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Hello everyone,

Marc, a subscriber of ™ had a brilliant idea (Merki, Marc ;-)):

Create a presentation section, so that " the community knows a little better »

I find this idea very good because it will give some dynamic to your blog.

This new page is for you.
It will allow each of you to introduce yourself.

Personally, I do not show up because I already did it in the page: Presentation

So, It's yours, just put your presentation in a comment below

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  1. Hello everybody,

    My name is Nicolas, I am from Haute Savoie. I am 48 years old and have been practicing Karate-Do for 19 years and am in my twentieth year of karate. I practice this discipline in my second adopted country which is Switzerland. I am hung up on the SKC-R member of the Swiss Karate confederation FSK and JKA by our Sensei 8th dan JKA.

    The Karate that we practice is a traditional Karate but I am on a stagnant phase for 5 to 7 years, no desire to pass my black belt exam !!!
    However, I still enjoy training at the club and practicing my last kata "Kanku Dai, Jion".

    Currently, I am in doubt about my choices, if I should really continue or change Dojo!

    So much for my story, I think it is good to see and know other types of Karate, different techniques in order to learn from the different schools and traditions of Karate.


  2. Alexandre Vrebos at

    Hello Bruno.

    Me, my thing is jiu-jitsu. I follow 2nd dan and train intensively to move to the next grade.

    As I feel that I am never at the best level and that we cannot be specialists in everything, it is very regularly I take advantage of the net to see the specialists at work to soak up my knowledge.

    Your videos are exactly what I am looking for in online courses: an in-depth and detailed explanation of the different executions, because, as in all disciplines, each movement has its place and its reason for being.

    Thank you for considering it, thank you for taking the time to film it, thank you for sharing.

    I will regularly come back to see you.

    Good continuation!


  4. Nelson 38 years old from Quebec. I just started again after 19 years of stopping. I am a green belt in preparation for blue in May.

  5. hello Bruno!
    my name is Christian and I live in Marchin (Belgium, near HUY)
    I decided to start Karate, after registering my grandchildren for a Karate class.
    I hope not to make you laugh when I tell you my age: 70 years!
    I did judo in my youth but I had to stop after the green belt, for family reasons.
    I often thought to resume but I did not make this decision and I regret it today
    I find you extra and I really like the way you approach teaching your sport.
    I always liked what concerned judo, aikido, but karate is new for me
    I sincerely hope I have not set the bar too high, I am actually starting this Monday 9/12 (with joy, pcq I like that but also with apprehension given my age!) see you soon! can you tell me what you think? thank you!

  6. Hello Bruno
    I have 62 years of the Hauts de France.
    I practice since 5 years and have just got my brown belt.
    I am the treasurer of a small club in the north of France: KARATE DO SHOTOKAN LAMBRES.
    I love this art that allows me to keep fit and clear my mind when I'm on the tatami.

  7. Hello,
    Jean-Claude de CHALONS. I practice traditional karate SHOTOKAN with passion every day. I am brown belt obtained a long time ago. Lack of club adapted in my city, I did not progress at the belt level, but I estimate to have progress at the technical level. Currently, I'm reviewing the modest 26 katas SHOTOKAN with supporting internet videos, which keeps me motivated. I am in good shape and I also enjoy mountain biking, jogging and swimming. I hope to continue to progress in karate even in the absence of prof graded and demonstrative, but thanks to internet videos rich in lessons and demonstrations

  8. Hello my name is CHRISTIAN and I live in Chin. I've always been passionate about karate since I was young, but I've never had the time, and the courage, to get into a gym. I watched bruslee's movies with naturist check too, sorry for the bad spelling! At the time there is no internet. Then later it is always stay in months, this desire to practice one day, also to feel more comfortable in life. So I will not tell you everything about me, it would be too long.But know that I love this way to discover karate, and that I intend to progress, go as far as possible, reach levels, thanks to you, but has my age with various health problems, I have to be careful. I am sporting I practice for years the mountain bike, at my level of course because I have small problems to the left of worn cartilages andexptera.en end.n'en talk more. In any case know that I am very happy to have met you, and thank you for everything. See you soon. Sincerely CHRISTIAN.

  9. Hello Sensei, Congratulations for the dynamism, the generosity, without forgetting the competence, of course - even if I understand that you are subjected (like all of us) to the constraints of the world of the consumption. I am Akom Ludovic and I live in Gabon, in Libreville. I came late to karate (although it must never be said), through a friend who had practiced it for several years, to the point that he was even President of the Gabonese Federation of Karate. I enrolled in his club just to accompany my son and allow them to access defense techniques, but huddled, I moved to the orange belt, before sinking completely, because of difficulties ( I will say of the impossibility) to reconcile the sessions and the priorities of survival. In the current context of my country, and with the efforts I have to make to ensure minimal comfort to my family, karate practice would be a hindrance or additional burden that would leave me on the "carpet". I am responsible for a research center and I have a family of 6 children, one of whom managed to climb up to the blue belt. Going to the dojo is not only an act of will, but an absolute risk taking, because the dojo is very far from my neighborhood and requires facing night traffic jams, areas of insecurity, etc. Today I have 54 years and while waiting to be able to reconnect serenely with the dojo, (that the children are a stink more autonomous), I focus on aspects of karate which are less known, like the control of its emotions, the discipline of life, the physical culture (stretching, relaxation, risk management, the spiritual path, etc. .. But I do not despair of being able one day to reconnect more durably with the techniques of combat.I devote a real passion to the arts martial arts, especially the arts of the baton and saber When I read all these passionate comments, I envy the other members of the club, and I mourn the situation of my country, because at home, doing karate is a luxury, otherwise, you must choose: or do the sleeve or karate!

  10. Hello Bruno
    I re-practice karate since 1an and a half. Blue Belt I work on the purple belt (6may min.) (Included between the Blue and the Brown in Quebec). I do not intend to give up this time like 25 years ago (The worst blunder of my life). We have excellent Seinsei Sylvain and Adamira who encourages us enormously in this magnificent discipline (Shotokan). Thank you for all your advice for a very valuable help.

  11. Hello Bruno and all the team,

    It's Denis Mudirishwe from Bujumbura / Burundi, computer network engineer, I have 28 years and current Orange belt in preparation for transition to my green belt. Since I was little, I was interested in everything that is martial art, because I loved Chinese films so much and my favorite actor was Donnie Yen, especially his kicks, I found them extraordinary !!! but at the time the parents did not agree that I enroll in a karate club, because it was seen as a barbaric sport in our society! on that, I was content to play football and sometimes tennis. It is in 2010 that I registered for the first time in a Taekwondo club in Butembo in the DRC where I spent just 2 years of practice and leave it while still yellow belt to continue my studies. Since then, I have not had the opportunity to register in another club because I had moved to a place where there was none!
    Finally it is in 2017 that I then enrolled in a university Karate Shotokan Club of Bujumbura (RUMURI) and which remains until then my club that I love, because I have very good sensei.
    To return to sensei Bruno, your blog help me bcp especially what is historical, theoretical, or even discovery in martial art, your warm-up videos and katas help me bcp to train alone at home, in case I do not find the time to introduce myself to the dojo.
    Bruno thank you bcp for your efforts and my encouragement, because your blog is a very useful complement for my evolution in karate.

    Regards Denis

  12. Hello Bruno, Josiane of Alsace, 1er Kyu karate shotokan .... From the top of my 67ans I am happy to progress ...... ..Parallelage I practice sport shooting and archery, and swimming as part of a group of rescue dogs in the water where my brilliant goldenretriever excels ... a little yoga too ......... .I also practiced aikibudo, ninjutsu and a little shintaido

  13. Hello Bruno, Josiane of Alsace, karateka, 1er Kyu shotokan, Shinn 'kyu dojo Strasbourg ...... From the top of my 67 years, I practice karate for over thirty years with the same thirst to progress ... .. J I also practiced aikibudo, ninjutsu and a little shintaido ....... Currently I practice shooting sports and bow, swimming as part of an association of rescue dogs in the water with my brilliant goldenretriever and for relaxation a little yoga ............

  14. Hello,
    My name is Jean_Luc, I am retired and looking for physical activity to keep fit. I practiced karate a little more than thirty years ago, judo too, which are external martial arts, and I regularly practice Qi Gong, an internal martial art, as well as sports walking (tour of Mont Blanc, etc.).
    I wonder about the possibility of taking back karate club and in what form. To help me in the decision I took the pack first belt and I rework postures, defense, etc. I find the pleasure of the body that hardens in flexibility. It's a good sign .

  15. Good evening to all, I have 58 years, I practice in the department of LOT (56) where I live, I am 2 ° dan shotokan since 6 years (I think to try the transition to 3 ° dan this year). I practice since 2001. In my youth I practiced judo in Amiens then in the Oise where I also practiced hakkoryu jujutsu (1 ° dan) then the active life took me away from these practices until 2001 so where I I started karate in the Paris region. I am now retired.

  16. Hello Bruno,
    I live in Cascais - Portugal.
    I have the rank of 8º Dan of Karate of the Portuguese Federation.
    Jái also 3º Dan of Jujitsu e 1º Dan of Judo.
    I practice since 54 years.

  17. Hello Bruno.

    I live in Cascais - Portugal
    I am Karate since 54 years
    I have the rank of 8º Dan of the Portuguese Federation.
    i 3º Dan de Jujitsu and 1º Dan of Judo


  18. I am Ouattara FETEGUE I have 20ans now, I am a student in license 2 computer and I am in Côte d'Ivoire. I practice karate since 4 months now so I have the white belt and I expect from you a complement that will allow me to progress in karate

  19. Hello, it's been more than 10 years that I do not do more karate following a foot injury j was shotokan brown belt Today I would like to put mi gently 59 years the problem is that there is no club nearby where I live so I would like to train alone with your method that you advise me? Sincerely Marcel

  20. Hello, so I'm not very good in the presentations but anyway my name is Sara, I have 18 years now, I live in Algeria four years ago, I lived in Italy. I practiced karate when I was 10-12 years old (I do not remember well) but only for a few lessons and obviously I stopped at the white belt, now I do not practice anymore because of the time or for economic reasons I do not practice any sport except what I did at school or at home. I rely on to help me overcome these obstacles and achieve my dreams and goals. My passions, by cons, are many, even a little too much, I like sports in general (volleyball, tennis, martial arts, especially running) I like to draw / paint, write ... and dream

    • Hello, I am Roger, black belt 2e dan and en route for his 3e dan from Quebec, Canada. I teach in 2 clubs and the videos give me good info for teaching. Thank you.

  21. Hello! I'm Samani Karateka Green Belt Club Red Scorpion Goma Rdcongo am With the sensei charly but with your advise I can progress faster and access the black belt c it my souht! Oss oss

  22. Hello everyone. For my path of life concerning karate ... In all modesty, I wear the white belt and I am very motivated / attached in my search for gestures / attitudes / learning ... Since young (the past forties), I bathed in culture Asian niçoise, mainly Vietnamese, loasian, rather traditional (at the time) and less Europeanized. Assets that have always helped me in life.
    That's why today, with more availability, I devote myself to this art that corresponds to my attributes, if I may say so. I also help my young child to follow this path. Sincerely all

  23. Durande on

    Hi Bruno,
    You give courses (karate 3g) remotely, you make preparations ... Without going to a dojo (club) could I pass my belts (levels) by correspondence and prepare for the black belt and spend in 3 years? say as a self-taught? is it possible?
    Or do I have to register during 3 years in a club? Or do you have to have a passport that details the passages from white to yellow from yellow to orange etc etc with the signature of the sensei ... is this essential? I'm white and my teacher tells us that it takes at least 7 years of practice to introduce the black and it's too long for me, it passes a belt every year ...
    And you're preparing, are you able to validate passages of belts?
    in fact what is not explained anywhere are the conditions to pass the black belt ???? For example, are these conditions cumulative: being registered in a karate club for 3 years to have 3 licenses? Or do we also have to be able to validate all the kyus? or can we sit for the exam without having all the kyus? I swim completely! can we take stock? Thank you cdt


    • Bruno Bandelier at

      Hello Patrick,
      No it is not possible because you need a teacher to correct you and sometimes partners to work.
      After some people who have great self-learning ability can perhaps progress a lot, but until the black belt is still going to be difficult. Here is a video in which I explain that is only an educational support and is an ally of the clubs and not a replacement: "KBN warning"
      In addition, if you read my article well "Why take 3 years to be Karate black belt" you will see that 3 years is very difficult if you do not go almost every day at the dojo in addition to your personal training and internships.
      For the time of 3 years minimum, yes it is necessary to be in a club and to have the 3 licenses. Personally I am entitled to pass the belts but only in my club (and right now I do not have any :-)).
      Now with the new rules I think that you can introduce yourself without the validation of Kyus and even without the signature of your teacher. But that's the theory, because if you did not validate your Kyus is that you do not have the level. Believe me if in 3 or 4 years you have the level to pass the black belt, your teacher will validate your kyus. If he does not do it, you're not ready.
      Now we will leave the rules aside and I will tell you about you as a white belt because I think you put the cart before the horse: It's good to have ambition but do not forget the l 'humility. You are a white belt. For the moment, do what your teacher tells you by sincerely respecting it. Work as hard as you can, with courage and righteousness and advance step by step without taking care of the belt that you wear. Trust your teacher's judgment. If you progress faster than others he will see, be proud, congratulate you and you will pass the belt you deserve. But do not ask him especially and do not talk to him especially (and besides do not even think :-)). You just have to work and trust him. You must prove to him your commitment by the work and your progress, not with the regulation of the passage of rank.
      Even when I registered for my 4ème dan, I went to see my teacher to ask him for his approval. I did not have to, but if he had told me that I did not have the level, I would have to work to progress and I would have waited.
      How can you know by being white belt that you will have the level to spend your black in 3 years? You do not know. You say that 7 years is too long for you, but you will see that there is much to learn and maybe you will 10 years!
      If you commit to Karate it's for life. If you like Karate you will not want to stop at all in 3 years, nor in 10 years. So stop asking yourself all these questions, it's way too early for you. Thread your karategi and bump. Set goals and work to achieve them, but at the same time follow the advice of your teacher.
      Sorry to be a little raw. I'm not trying to pick you up but you have to think of yourself as a child going to school. You are at the very beginning, you have so much to learn to climb the mountain that you have to show courage and patience. It's also part of learning Karate.
      Good luck and see you soon

  24. Abou Idramane Berthe at

    My name is Abou Idramane BERTHE, I am in Mali more precisely in Bamako in the capital. I practice Shotokan Karate since 2007. I am 2 DAN. apart from karate I play football from time to time. karate block note is an inspiration of the great master Bruno, who gives real information on karate and its contours. My passion is reading and searching the net

  25. Hello master Bruno I am akilimali balemba Jean dela rd Congo, am still beginner in karate with the yellow belt, I do my university studies at the isp of Bukavu in the first year of graduation I like karate and played on the guitar in late i only 21 years soon my 22 birthday karate is my passion since childhood but my parents had forbidden me well before

  26. Hello, my name is Fanny, soon 38 years ... Sportive since youngest I was recently interested in karate and decided to climb one by one the steps to the precious black belt. I have been running for several years, have practiced French boxing and am judokate. Here..

  27. Hello, Bruno.

    I live in Algeria, I am passionate about Karate

    but I practice physical culture.

    not being able to follow your classes because

    money transfer is not allowed in our

    financial institutions.Thanks a lot.Said.

  28. Hello Bruno
    I am Fabien Sambo from the Demogratic Republic of Congo in Central Africa.
    I practice karate shotokan, there is 25 years and I am beltwarmer premer dan
    I really like karate my child I teach them karate the way of martial arts.
    I hope to go as far as possible in my life of martial art.

  29. My name is Emilio the one the the the the the the the
    Italian, 46 year old. I started karate following my child who also began last september so we are both yellow belt.
    When I was young I grew up with bruce lee film like everyone of my age but I would never have become a karate studend!
    And now in my "maturity" I find myself in this fantastic adventure.
    I like it in this martial art and hope to improve my ability even if i'm rather out of condition.
    I found your site to improve my knoledge and it's the best I found. Thank you for all you do.

  30. Hi Bruno, in fact I never learned karate but I always want to practice it. Today I have 40 years is always possible for me to achieve this dream.

  31. Hello Bruno with all my wishes of happiness and health I am marcel 58 years I did karate until the brown centure today I do chikung of Tibetan yoga and bodybuilding kettelbells

  32. My name is Lamy Henri, I live in Calvados in Dover La Delivrande I did karate young, I would like to resume I 64 years I love your courses and videos the problem I have a small retreat so impossible for me to follow your courses, I'm sorry good luck thank you again Mr. Lamy.

  33. hello Bruno

    I am a karateka since 1985
    I live in Madagascar

    I stopped the practice in 1999 is now I take the karate

    I would like to return to the form I have before

    here is!

  34. Hello, I am Diallo Amadou Oury from Guinea Conakry Computer Science student. I have 22ans I practice karate since since 2011, there is 6 of thatmois I paused for lack of prof. I keep up to date by doing self training with internet videos including yours. I also associate basketball with karate. Karate is a real passion for me and you a model thank you for all the videos. Sincerely, Oury.

  35. Hello Sensei bruno, I am Gilles Boris du Benin, a student in 3 Finance Accounting.

    Karate for me is a natural passion since I started with my father at the same time my sensei.

    I have 22ans I am black belt 1er dan and I have 15ans of practice. I compete in the national team in kumite.

    I love dancing, motorcycling and fighting sports.oss sensei!

  36. Hello Bruno I am cédric of Pyrénées Orientales I am 1er Dan of judo jujitsu and substitute animator, sambo animator, 2ème DAN of karate jutsu tai jitsu and dif and departure for the CQP in february 2018 I practice martial arts and sports fights since 32ans and I have 37ans
    thank you for the blog
    Friendship martial Cédric

  37. Hi Team I am very happy to join your Team to become a member.
    By the way, after having gone over your various files, I realized that I had to spit out all my truth by telling you that I am satisfied with your different techniques which will allow me to improve Karate as a Martial Art. .

    This is your new member SALUM ALLY
    Bujumbura Burundi


  39. Good evening I am a former karate practitioner of 40 years well run.

    I started in adolescence a very traditional karate that taught me some virtues, I was a big fan of Bruce Lee, Jean Claude Van Damme and especially the Kung-Fu series with David Carradine ...

    I practiced at the Dojo, at home, on the beach on vacation and I was doing the wide (side). Yet I stopped the practice at the age of 19 years just before I could pretend to Shodan pass.

    Professional life and a certain lack of will have kept me away from karate for quite a few years but I have maintained a certain interest for this one and for the martial arts in general (readings and also some trainings of ci of the). My profession of policeman forced me to develop "Zanshin" and to confront me with a certain opposition, which certainly made me.

    Towards 30 years I resumed a practice of Karate which finally brought me to the black belt (indeed the bases had remained anchored in my body and my mind for a good part).

    I made some incursions in Chinese styles (Long Fist and Crane) and frequented several times courses of self-defense and assimilated.

    But the worries in my private and professional life multiplied then came the health glitches and the overweight. In short, I again interrupted my practice to put order in my life. It's been a few years now.

    Today, my teenage dreams are far away, so I would like to come back to the Dojo especially for reasons of health and well-being. I have to admit I have Gi again that itches me ...



  40. hello-I am pascal jai 59ans-jadorre karate but I have trouble doing the 1er not at the club-in fact it's the kicks I'd like to learn and some blockages and attacks-without doing all the katas of the beginning-the katas sa I'm not sure if can I choose the courses I want?

  41. Hello Bruno, Gilles du Vaucluse karateka from 6ans 1ère dan in shotokan. At the dojo of Carpentras with an extra teacher Edemon Sylla 6ème dan shotokan in addition I draw all that is interesting to progress on the internet. I have 56 years, karate captivates me always on the lookout for new techniques to progress without having to pay something else. Cordially. Oss

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