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image-sondage-karate-blog.netHello everyone,

You are now several thousand to visit ™ and I thank you all, it's very pleasant.
But finally I know you very little and it's a shame.

I will not be able to know you all, of course, but I would still need some information about you.

That's why I had the idea to do this little survey composed of some simple questions.

Do not worry, this is all completely anonymous and you do not even have to be registered. It will not take you not even a minute.
It's just to know a little profile of my readers (If there is only 2% Karateka or if there are only very high ranking, I will have to recycle :-))

You can answer all questions, or just a few. It's you who choose.

For each question, you just have to choose an answer and click on « Reply "

Caution :


Do you practice karate?

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If you do not play karate, do not answer the following 2 questions. Thank you.

Karateka, what is your rank?

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If you are not Karate Black Belt, do not answer the following question. Thank you.

You are black belt! What Dan?

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Are you male or female ?

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What is your age group?

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I thank you for your collaboration (See, it was fast ;-))

I probably do it again later other polls to know your opinion on this blog and especially your expectations.

Do you have a survey idea? You can always leave a comment, I'm interested.

See you soon.

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  1. Hello, Helen, 33 years old. I live in Montpellier and started karate there is only 4 month. I did judo a long time ago but I wanted to try a martial art more ... punchy! I hope to progress quickly thanks to all your advice and video Bruno. Thank you for designing this site.
    However, I get lost a bit, how do you access videos for example, like those I find on youtube ?. See you soon!

    • Hello Helen,
      On the blog you find the videos categorized in the section "site map". In general, the videos are at the end of each article.
      Otherwise, if you want more videos (which are not on Youtube!) You can also join us on Karate3g

  2. Hello ! I am a Quebecer, Since 12 years, I practice karate, Wado-Ryu style, I am 2e dan and Sensei. I like your advice especially when my Renshi is absent and I give the course, it gives me different ideas and your explanations are clear (those of my Renshi also cons

    • I too have just blown 61 candles ..
      Stop / resume: but during the periods when I am not in a club I made myself a pack, maintenance-karate. In my opinion, we lose when we stop exercising certain muscles, karate-specific equilibria or similar activities.
      It would be an idea of ​​article: set of exercise to do when one can not go in club any more ....
      For the age, I think that it is necessary to continue in its limits and not to force too much or that stuck, I noticed that sometimes the problems are resorbed with the time (tendinitis, lumbar, etc ..)

  3. Hello, I am 1er dan in traditional karate and Kyokushinkaï too. What interests me are ideas for building courses in a structured way, whether for the kihon part or the cardio part. I like that courses are meaning and structure, for better progression and personal construction. When one is well built one is even transmitting in a more logical and meaningful way. I am brought into my club to do the classes, when the instructors entrust me with beginners or the most senior. here is who I am . Have a good day .

    • Hello Bruno
      My name is Roland, I live in Montmerle sur Saône in Ain I 64 years I am retired (asthmatic and afraid of water) I never practiced sport of my life (not even ashamed ... lol)
      I came to karate by a friend of my age who stopped him this sport for many years (studies the children's professional career) he is brown belt.
      one of his karate colleagues finally decided to resume the sport. But they all became black belt x Dan. He must have felt less alone in inspiring me to accompany him for his first cover, and to my great surprise to see these 60-70 people over and over, one has passed his 80 Spring move like felines with a speed and flexibility. I really liked me who is stiff like a shoelace. Finally after three months due to one training a week I am less curved
      That's how I ended up on your site for more info, and what encouraged me to continue is that you say there is no age to start
      Thank you for your explanations

  4. Thank you for your ABC warm ups. I am a Sports Educator (Sports Recreation), I use your exercises for warming up in my multi-activity classes and my practitioners enjoy it.

    Personally, I practice bodybuilding since 10 years with a coach and I love it since any young. And for a year, I started yoga. I am 67 years old and I am in great shape.

    As I get older, I became aware of the importance of stretching and I practice it regularly.

    Thank you for your practical and documented articles and for your videos that I will see without delay.

    Ah! I forgot, my half-brother is a karate teacher in Talence (Gironde) and he also practices bodybuilding. I gave him your site.


  5. I give you a big hello, and thank you very much for all the efforts you make, and wish you a good continuity.
    I will tell you a little story:
    a student asked a question to his master: how to be loved by people the teacher answered my son to be loved by people he knew how to love them before. I would like a day to visit you at the dojo.

  6. Good evening Bruno,
    I congratulate you for your site that suits me perfectly, white belt 20 years ago, since nothing, 59 years I decided to resume karate.By helping me with your classes, I prepare my entry to the club (registration in September).


  7. Hello,
    I am Patricia, I am 45 years old, I practice Shotokan karate since 5 years with my husband and my daughter who practices since 9 years. I am domiciled in Charavines (38), my club has a great team friendly and nice.
    My problem with karate is that I have a hard time remembering the terms so the kihon is a little complicated for me and my second concern is that I am a blue belt, which means that black comes faster than I do. thought. I have a blue scare of all that is exam. Little or big. Even doing a kata in front of everyone makes me feel terrible. I can not help it, I refuse to pass the motorcycle license because of this panic.
    So I'm afraid the passage of the dark not to understand the indications, although I know that we can ask in French. Panic runs the risk of paralyzing me. I know that my teacher will not let me get ready but there is nothing to do I tag already.
    I would like to know exactly how the black belt passes. It's nice to say that it's like the club NO! I do not agree. Buddies will not be around to help in case of problems which helps less mark, we are not alone, I know that the teacher does not look at me but for the black SI judges!
    So thank you it will help me a lot.
    See you soon.


    • Thank you Bruno for everything I am really satisfied with the work, except that here in Douala Cameroon I do not have a good connection to download your videos otherwise it is good for all comments. Really thank you for all your advice I have submitted my shodan in September 2013 if all is well.

    • Hello, Having resumed karate two years ago, I had the same problem of lexicon. I began by writing down and finding mnemonic means, limit stupid like "tsugi achi = not Chased, YURI = yop yop, etc ...

      Lexicon to print:

      The kata in audio (experiment) to verify that we know the terms: we execute them with a walkman.
      Free download.

      Ebooks on karate to read everywhere with his phone (iOS, android):

      Voila, here ...

  8. Hello everybody
    My congratulations for all the work you do. I live in Lome in TOGO, a country of Africa and I am 33 years old. I practice Martial Arts since 1999. I started the practice of traditional karate by SHOTOKAN and currently I am interested in Style SHITO RYU. I am also an instructor of two clubs here as well as at home. I love self defense techniques but the problem is that we do not have visual tools (like CD or DVD) here to compare the work on the ground. I take this blog to perfect my courses and if possible have relations with me for the development of karate in Africa and especially TOGO.
    Sincerely to you all.

  9. Hello,

    My name is Dominique, I have 48 years, I do Shotokan karate since 10 years, with some interruptions related to my profession.
    I am brown belt and until now, I had no desire to pass my black belt, but my teacher pushes me to do it, so by obedience but also to continue to evolve, I will humbly try the test!
    Your location is great in all areas, and I talk to all my friends at the club to encourage them to register! Thank you for your help on a daily basis. A martial salute to all those who are part of the "community" and happy holidays to all!

  10. menouel jean-paul at

    hello bruno I think I did a little presentation but it may not be complete I'm jean-paul 61ans, I'm married and I'm a grandfather of 3 little girls I practice karate since 1981 and I spent my 3ème dan in December 2011 my club is a forbach our sensei is marcel cerati 7ème dan fekam I am also one of these assistant coaches.Ton blog is great it can bring back much to our art, I congratulate you thanks for what you do because you have to take a lot of your time well I salute and a +

  11. Hello,
    In any practice there are strong moments then moments of doubt. But in the end the doubt must not prevail. We do not realize that nowadays internet is a fabulous means of knowledge. Your site is also extra because we can find almost what we are looking for, in terms of techniques.
    The disadvantage is that watching karate videos too often prevents them from practicing for real ...: D)
    Besides karate I also practice Viet Vo Dao, Wing Chung and Bagua Zhang. What I get from it is that the most important is the value of your teacher's teaching and of course your own ability to integrate and your own will ... Many "teachers" can explain how we do it or we do it ca and many students "repeat gestures, techniques, but that's not enough ... you need something else" superior "... a bit like Master Miagy in Karate Kid ... go out of the way gesture to focus on the voice ...

  12. Good evening,
    I am said, an Algerian of 30 years, I got my brown belt last year and I am preparing to pass the black belt.
    I find your site great, it helps me to fix a lot of things.

  13. Hello Bruno,

    I was on leave for a while and I decided not to consult my box during this period. I just got back this morning. So I renew contact with all friends Karate-Blog.Net. All my encouragement to you to continue to animate the blog that I appreciate very well for its wealth. I am CN 3è dan Shotokan.

  14. Hello Bruno. Very good blog and great work done. I see that passion is present. I will start karate in September in a club that opens a section for "50 years and more" called senior karate section. I leave a blank page and your site has enlightened my mind on many topics. Good continuation. cordially

  15. Your site is great!
    I started, and I downloaded the video of the first kata, thanks to the most popular Firefox "downloadhelper".
    And I was able to break down the movements and work outside the karate classes.

  16. Hello,
    My 9ans son started karate in September, he has to wear his yellow belt in June. He is very involved in this sport and wants to be able to work at home. I saw this site with friends, ideal to progress. Alas there are still corners of France (DOM) where there is no ADSL, so impossible to watch the videos. Too bad not being able to download all 1ers katas.
    But congratulations and good luck

    • Hello Sabine,
      I did not put the videos to download on the site because I do not have ADSL have more and it is very long for me to Upload.
      By cons you can download them easily on some specialized site like [], you just enter the URL of the Youtube video then you choose the format (MP4 720) then you "Download"
      I just tried, it's simple and it works.
      I hope I have been helpful.
      Kisses your future champion.

  17. Thank you for all your good advice, and especially for the last: to listen to his body! It's very important I know from experience too I sometimes "morflé" which does not prevent me to my age to commit sometimes excesses !!! (I 67 years !!) a = Heals your cervicals! A girlfriend much younger than me had seriux cervical problems, which can not be solved.A soon, amicably . Georges

    • Hello George,
      I thank you for worrying about my neck. it's better, but it's still not the best. I am very careful.
      As soon as I have the opportunity, I try to send you advice. In fact everything I know, I want to transmit it, it's my nature.
      Good continuation,

  18. Hello Bruno and good morning everyone
    First of all, congratulations for your excellent work.
    My name is Christophe, I live in Poitiers and I am 48 years old. I practice martial arts since 1972, with periods of professional and family interruptions. I practiced just 6 in traditional karate, WADO then SHOTOKAN (FFKDA) because of 2 at 3 classes a week. My favorite KATAs are Bassai-dai, Heian Yodan and Naihanshi. I stopped karate FFKDA because for my taste there is too much Kata, I also find that it is not complete enough and especially not realistic enough through the Bukai. I continue to the FFKDA my through the Krav-Maga. Otherwise I practice Kyusho-Jitsu CN (with Jean Paul BINDEL who brings a very interesting explanation on some Katas), the Judo and the CN jujitsu, and teacher, the Kali-escrima (except federated) and I am also a self defense instructor (ANSD). I still have a lot of friends in traditional karate and trying not to miss some high-profile internship.
    Sincerely to you all.

  19. Hi Bruno,
    In fact, what I'm looking for is mainly ideas of sequences of techniques for working alone or with a partner.
    The goal is to be able to teach them to karatekas not yet black belt.

    Thank you and congratulations for your site.

    Why us?

      • In my opinion, the best it is suites reception / attack to be done faster and faster ... but by doing the gesture correctly. What surprised the French went to Japan (year 80): they are very simple, but seek the perfection of gestures.
        This can mean studying and making sheathing, output of the axis, ...
        I say this because if you do a series of 80 the next day if you have a back pain for example is that we have the wrong back position, or that we give a shot of nothing that is transmits badly by going back, etc ... In fact, repeating a movement full of pot, from time to time, gives a magnifying effect on what is wrong.
        I think the longevity aspect has to change the efficiency aspect. A country at war with a completely abnormal functioning, an approved organism too; it only makes sense ...

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