate, kung fu) without ever exceeding the brown belt level. It must be said that I am born in Uruguay, since I lived in Venezuela and now we are Canadian for ten years. These moves explain in part the diversity of my martial activities; for example, now I am part of a group of TKD for the good reason that the gym is near me (very important in Canada in winter, at ten o'clock in the evening !!) and that the friends are excellent. Since I am not at their physical level, they made me learn all Taegeuk 1-9 (katas in Japanese) without participating in ¨kumite¨ because I had a heart surgery there are five years and there is no question of being broken chest with mawashe geri. Finally, let me tell you, Sensei and friend Bruno, that I am especially sensitive to your way of "humanizing" the martial arts, while often they are dressed in fantastic colors that make it difficult to understand their deepest side. namely: the rational dechilation of the deep mechanisms of violence and confrontation. I thank you for your constant attention and am honored to count on your friendship.

  34. Hello Bruno,

    Quebecker living in Laval (suburbs of Montreal), father of two girls and grandfather of four grandchildren. Young man of 77 years! I practiced karate ten years, 70 years and beginning 80. Brown belt level (a little pale!). For a year, I've been thinking about my karate technique and ... I understood a lot of things that I did not really understand in the old days. Now it's better! The advantage of the experience of life, what! Regular exercises of relaxation (advice of an osteopath) and weightlifting (not too much anyway).
    Passions: grandchildren and ... charm of them. Expectations: aging in shape and above all
    very slowly!

  35. Good evening,
    My name is Nicole I have 52 years I practice shotokan since 16 years in a club of the Aude (11) I help my teacher for children classes I hold the DAF your articles are a complement even if I I do not always have time to read everything. I spend my free time at my club and reading
    keep up your articles and videos are a plus for us all
    warmly Nicole

  36. Hello to you my name is Ivan Dikanda
    I live in Cameroon in Africa
    I am 19 years old and I am White Belt since August
    At the moment, I work more kickboxing with sensei and less kata
    But I have fallen behind in class and I would like to catch up
    recently I have a revelation that I had to do karate (weird) and I would like to improve myself
    Also I would like to know how it goes
    Thanks again and happy new year

  37. I am Paul Cyriaque Semaporo, I am 45 years old, black belt 3eme Dan karate shotokan and practicing since October 1990, several times national champion in kata and kumite in my country. Then I was captain of the national team of karate of Central African Republic, national coach in kata and kumite, National Technical Director, President of the Arbitration Commission and finally President of the FECKAMA (Central African Federation of Karate and Martial Arts affinity!
    I ran this federation for four years and I also ran my karate club, Karate Club Sepacy.
    I live in Troyes, I count integrated a club in order to be able to teach young people who will like progressed in karate.

  38. Bruno Bjr it's been years. I have 37 years and CN 2Dan in Shotokan, CN 1er Dan in JUDO and traditional Ju Jitsu. I am based on the island of Nosy be in Madagascar since 2 years already where I opened the samurai JUDO & JU-JITSU CLUB. I say happy new year to you all. Ousssssss

  39. hello everyone, my name is Sophie, I am 46 years, I am a shopkeeper, I practice karate (wado ryu) since 4 years, I am brown belt and I admit that the blog helped me a lot even if my style is different.J lives in Charente, I like motorcycle, fishing, bike, I also practice karate training, I come as often as possible or even blog articles that are always very rewarding, thank you to you Bruno for all the harm you give yourself to help us progress each day a little more.
    Best regards.

  40. Hi Bruno,
    My name is Christian and I live in the Swiss Jura and I am 55 years old.
    I practice shotokan karate and I am 2ème Dan.
    I also do enduro and that since my youngest age.
    I am interested in everything related to energy (geobiology, magnetism, etc.)
    What I expect: advice, warm-up, bunkai, fitness (I broke my shin and the peronally 1an convalescence).
    Bravo and thank you.
    AND magnificent 2017 Year

  41. Hello

    I have 69 years I started karate 19 years and I have practiced in different clubs following the places where I moved. I am at the origin of a club that works very well today since it has at least 200 members. This club is located in Seine and Marne I practice tai chi since 4 years and very little karate but bruno classes are very useful here is an overview of what I have to say I am blue belt karate and I practice tai chi chen I always had motivation for the martial arts and what it represents good for us.
    good christmas and happy new year 2017

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