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The Pilates method for a brand new body


Pilates method

The Pilates method for a brand new body, the title is promising:

Karate is a great method of fitness and body maintenance.

Besides, Master Funakoshi writes one day:

« The Karatedô not only learns to give blows, it is also a bulwark against the disease and aggressions »

But, karate is not always enough to itself, it has its shortcomings, especially when you start:

  • It is sometimes a little too violent and would even tend if we neglect a little stretching and the return to calm to create muscle tension ...
  • Sometimes karate is a little complicated and you would like not to take the lead and take care of you and your body without thinking (I do not hear there, no kata to learn ...), with exercises very soflty…

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Well I'm not here to criticize karate, but admit that it is not always easy to stay relaxed in karate and progress if you do not do a little weight training and stretching.

In this case, I know what you need: Pilates method

Pilates method invented in New York in 1920 by a German, Joseph Pilates, is a scholar Yoga and Stretching Blend.

When I prepare my classes, I often take inspiration from the Pilates method to define my bodybuilding and stretching exercises at the beginning and end of the session because I find the same basic principles as in Karate :

  1. Concentration: As in karate, you have to make the connection between the body and the mind, to stay focused to do each exercise with precision.
  2. Control: The control in the movements is permanent. The slower and more controlled they are, the more you gain in strength. You have to put your conscience in the gestures to keep it in check.
  3. Center of gravity : The fundamental principle of Pilates is to work on deep muscles "in the heart of the body". This is what is called in modern development methods, the "Core Training" or kernel work.
  4. Breathing: The work of breathing in Pilates could seem contradictory to what we do in karate, because we do not breathe with the belly, but with the ribcage. But, I will explain in a future video that in both cases, it is always the diaphragm that is used to breathe.
  5. Fluidity: Each movement is in continuity with an identical speed in the concentric and eccentric contraction phases. This allows a balanced training.
  6. Accuracy: Very useful in karate, the precision is here also very important because for each movement it is necessary that the placement is right so that the exercise is fully effective.
  7. Sequence: By the sequences the Pilates method will allow to solicit the body as a whole and thus allow a harmonious development of it.
  8. Isolation: Isolation means the awareness of various muscle groups in isolation. Thanks to the Pilates methodyou will learn to know your body better and to master it.

Practice the Pilates method for a Karateka is not meaningless, quite the contrary.

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Pilates method is used to improve strength, flexibility, coordination and posture, all we need in Karate.

By practicing the Pilates methodyou will improve the virtues your body needs to effectively perform karate techniques, whether:

  • your defense techniques
  • your punches
  • your kicks
  • your positions ...

But without even talking about Karate, the Pilates method significantly improves health by correcting posture, improving flexibility, coordination and eliminating stress ...

So if you wish take back possession of your body by strengthening your muscles and softening you with a deep work, gently while evacuating your stress, I advise you to try right now the Pilates method.

You can of course search Pilates classes near you, there are some everywhere.

But as I created this blog to allow to each of you to train at homeI searched for Pilates training videos for you on the internet and I discovered Pilates123.

to learn Pilates in video, Pilates123Frankly, it's rather well done and complete :

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With the addition of Practical Reference Guide :

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Pilates method !!!

That's it, I hope that work with the Pilates method you will like it and that this method will allow you to advance your Karate.

Tell me what you think about it in a comment below.

See you soon,

PS: You should know that if you go through one of the links above to buy Pilates, I will earn a commission, without it costing you more. Thank you in advance!

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  1. Hello Bruno,

    These methods are really very useful for a karateka. I hope they will help my students a lot.
    Thank you Bruno!

  2. I confirm that the Lafay method works pretty well. The disadvantage is that you have to be hyper self disciplined and stick to it every week ... in addition to the rest.

    The pilate method is also excellent. I recommend it to you.


  3. azebouch madriss at

    Posted by Bruno BandelierHello Sylvie (mother of Madriss),

    You should have contacted at the beginning because normally it is almost immediate.
    Just after your order you had to receive an email from Clicbank.
    On this mail there is the link with the access to the method (look also in your undesirable mails.)
    Once on the site you can download what you want.
    Keep us in touch.


    thank you Bruno for your answer ultra fast ... indeed, I received an email that confirmed my purchase, the problem is that I ordered a DVD upstream so I thought it canceled the download and that I I would have received the method engraved on the said DVD ... .I understand that I made a mistake and of course, the mail ... has the trash! hence my hope if I could reach the people who take care of the buyers of the method so that they can send me an email or the download link would be available again ... I do not even have the link of the site or any address or I could explain my problem! Damn and damn! I feel guilty ! usually, I'm more attentive than that!
    Finally, if you can guide me to the site, I would be very grateful because I wait for my little method to build my painful back ....

    • Hello Sylvie,
      I think we should find a solution. The best thing is that you send me an email because I am not at home and I do not have your Email at hand. As soon as I receive it, I send you the addresses to Pilates 123 and Clickbank services. Do not worry it'll work out.
      You have looked in your folder "Deleted Items", you may still have ClickBank mail.
      PS: I'm waiting for your email!

  4. azebouch madriss at

    Hello bruno

    a little worry ... I bought the method in June and since ... ..rien! not received the DVD that I ordered more, no news, nothing ... I can not find a link to contact the people who sell this method ... could you please help me? thank you in advance !

    • Hello Sylvie (mother of Madriss),

      You should have contacted me from the beginning because normally it is almost immediate.
      Just after your order you must have received an email from Clicbank.
      On this mail there is the link with the access to the method (look also in your junk mail.)
      Once on the site you can download what you want.
      Keep us in touch.


  5. Hi Bruno,

    Would you have a miracle product against tendinitis or other because I have tendonitis in the right elbow and I can not get rid of it! I do Kine, I stopped karate for more than 3 months
    I even went to see a magnetizer, but without success!
    Thank you for giving me advice !!
    see you soon !!

    • Hello Ludo,
      I will try to explain to you what the majority of elbow tendonitis or epicondylitis are.
      Epicondylitis is an inflammation that is triggered to repair the tendons that are attached to the epicondyle.
      The problem of classical medicine is that inflammation is generally treated without asking why there is inflammation.
      However, this area of ​​the elbow as the tendon of the supraspinous at the shoulders is very little vascularized. As a result, the slightest disturbance in this vascularization leads very quickly to a degradation of the tendinous tissues, hence the inflammation that is there to repair.
      So the cause is often due to a decrease in tendon irrigation. OK! but what's the matter?
      For short, what disrupts irrigation is a decline in sympathetic nerve impulse, but the epicondylitis inervation is through the stage 4 and 5 cervical vertebrae.
      So to successfully cure the cause of your epicondylitis, you must release the intercervical floor C4-C5 to restore the nerve impulse to the elbow that will remove (miraculously ;-)) tendinitis to the elbow.
      To release C4-C5, the best is to go see a good osteopath who should 1 or two sessions free you from your tendonitis.
      Another advice, stopping Karate or any other activity does not change anything. You have less harm certainly because you do not use your elbow more, but the cause is still there and in addition over time you lose your musculature maintains and worsens the phenomenon.
      Sorry, if I was long. I hope I'm not wrong because you may have something else, I'm not a doctor.
      For now my advice is: Go see an osteopath, explain what I just wrote and let us know.

  6. Hi to all and to all,

    How rude on the part of tomas! The Pilates method is a very good method that can be located between stretching and Yoga. She is very efficient and very popular. After that it is true that it is not the only effective method. There are many. But to each one to choose the one that seems to him the most adapted to his personality. Moreover, I find that Bruno is a person with great pedagogical quality. It is normal for him to share his experience with us by his level and his experience. He created a site like no other. We must be grateful to him at most. I find it really scandalous to behave this way. I encourage you Bruno, do not be intimidated. The path of karate is littered with an embouchure.

    • Hello Fabrice,

      As you noticed, I removed the messages of insult. I thank you for asking my defense, it's nice.
      "Karate begins and ends in courtesy". Obviously our unknown (not that much ;-)) is not practicing karate.

      Do not worry it does not intimidate me, it just makes me lose a little time ...


  7. Fabrice André Morel at

    For my part I think there is no better method than another. Everyone has to adopt his own according to his own sensitivity. Moreover, there are so many that we no longer know how to put our foot on it. But we must remember that there have always been methods specific to karate in Okinawa. It would be nice if someone brings them up to date. They are particularly well suited to this practice. I do not know why the Shotokan abandoned them.

  8. Hi Bruno, it's been a moment that I presented, to tell you that I practice in parallel Karate Lafay method, and his marches rudely good.

    I do not know the Pilate method, but Lafay also significantly improves these points:

    - Strength
    - Endurance
    - Flexibility
    - Balance
    - Sheathing
    - Explosive
    - Resistance to pain and injury.


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